The Bigger the Source, the Less They Like Destiny

For whatever reason, it seems like the industry’s biggest critics have the biggest ax to grind concerning Destiny. It’s a trend well worth discussing.

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Ashlen1221d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if there tanking the reviews to punish Bungie for there deal with Sony.

Their complaint seems to be that the game is shallow, but most of these sites gave Titanfall a 9 or 10 and that game redefines shallow with zero story, tiny maps, and extremely limited multiplayer.

iTechHeads1221d ago

I think it has to do with not getting review copies early. This is their way of getting back at Bungie/Activision.

Forbidden_Darkness1221d ago

"It's getting bad reviews scores because of the deal with Sony... It's getting bad reviews because reviewers didn't get the game early."

Do you guys even listen to what's coming out of your mouths? You're just making up any excuse you can to justify your purchases of Destiny. You both realize a lot of games have had deals with Sony (and Microsoft) and or didn't give out early review copies still got positive review scores?

Fandomism is seriously getting out of hand at this point.

HiddenMission1220d ago


I'm not sure if your aware of this but every time the press has been forced to hold off on reviews or are in anyway forced in how/when they can review something they make it clear by dumbing down scores. Just so you know these sites got early copies for review they weren't allowed to release their reviews for this traffic generating title ahead of schedule which is problem since are totally dependent on add/traffic revenue.

I'll leave it to you to do your own research for what I said.

FarEastOrient1220d ago


Those same sites are responsible for building up the hype especially with Titanfall. "Have you seen Titanfall!" Also look at how their hyping Evolve since E3 and that game is looking like to have less content than Destiny or Titanfall. If Evolve scores higher than Destiny, it just shows the hypocrisy of their rubric.

user65409481221d ago

Ridiculous. Go on Amazon or look at the USER reviews on metacritic. These are the voices that count because without consumer money, no amount of praise for the game will matter. Countless user reviews are saying the game is lame. And I agree. Biggest disappointment of the year.

Perjoss1220d ago

User reviews are a terrible way get the big picture. People are much more likely to write a user review for something they do not like or are pissed off at. People that love the game are too busy playing it to write a user review. Fact.

Spotie1220d ago

Yeah, because nobody is ever biased on user reviews...

DefenderOfDoom21220d ago

Okay so lets say a million people read reviews . What about the 3 or 4 million who are having a ball playing DESTINY !! The way i look at MAJORITY wins ,not the reviewers !!!!

DefenderOfDoom21220d ago

Okay so lets say a million people read reviews . What about the 3 or 4 million who are having a ball playing DESTINY and do not read reviews . The way i look at it MAJORITY wins ,not the reviewers !!!!

HiddenMission1220d ago


If you go by amazon reviews the PS4 sucked at's called trolls stupidly given a platform to speak from.

Have your read the user reviews on metacritic some have less than a sentence or two for a title of this calibur so yeah not trust worthy.

You know what will tell if the game is great sales and continued post launch support. If the game truly sucks people won't buy it or it's post launch expansions. What this will do is kill the IP and that will be the end of it.

BUT considering it's the biggest new IP of all time I don't think we've seen the last of it since my guess is anywhere between 5 and 10 million units sold before year end. As more content comes that number will increase..guess why I can say that because after these reviews dropped I'm still seeing new players every day.

What this means is that gamers have decided with their wallets if this title is hot or not and guess what it's on the hot list.

Johnsonparts231220d ago

wow. Take professional reviews with a huge grain of salt, but don't even look at user reviews. That's my philosophy. Have you BEEN to the internet?

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mhunterjr1221d ago

What? This isn't the first time Sony had a co-marketing deal. Why would they take heat for it now? Also, Sony's been a media darling since the ps4 launched. This has Nothing to do with Sony.

Others who claim it has to do with late review copies are also reaching. Smaller review sites are also giving mixed reviews, as are people who purchased the game.

It's getting these scores because people don't like it that much.

gamerfan09091220d ago

Everything is a conspiracy theory to sony fanboys.

Aceman181220d ago

For me when I see 6s for scores that tells me the game is broken and unplayable. This game is far from that for me imo I'd give it a solid 8-9.

Does the game have faults yes, but it's not so bad that it should receive scores like the game is hella broken. Even my friend who has NO interest in the game acknowledges that the gameplay looks fun and solid. Even he knows that these 6s reviews are a joke.

I've said it many times the gaming are a joke. I'm loving the game so far.

Johnsonparts231220d ago

Exactly. If I got to these game sites and look at the games that have better reviews, it's clear it has little to do with the actual game. Don't let the haters take away from the insane fun factor of Destiny.

joab7771220d ago

It's not shallow at all. It's an mmo and has tons of content. The levels are genius, it's gorgeous, the combat is perfect, enemies are great, and once u hit level 20, the negate is pretty damn good for launch.

Unlike other games of this nature (not being many that r fps and mmorpg), Destiny gets reviewed mainly for its single player. It is NOT a single player game. Seriously, keep playing. Most will be hooked.

It's a travesty and a sign of ignorance that this game would be reviewed the way it is. If u do solely as an mmo, it may lack in certain aspects, and it's not a single player game at all. But it literally gets no love for all its been able to do, merging two genres beautifully.

And it will keep growing and evolving.

HiddenMission1220d ago


Thank you so much perfectly said. The game is much more than the sum of it's parts. I would say that the individual components of this title bleed together so perfectly. As you pointed out it's going to grow and expand with different forms/types of content.

Not sure what version you got but I'm on PS4 so DM me if you want to tackle the new raid this week.

Johnsonparts231220d ago

that's the main reason these reviews have pissed me off so much is the focus is on the story/single player elements. WTF? The story was last on my list of things I was excited about. Destiny has been an amazing experience and fulfilled all my expectations. Haters gonna hate.


Something is definitely up because the game is not bad at all. I'm enjoying it alot, playin with friends and in the process, making new friends.

kassler1220d ago

To me it seems like no one says the game is bad, it's just not what they expected it to be. It's was overhyped. Maybe Bungie didn't do a great job saying what the game really was about.

Baccra171220d ago Show
user3672721220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Punished Sony for a multiplatform game? There is a reason why many people don't like cult like fanboys. The conspiracy theories are hilarious.

And stop bringing Titanfall to the conversation because Titanfall never made promises that they can't deliver. We all know what Titanfall is from day one when it was announced at E3 and it delivered many of the aspect of what was promised. Just because there are hardly any Fall 2014 exclusive AAA game left on the schedule for your console of choice, and many of you put your hope on this multiplatform game in which Sony spent big $$$ to promote like its own exclusive, there is no need to scream bias and conspiracy theory that gaming journalist are out to destroy Sony.

FYI, I have this game since launch for my XB1, and I am trading it in today for store credit. All the negative points from these BIG sources were valid and true. For a few smaller sites that are giving this game a high score, like the 9.6 from "PS4home", you tell me which side is bias and has an agenda?

Joe9131220d ago

Fanboy calling out fanboys now that is funny why can't people compare this to Titan fall what exactly did Bungie promise that they are not sticking to and the game barely been out a week so how can you say that only thing I remember is they will support it for 10 years and they also said give it some time so how is any of that breaking promises I played the Alpha and loved it one of the funnest fps I ever played.

killacal131220d ago

that's exactly what I was thinking, I think this is a paid agenda. We all know it's possible.

spacedelete1220d ago

you stupid troll give us PS4 owners a bad name. have you not considered that the game is actually rubbish ? Titanfall was repetitive but that had fun repetitiveness. Destiny is just boring and dull.

3-4-51220d ago

Journalists, especially in the Video Game industry, don't have much credibility,integrity,morals or ethics.

* They don't know how to control their emotions and just report the facts.

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AceBlazer131221d ago

If anything the media's low destiny score is only further tarnishing their reputation for me. First off before I say what I have to say I loved Second Son and Shadow Fall, with that said are you telling me destiny is scoring lower than those 2 when it is clearly on their level of not better than them? These same sites gave freakin Titanfall perfect 10s and that game was just as much a let down. This whole destiny thing just put the nail in the coffin for me that these review sites have their own interests in mind ($$$).Yh Destiny has some clear issues but the game is by no means a freakin 6, 6 would imply the game is just nearly stomachable at the very least it's a 7 for repetitiveness but 8 from me for being social fun.

CaspuR1220d ago

Destiny would have been a great game if it game out in 2003, you know before mmos really hit there stride with WoW. but its 2014, and destiny relies to much on old mmo ideals, i feel like im playing a poorly made korean mmo from back in the day. With that said, if it wasnt for the presentation and how tight the controls are this game would literally be nothing. Just think about that its only 2 saving points are how pretty the menus look and how nice the sounds. those are the only thing destiny might have above there competition.

HiddenMission1220d ago


So what about FF14:ARR it started out bare bones and a year later it's a monster success story for SE. Every MMO starts out shallow compared to a year later because at the end we are just talking content that comes over time. WoW is not any different it took a long time to have all the content it has and at the time it was the only real big option in the MMO space minus Everquest.

I think in a year you'll be eating some crow as the title matures and fully cements itself as a new standard for MMO type experiences.

CaspuR1220d ago


its not an mmo its a shooter that plays like an mmo, and a poorly made mmo at that.

Baka-akaB1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Basically the big sites AKA the worst sites are the worst at reviewing . And nope it's not just about Destiny being shafted , it's a general observation from many of their antics

gamerfan09091220d ago

Ok sony fanboy trolls. If it's only the big bad video game sites that are giving the game 6's why is the game also tanking on the user reviews on big sites like Amazon, Metacritic, and other sites? Is this apart of the conspiracy as well? Are these video game companies making hundreds or thousands of accounts and crapping on the game? Oh wait I get it MS went to people homes and paid off the every day man to leave those reviews. I get it now.

Gohadouken1220d ago

sure let's pretend only ps consoles owners are complaining about the reviews , and that the game isnt available on Xbox . Let's rant on irrelevant stuff to keep fuelling the war

gamerfan09091220d ago

Nope but PS console owners are throwing out accusations that MS paid reviewers to give it bad score. Read the comments on this thread kid.

Silly gameAr1220d ago

Why are you so mad gamerfan? You seem genuinely offended by something that nobody in the comment section even said.

Joe9131220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Oh but when Titian Fall was getting bad user reviews it was blamed on Sony fanboys doing exactly what you are describing lol again a fanboy calling out fanboys. I like titian fall but that do not change the fact that when the reviews came out MS fans claimed a bunch of Sony fans got on Reddit or meta-critic one of those and gave Titian fall bad reviews. I do not doubt stuff like this happens because a lot of people just know how to hate and think it is fun read half of these comments you would think someone was talking about someones mother or something lol the way a lot of people is responding to one persons post if you do not agree don't agree and move on why do people feel the need to try and belittle someone like you are a better person than them because you like a different console or do not agree so you think you are right crack me up.

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Joe9131220d ago

I think critics need to go away I have never in my life agreed with a critic or reviewer didn't matter if it was a movie, game, or device. I do not have a opinion until I play the game for myself it does not make sense to me why people would take the word of a complete stranger lol.

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