The “D” in Destiny is for Disappointment

LevelSave: Let me start by saying that there are a lot of really good things about Destiny. I do like the game. I’ve hit level 20 and completed all of the story missions. I played a significant amount of the competitive multiplayer and even there the game is exceptionally good. The supercharged abilities add a nice wrinkle to competitive play especially in the objective mode Control, which is like Conquest in Battlefield. The game plays extremely well. The controls are tight and the gunplay receives high marks, with each gun feeling and handling unique. The artwork and environments are also beautifully rendered and detailed. There are a lot of things to like about Destiny but unfortunately there are quite a few things to be disappointed about as well.

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FsterThnFTL1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

In 3 months time the D in Destiny will be for Dead game and the E in Destiny will be for Empty game.

CaspuR1377d ago

your forgot S for stale, and the rest of the letters spell it out for you "Tiny". Tiny amount of worlds, loot, story, and most of all motivation to even want to see it all.

joab7771377d ago

That's too bad. I love it, and I am usually very critical. But it's got me hooked and my expectations were high.

Jughead34161377d ago

Yeah, from what I've heard from gamers as a whole, the game extremely fun and addictive. I agree. I'm over 40 hours into it and don't plan to put it down any time soon. Unfortunately, the press has the power to sway minds, and I fear that despite the high initial sales, it may sell poorly from here on out because of the negative press. If only I could reach gamers to say, DESTINY IS WORTH THE MONEY. IT'S A FUN SHOOTER!!

CaspuR1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

please tell me what were your expectations of this game? Because honestly i feel like it you expected this to be anything other than a regular shooter youll be disapointed.

Jughead34161377d ago

@Caspur - I expected an Action FPS. That's what Bungie described it as. It borrows from other genres (MMO,RPG) but it's a FPS. People are reviewing it as an MMO, or an RPG and it's not. A similar thing happened with Rage. It got reviewed as an RPG similar to Fallout, but it was a FPS that borrowed elements from the RPG genre. As a result it got mediocre reviews. I would still to this day recommend that game.

Flipgeneral1377d ago

Totally man, me and my mates are loving it as well. It helps having low expectations
If only the load times were better.. that's one of my main gripes

Jughead34161377d ago

And despite what Bungie themselves described the game as (Action FPS), the press still hyped this game as an MMO. It has been reviewed as such by multiple outlets. If it was an MMO, then I can say that the low scores are justified. But it's not an MMO, or an RPG. It borrows elements from the 2 genres.

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3-4-51377d ago

I really like the PvP, and cruising around the Moon doing jumps on the Sparrow, in Patrols.

That alone is enough for me to keep playing, but yea the story is bad.

Well, the idea of the story is awesome, but how they told is was generic.

AngelicIceDiamond1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

I've been playin nearly none stop sense Monday night. The things that shine in Destiny are also the things that don't shine in Destiny so much.

The story is is definitely laughable. When the cut scenes came on I was excited at first to see how the story would be told.

Then I sat I and tried to follow it I was getting dreadfully bored of listening to the point I was just lookin at my phone when the scene started.

I had no clue what's going on in hoping they would clear it up as they go but nope. Just a bunch talking and hoping we'll some how grasp. Almost as if we should know whats going on.

Your character is generic, boring, uninteresting, and very hard to listen to the Ghost played by Peter Drinklage was ok. The reason for is because, well, its Peter Drinklage and hes a great actor.

I wasn't expecting Mass Effect quality story telling but come on...

The RPG elements are simple which is great but at the same time too simple and lacking which is not great. Simple item drops happen all the time and the lack of variety in armor and gear gets old rather quick but overall sure it is satisfying.

The crucible is simply a joke. A well renowned Studio that's KNOWN for some of the best MP that this industry has to offer fell from grace with Destiny.

Terrible spawns, bad maps, shot gun and fusion rifle whores. Its sad they're nearly forcing us to play it in order to get rewarded. The rewards are admittedly nice when you earn them however Bungie does a great job of rewarding players I have to give them that.

The crucible shouldn't of happen. You can tell this is NOT the original Bungie team that made what Halo's Mp what it is today.

The greatest thing about this game and where Destiny and Bungie are master at is in its co-op with friends. Its very satisfying. The mission infrastructure in the game is highly repetitive but doing it wit frineds makes it somewhat passable but like I said WITH FRIENDS. By your self you will lose interest quickly.

Destiny feels like a held back game. They wanted to do SO MUCH more but you can tell they scrapped some great ideas from the game.

Now that is a good thing because Destiny is a simple enough game to get into with out being too much for the casual players who are traversing for the first time. But also a bad thing because Bungie didn't do enough or should of went that extra mile for hardcore gamers such as myself who understands what they're doing.

Last gen is partly to blame for it to be held back the way it did. I mean this game could of been way bigger but they built Destiny to be simple and maybe Destiny 2 will be more vast like Mass Effect.

To sum it up the co op is excellent with friends. Armor and guns look and feel good the exploration is there and wondrous addicting grinds. Bungie does a great job of rewarding you.

Boring as hell story and characters.

and uneven MP..

Destiny 2 will be bigger badder, vaster, better than Destiny 1 especially only on next gen you'd be a fool to hype up the sequel the way Destiny 1 was. But Bungie held back the for the sake of opening up the game to everyone but that also bit them in the ass pretty hard.

My score 7.5 / 10

HaydenJameSmith1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

I completely agree, it lacks the scale and scope in terms of storytelling from there previous work on Halo and lacks the ideals of a MMO like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars... Linear Exploration, lack of diverse classes, species and loot, no backstory to any characters, terrible unoriginal/generic story as well as badly delivered and terrible PvP. I'm hoping the game so far is just a stepping stone to a bigger plot and story with dlc or a sequel, it suppose to be supported for 10 years after all.

The Game is good but not nearly as good as the hype or the devs would have you believe... I enjoy playing it with friends and hopefully the raids and other updates will keep me entertained till dlc at christmas.

I refer you to this:

Completely explorable they said...

Its main problems is how linear and empty the environments feel and how badly delivered and unoriginal/generic the story feels. Other concerns could be fixed with updates and dlc perhaps...

I personally hope in the sequel the darkness become a playable faction much like Alliance and Horde in WoW and then the PvP could be battlegrounds of the Guardians vs the Darkness Faction. The games Story could revolve around that and therefore be more apparent outside of the story missions and make the game feel less shalow.

Jughead34161377d ago

IT'S NOT AN MMO!!!!!!!!!!! Goodness.

HaydenJameSmith1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )


Raids, loot, classes, fireteam(group), Strike(Dungeons), Shared explorable world, public events, City Hub, PvP...

Certainly sounds like an MMO to me, they call it a Shared World Shooter cause they don't want the game classed as an MMO but its basically the same thing. It is trying to emulate an MMO and make a mixed experience between Story Driven FPS and a MMO...

As far as I am concerned it is an MMO even if they don't call it that... If you wanna pretend like its not an MMO then go ahead.

KakashiHotake1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

One thing I've learned about games riding the hype train is that failure is almost inevitable. It's just simply not possible for any of these games to meet the insane expectations and most of the time the devs do it to themselves. The more low key the better. I believe if this, Titan Fall and WatchDogs was a little more under the Radar they would have been much better off. It's quite sad really because all thee new IP's have been flopping kinda hard. Hopefully The Order and Sunset Overdrive does better.

Palitera1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

It would be absolutely great on the gamers' eyes, excellent for reviews and articles.

Would they break sales records, though?

People think they HAVE to the please the consumers. No, they have to make money. They did it through this VERY lucrative scheme.

Why would they do it differently and sell 10% of what they sold?

They don't want it to be a Souls game. They want to be a CoD, Halo, BF, AC.


On topic, I'm not disappointed. It is very close to what I expected. The disappointed people are the naive ones that believed the marketing as the ultimate truth. They had it coming. :D

FFS... They hid the final game from reviewers. Wasn't it enough proof that the marketing was deceiving?

KakashiHotake1377d ago

That may be so but reputation means a lot. Most of the people that pre ordered Destiny did so on the belief that Bungie, the makers of Halo would deliver an amazing experience. For the people who are disappointed they won't be as receptive a they were before when the sequel comes out and that will cost them sales. Yeah COD and BF do have a lot of repetitiveness but a lot of people have bought into the formula and therefore keep coming back. Based on the low review score and mixed opinions of the new IP, Destiny will be a much more difficult sale next time around. No matter how much they hype it up gamers now have a wait and see approach to the franchise.

Perjoss1377d ago

Its not about less marketing, but more about having the perfect amount of it. There are some amazing games in the past that have sold so very little, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, etc.

Aleithian1377d ago

But it's not about its failure to meet high expectations. The reaction to Destiny is precisely due to the fact that it's a bad game. It shines in literally NO area. The only argument I've heard so far in it's favor is that co-op is enjoyable. Well, firstly, this isn't an argument in favor of Destiny. It's an argument in favor of co-operative play. And second, virtually all co-op is enjoyable, but what's enjoyable about it is sharing with friends. The Destiny co-op experience isn't unique or even exemplary, and is far surpassed by other online and co-op experience. For instance, Destiny's co-op doesn't even begin to compare to Borderlands.

JAT1377d ago

Funny that diablo3 has boring characters, terrible and cumbersome story, an uneven loot system (1% of items are worth picking up). Ultra uneven PvP, and killer repetitive grind.

But the game got 9.5's and 10's.


I love both, but they just aren't the kind of games where you come in with these kind of expectations.

Palitera1377d ago

Funny indeed that Diablo 3 VANILLA suffers the same issues that Destiny. One is screwed due to the Auction House centered design, the other through the overgreedy design aimed at selling DLC.
Diablo 3 UEE (or RoS) is an excellent game, though. Completely different league.

But, even on the vanilla D3, you can clearly see the production value on the game. The progression, environment variety, responsiveness of the controls, enemies variety etc etc etc is much better than on Destiny.

I like Destiny as a 7.5, 8.0 game, but comparing it even with vanilla Diablo 3 (even it being the worse moment on the whole series) is offensive.

Then again... Didn't both break sales records? Do you think they really mind that their game didn't meet expectations when they made it on purpose to make additional money after the initial sale?

Einhert1377d ago


Diablo actually has a pretty decent story and there is a nice twist in the narrative.

It also has dem dere Blizzard cutscenes and the loot is far more varied and better, not just a grind to get a bigger number.

But it did not have repetitive enemies or zones so it was easily more fun on release than Destiny.

Aleithian1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Destiny is just the restricted, disappointing game I predicted it would be. But then, in general, shooters have become stale and predictable. The Battlefield series is still enjoyable to play due to the number of players in conquest and the inclusion of vehicles. But otherwise, shooters (whether they claim to be rpgs or not) are pretty much cut-and-paste.

EDIT: And I'm REALLY curious to know where all the development money went in the development of Destiny. It's not what I'd expect given the rhetoric about cost.

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