SCEE stonewalls Siren Euro Blu-ray release talk

VG247: SCEE's blanked a rumour from the latest issue of Edge that says Sony Japan horror Siren: Blood Curse will be released on Blu-ray in Europe.

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Mike Bowden3830d ago

My 60GB HDD isn't going to have any space left soon! :(

yoghurt3830d ago

Upgrade it Mike, cheap as chips

ravinash3829d ago

Just stuck a 250GB hard drive into mine.....easy as pie.

BlackCountryBob3830d ago

What on Earth is going on in SCEE now. It looked like they were getting better a few months back with better PSN updates and stuff but then a whole host of screw ups has damaged them badly; finding out that Europe is the biggest market seems to have shocked them into stopping dead and now they do nothing at all. They have so far in my mind screwed up;

- GT5:P getting delayed 24hrs.
- Screwing up the PSN store redesign.
- Three Speech has got worse
- Announced they wont release Afrika
- Binned 3 games (inc The Getaway and HS2)
- Still not released the DualShock3
- Not released the PlayTV even though it was announced 9 months ago and is pretty standard hardware (USB TV tuners are not exactly innovative).
- Now they do this stupidity about Siren too.

Shape up SCEE because this is just eroding all the goodwill you built up in late 2007/early 2008, why make progress and get praised for it only to go back to being useless again.

Sort it out.

kwicksandz3830d ago

Dont forget shafting the whole of PAL with the 40gb.

Still waiting for the PAL 80gb ds3 bundle....

ravinash3829d ago

Yeah, The Sony lot in Europe seem to be a bit of a thick bunch.
I have no idea whats going on in their heads.
Its like hay, our product seems to be doing really well....whats the best way of screwing this up, I know! We'll either delay or stop people here from getting the stuff everyone else gets no problem.

It seems the Sony Europe want to do their best at destroying all the hard work the rest of Sony have put into the PS3.

Zeal0t3830d ago

I would only buy it on blu-ray i'm not a big fan of this whole digital distribution issue (except demos and stuff). The only game im getting via PSN will be WipeOutHD for now.

ravinash3829d ago

Is it coming out on BluRay in the US???
I'm heading over to New York in August.

meepmoopmeep3830d ago

hopefully it comes out in north america on blu.
i prefer discs over downloads

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