Wait, I Have To Play Destiny For 20 Hrs. Before It Gets Good?

Bungie says Destiny becomes a "whole different kind of game" after you put 20 hours into it. Okay, so what's that say about the first 20 hours then?

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lifeisgamesok1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

I agree why should this game get a pass and make it harder on game reviewers

A game should be good and fun from the start

Did games like Skyrim take this long to review no and it has way more content

Titanfall may have been short on content but it's very fun to play

user65409481069d ago

You can play for far longer than that and it will still never get good.

nX1069d ago

He didn't even read the article, it's not talking about reviews at all. Also it's the truth, the real fun starts with the end game, the (terrible) story just exists to get you there. This game has some mechanics that make it addicting as hell.

ShinMaster1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

""I Have To Play Destiny For 20 Hrs. Before It Gets Good?""

Reminds me of the time FF13 came out... only a lot more shady. This game is getting a lot of special treatment compared to other games.

@ Bloodborn

Yes, the mechanics, gunplay and graphics are rock solid. There's a lot of money invested in this game, so it's very polished.
However, that doesn't keep it from being soulless. I've played MMOs before, but this pseudo-MMO game has no personality. No memorable characters or story arcs. Its overall design is bland, generic and lacks a decent art direction. It may be pretty but its environments are vastly uninspired, as well as your gear and weapons.

PeaSFor1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

its exactly like unlocking torment difficulty and adventure mode in diablo3, thats just too bad haters and naysayers are too busy bitch and moaning about something they dont like thaan understand the concept.

im having fun with the game, so bite me polajones.

Panthers1069d ago

I have to admit the game has gotten better the more I played. I play SciFi games for their story/universe, and Bungie created one hell of an amazing universe with Halo. I am hoping this games story gets fleshed out better and they put more science into the SciFi because right now I am very annoyed with the way things are explained in this game.

Basically space magic. The Traveller and The Darkness. Really!?!??!

pedrof931068d ago

MMOs normally only get really addicting on end game.

XBLSkull1068d ago

The vast majority of gamers never even finish the campaigns of games. If your game takes 20 hours to become fun than you have horribly failed. Should have been good right from the get go.

Prime1571068d ago

World of warcraft wasn't fun from about level 20-50 in vanilla...

I expected the same of Destiny. I think it was either poor marketing and pr, or p poor consumerism, or both.

GameSpawn1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )


"This game has some mechanics that make it addicting as hell."

It's that MMO-crack baby. Too bad the first one wasn't free, unless you count the Alpha and Beta as being the "first one".

I still find it hard calling Destiny a full out MMO though. It's MMO-esk, but there are not massive city arenas with thousands of players. There is not an almost unending stream of quests (unless you consider the "Patrol" missions this). There is not any sort of player crafting and barter system.

Destiny is definitely unique in that it does not fall completely under the definition of an MMO or a FPS. It truly is a weird amalgam of the two.

Short of more expansive quests and missions, I don't think Destiny needs to do more than it has already done. I don't really want a barter/crafting system (more emphasis on barter) because it would undermine the point of "questing" for Legendary and Exotic items, utterly destroy the economy, and lead to people getting overpowered weapons and armor far to early and easily (meaning no true reward for risk and effort).

Consoldtobots1068d ago

for someone who had become REALLY bored with FPS I am enjoying the ever loving hell out of this game. Currently going through my missions using just a hand cannon and haven't had this much fun in quite some time with a shooter. fanboy reviewers can go to hell.

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Enemy1069d ago

Skyrim wasn't good to begin with. It was bad from the start.

xPhearR3dx1069d ago

What are you smoking? Skyrim was amazing and one of the best games from last gen.

monkeyDzoro1069d ago


Skyrim story was bad. Combat was awful. The only thing Skyrim was and is still shining for... GRAPHICS. That's all it has.
Nobody remembers Skyrim for its story. Nobody remembers Skyrim for its combat.
Everybody is just talking about its graphics and mods. That's all.

Kornholic1069d ago

I invested 30 hours into Skyrim. It never got good at any point, and after reaching the 30 hour mark, I just quit.

dcj05241069d ago

Have I been teoeported to a alternate dimension? Skyrim is a fantastic game.

nix1069d ago

just like GTAIV. that game.. i spent like 30+ hours and i quit.

but how it got 10/10 across the board still amazes me.

ScottyHoss1069d ago

Agreed, skyrim just wasn't very fun to me,but destiny has been truly addicting. Some people may feel that's the opposite and that's alright, gamers should put hours into games they think are fun, and not be criticized for it.

wsoutlaw871068d ago

Skyrims combat is garbage and npcs are pointless. The only good thing about skyrim was the landscape. The quests and caves were repetitive and the gameplay wasnt good at at. Destiny has a lot of the same issues as skyrim except combat is funner in destiny. Demons/dark souls is 10x better than skyrim and doesnt really have a told story.

CJDUNCAN1068d ago

skyrim wasn't the biggest disappointment in gaming to date for me. After beating the dragon absolutely nothing happens. No rewarding cutscene, nothing. The combat was outdated and clumsy, and the graphics were ok for last gen, but not the best i've seen last gen. That game was just flat out horrible.

NewMonday1068d ago

@all of the above


some people love Skyrim some hate it, different games for different people.

Skyrim was a great game to it's audience, but some just don't like that type of game doesn't mean it's bad, but you don't see a group of people try to convince others it's mediocre.

Kidmyst1068d ago

@Nix, I felt the same with GTA4, Now GTA5 was amazing and I loved Skyrim, main story was OK it was the factions and variety of quests that made it enjoyable for many many hours. I like Destiny but it really at times feels the lacking of actual characters, and unlike other games if they kept adding in new characters I think there would be more positive responses to Destiny. It's a good shooter but repetitive quests in the same areas. I'm level 12 and hear after level 20 it gets better so we'll see.

MrCherry1068d ago

Skyrim kicka$$ is not half of that!

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NarooN1068d ago

Skyrim is yet another over-hyped game. That's all gamers do nowadays it seems, just over-hypes everything and even latches on to games just because everyone else is doing it. It's pathetic and shameful.

DOMination-1068d ago

Off topic but what is with everyone using the word "addicting" ? Is this some new Americanism because the word should be "addictive" and even if "addicting" is a word, its going to be a verb so is being used wrongly above anyway. Not as annoying as "could care less" though which I see almost daily on n4g.

On topic: This reminds me of ff13 as yahtzee said "you can stick your hand on an oven hob for 20 hours and yeah, you might stop feeling pain but you're going to have done some serious damage"

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Ninver1069d ago

GT6 was attacked for the same reason if I recall. PD clarified that the game got better (which it did) as you level up and unlock features such as damage etc but reviewers and fans still trashed the game.

Reality is that people want the full experience right from the beginning for the money they spent.

SolidStoner1068d ago

About the "damage".. some cars have better then others, it was "off" at the beginners mode and some more.. then it started to show rally and nascar damage etc.. (but it was really basic and cosmetic).. only after updates we got full support for technical damage.. (only online)... anyway I wish every game developer to look and learn how to support a game from PD! (ok that last thing about Microtransactions is a bad thing, m key!)

AsheXII1069d ago

Destiny got good the second i grabbed my first rifle.

purp13m0nk3y1068d ago

Agreed. It's been fun the whole way through for me. And the more I play the more I enjoy. Only at lv11 so far. But my mates are I are loving the co op.

Why don't people just go play the game and enjoy it for what it is.... A great game. Not perfect, but really quite good.

Don't be haters people. There are millions of gamers world wide that are having a blast with this game. And totally oblivious to the irrational hate this game is generating.

My bro was literally shocked when I explained to him the negative reviews and hate directed towards this game online. For many gamers this game has delivered on Bungie's promise and more!

joab7771069d ago

Really? This is why Bungie only mistake was not telling ppl that it is a bona fide mmo.

Yes, u play for 20 hrs before u level cap. But, as ppl log 100 's and 100 's of hrs level capping multiple characters and classes, a few days isn't that much.

I know I'm not alone in saying this is the first game in awhile that has me wanting to play it so bad that I think about getting home all day. It's highly addictive and a ton of fun.

Yes, like all mmo's, it's hard to keep enough content for hard core players but not too much for casual. Usually endgame makes or breaks an mmo in the 6 months post launch. But Destiny already has events, a raid coming and I am not a big PvP fan, but I love the PvP in this game.

When compared to a game like WOW etc., it may seem to b a little shallow but w/ heroic modes on every mission, daily, weekly, strikes, the raid, and a legit mmo PvP, there is quite a bit for launch.

My only concern is how fully Bungie is planning to go w mmo staples like extensive customization, and social tools.

Other than that, I REALLY hope ppl keep playing and don't judge it based on reviewers need to review it as a sp game like Halo. It isnt. I for one am ecstatic that they stepped out and made this game.

OrangePowerz1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

Could be worse. WoW is fun until level 10 and after that it was a grind till level 50 and got fun again from there and it takes a lot more time from level 10 to 50 in WoW.

superdong1068d ago

Leveling in Wow has a lot to do with who you are playing with. If you go it alone... it was quite the grind yes... but i personally had some amazing times when i leveled my first toon. World PVP was just the best, running around Stranglethorne having these amazing battles against the Alliance.... That moment of terror when you seen a high level player riding about on his mount as you flee for cover hoping he didn't spot you. The barrens all chat...

First time leveling in WoW for me was some of the best moments i've enjoyed in gaming and it only got better at level 60.. almost 10 years ago now ! Crazy.

MarkusMcNugen1068d ago

I loved WoW in the beginning. But after all the expansions, starting new characters became bland and boring as hell. Barely anyone would be in starting areas, you almost had to go it alone the last few years. I believe thats why they introduced the refer a friend double XP. If you werent playing with a friend it was really really boring.