What’s Happening with EA

8BitChimp's Matt Mitchell says, "Generally, I like the EA Sports games; I’m a big sports fans and it’s fun playing as my favorite teams. However, this year something is different with EA Sports. Things are happening this year that make me extremely nervous for some of their franchises."

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mrpsychoticstalker1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

What's happening? Well they have an amazing partnership with Microsoft and are changing the way gamers game with EA Access.

In terms of their franchises they look more and more real with every year that passes. That new fifa demo is absolutely beautiful. Seeing more AI is where they are heading.


I really don't think Microsoft paid a whole lot of money to secure EA Access, Sony went public and said that it didn't see that this service would give value to the PlayStation experience, leaving a lot of fans upset for not having the choice.

Forbidden_Darkness1550d ago

Or maybe Sony understands value more. $30 bucks a year, or for $20 more, you can get PS PLUS (which was actually on sale for $30 last year on Amazon) which gives you up to 6 games a month across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

Sure you don't get newer full release titles, but most of those games are just yearly releases anyways and considering most fans of those series buy them yearly on day one, their actual potential customers are quite limited. Meanwhile, PS Plus offers a huge variety of games from different genres and publishers.

Sure, it gives people more options, but it offers far less value than what's already available on the platform (IMO), so it's not really necessary. Also, while EA Access isn't so bad, I'm afraid of what it will become. Soon, it'll probably take away more content from games than what's already happening and give them to EA Access members only and much more. I wouldn't put it past EA the slightest.

MrPink20131549d ago

Of course its not necessary because that choice is not available. I am a Plus member, always have been, but I don't want anyone deciding for me what I want and don't want. If consumers see no value in it the service will go away by itself because nobody would support it. Sony sees the service as devaluing its own services including PSNow so they don't want it.

ShowanW1548d ago

What MrPink2013 said...

badboyz091549d ago

EA are patterning with Microsoft.

Fifa 15
Madden 15

both advertised for Xbox One....

nX1549d ago

Good partnership, don't like both companies but they fit together.

Einhert1549d ago

It sounds like good value on the surface but how many annual releases do EA have that you actually want?

Also what if everyone else starts having sub fees like ubisoft, activision etc then you are paying for all those sub fees as well as PSN/XBL and believe me that will add up.

EA also NEVER change, The Sims 4 should have told you that.

oasdada1549d ago

not to mention theyd release a lot of half assed games just to widen their portfolio so EA access looks to be a good investment for subscribers... i for 1 was in fear these days wud come

Volkama1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I really really hope the other publishers release their own services at similar rates. That would be great. So many games to play, and so much cheaper than the current offerings.

As for "filling out their portfolio", you are correct. They will want to release content to appease their subscribers, and those games will not necessarily be full $60 retail affairs. The subscription is a totally different value proposition. If it takes off then we should see more varied content, projects like Child of Light. Maybe future Battlefield games will not need a campaign tacked on. Again, a good thing all round.

jrshankill1549d ago

EA Access is a damn good service.

I already owned Battlefield 4 and Fifa 14.. I traded both games in and got £42.. which will cover the costs of EA Access for 2 years.

Adding up the costs of the AAA titles, the games would have cost me roughly £160 on disc. For £20 a year I got the games with more to come.

Anyone who can't see this is value for money must enjoy pissing money away.

I was annoyed that Sony didn't give me the option. I would have got this for my PS4 seeing as the games are multiplatform, and I would have liked more people to play against online (not that there is a lack of players online on the Xbox One, but the more the merrier and all that). With the prices of PSNow, Sony can shove their rental service up their a*s.

guyman1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

EA, what a horrendous, money milking publisher that force their developers in rushing their games for annual releases. I, and many other gamers, hate annual releases. There are reasons why EA was voted the worst company in America. EAA might be great value for money, but this service is not better than PS now. Ps now prices are provisional, dude, you are just nitpicking, stop trolling.

SniperControl1549d ago

I love how all of of a sudden ea are an amazing company, they went from the most hated company among gamers to the the most revered by certain gamers after the announcement of eaa.

ea are ea, they will screw you over, it may not be now but eventually they will.

Just dont forget that.

jrshankill1549d ago

Screwed over?

£160 worth of games for £20?

Yeah I feel totally ripped off. Silly me. I should really cancel my subscription and go back to the retail store and buy these games back. I'm so stupid.

SniperControl1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


OK, lets look at the other side of ea's coin shall we?

Sim City
They turned a cracking series into a DRM fest with horrendous online functionality and downgraded gameplay. It is only because of the gaming community hacking the game to allow certain features of the game to be unlocked has forced ea to officially change the game.

Battlefield 4
it's well known that BF4 was a absolute broken mess when it launched, worst thing is, it still is!
ea would rather focus on pumping out money making DLC than rather fix the damn broken game. We can all expect much of the same with BFHL when it launches.

fifa 12,13,14, all have game breaking bugs which are never fixed, once again, ea would rather focus on the money making ultimate team mode than rather fix the career mode. I dont have much hope for 15.

The Sims 4
Another cracking series of games ruined by ea because of there greed to make money grabbing DLC, half the game is missing upon launch, such basics as pools, toddlers and a few other givens in previous sims games. All are expected to make a appearance in DLC packs.

ea were happy to jump on the shoulders of MS when it came to restricting trade-ins and imposing draconian DRM on all games.

I'am not saying ea is the only company that does this, but they are by far the worst offenders of them all. I also understand that companies have to make money, but jesus, ea just takes the p155.

Also, i never said eaa was a bad service, but there seems to be an out pouring of love for ea since the announcement, companies like ea dont change over night.

jrshankill1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I think you are missing the point here, or trying to fuel something that isn't there.

I never said EA were a bunch of gaming angels. You said EA will screw me over, so far they haven't.. and their policy on EA Access means it is impossible to screw me over (games will never be removed from the Vault, so I have already saved a ton of money by trading said games in to cover the Access costs).

The Sims and Sim City, I don't care about. Really, I don't play these games. If they get added to the vault, so be it. I couldn't care for them, yet my subscription cost still benefits if I never see these games.

Battlefield 4 on Xbox One is absolutely fine. I have had maybe 2 disconnections out of 60 conquest games. I think you will be hard pressed to find an (honest) owner of Battlefield 4 on Xbox One who will tell you the game is broken. The PS3 version, on the other hand, is an absolute mess. Again, this doesn't effect my subscription. I am happy with Battlefield 4 on Xbox One.

Fifa 14.. please explain to me why this is broken. Ultimate Team is an optional mode, you don't need to play it. It is an extra. Plus, you don't need to pay money if you don't want to. I have a team with 100% chemistry and a 92 skill rating, I haven't paid a penny. If you don't believe me you can check my Ultimate team on the FUT website, gamertag Ryan McN 85. Ultimate team is a way for EA to gain more money, I am not disputing that, but you would need to be not inclined to put the work in to get your team for free and prefer a back door method. It is the player's choice.

Trade-ins are irrelevant now, it doesn't matter. DRM didn't happen, and was 180'd. I am not saying it won't happen in the future, but it's a futile argument at present, as has nothing to do with the topic on hand.

Again, I am not saying EA is the most morally correct studio.. we all know they are not. However, for me personally, EA Access has saved me a ton of money (money which I have gone on to spend on other developer's games... think about that). You should really stop and think about how services like this actually can and do benefit other gamers, instead of spewing your hatred towards a company that you personally don't like.

You don't subscribe to the service, you don't like the service, and you don't like the service providers... so move on and leave people alone who actually greatly benefit from the service.

BTW my comments are used up for this thread but I am happy to continue talking about the issue in PM.

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radler1549d ago

The only good IP they have is SSX, and that's probably going to be left to rot for another decade.

SniperControl1549d ago

The last SSX was the worst in my opinion, they need to go back to Tricky for inspiration.

dreamed1549d ago

I tried ea access for a month, and its ok but if they put anymore games like need for speed rivals on it then they can keep it.

I meen geez what a load of crap, its a social racer that has chivos/trophies linked to your friendlist,but guess what.....its got a bug where you cant team up with friends...

And as usual EA support wont even accept theres a problem,and tbh all ive used it 4 is fifa 14 and 15 is out next week & i use game sharing with a friend so dont even have to pay for it anyway.

Game share has gotta be the best thing the industry has come up with in like ever imo.

moomoo3191548d ago

I think it should have been EA sports access to start. People buying madden, fifa, nhl or either two of the three would have a good deal. It would also get a lot of new people to try nba live.

SuperBlur1548d ago

It's a good year for EA , its the only year they can "get away being lazy at work" on the excuse that they're using new engine , working with new hardware etc..

Just to name a few
EA UFC , NHL , NBA , NFL , BF4, BF;HL , Sims 4. They all had excuses as to why their product wasn't on par , in some case worst then previous edition

Dragon Age will be their redeeming game for the year 2014