Slipping the Crosshairs - Strategy Informer Editorial

From Strategy Informer; "When it comes to most things I am in the minority. I understand it perfectly well; my tastes tend to be of the oddball variety, even amongst hardcore gamers who are not exactly in the mainstream themselves. Imagine my surprise to learn that like myself, 80% of gamers do not play First Person Shooters. I suppose I can't really include myself in that number. Skimming through my games, more than one shooter can be seen tucked between the various RPGs, Adventure and Strategy games that make up my collection. When I get a new magazine, or sift through the mounds of gaming news that floods the internet each day, I don't skip over FPS games as I do with some other genres. I just wouldn't consider myself a fan of the genre. A casual acquaintance perhaps, I dab in them, but for the most part, unless something special catches my eye, I maintain a disinterested distance from shooters."

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