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Clint Prentice writes: "All of the pieces are there to make Destiny a great game. The world is gorgeous, with some of the best art and design in a game to date. The combat is fun and fluid with weighty weapons and clever abilities. The music is beautiful and the sound design screams perfection. Yet Bungie doesn’t do enough to tie together all of Destiny’s fragments, leaving behind a hollow husk of what might have been."

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gamerfan09091378d ago

I wonder how well the sequel sells. By the time Destiny 2 comes out will people care? It's almost like Avatar and Avatar 2. People were so hyped for Avatar's revolutionary technology and James Cameron's return to film making that they rushed out and bought tickets. After Avatar was exposed as being dances with wolves with aliens I don't think people care about Avatar 2. Same thing with this game. After Reach and Bungie's departure from MS people have been dying for their follow up and hence the sales. After experiencing this game idk if the lore, campaign, gameplay, ect can hold up for another decade of sequels. I honestly don't see the reason to buy Destiny 2.

HeWhoWalks1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Thankfully, everyone is not you and will make up their minds for themselves. Avatar 2 =! Destiny 2, and the analogy doesn't make much sense at all. Not to mention, everyone doesn't use reviews as a measuring stick to their enjoyment of a game.

Einhert1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )


People get so annoyed at reviews, why?

Do they have a stake in Activisions shares?

If they enjoy the game and think it is an 8/10 then they can think that and if they cannot be comfortable with just thinking that then clearly they are deluded.

It shows a complete lack of confidence within their own opinion to try to tell someone else their opinion is wrong and if they feel the need to defend so valiantly clearly they have doubt within their own mind and are just trying to justify spending the money.

People HATE to be told and feel like they have wasted money so naturally they get incredibly defensive.

Destiny isn't exactly doing badly either, it made back its dev costs in the first 24 hours so the poor poor mega game publisher Activision does not need your support.

Funantic11378d ago

Destiny's reputation is destroyed in the gaming community.

700p1378d ago

Just cus its average doesnt mean its bad. Alot of ppl enjoy it.

blackstrr4111378d ago

You people are hypocrites. Just imagine this was an Xbox exclusive y'all would have been totally behind it tanking. Double standards in this industry. I love Nintendo fans they dont care about you all. Gheeze. 7 out of 10 reviewers say its a bad game. Don't go saying judge a game yourself. I for one judge a game by what reviewers say every time I try to say I'm going to find out for myself I completely agree with the review eg remember me, dantes inferno ninja gaiden yaiba etc. Quit the whining and put aside your fan boyism. I wonder who wrote halo stories for bungie cos they need hire back that team. Destiny is crap. Thank God i didn't buy it. My money is on MCC