Advanced Warfare’s Multiplayer to Feature 15 Prestiges & 350 Guns

GoodGameBro writes, "With each release of a Call of Duty, we’ve seen small tweaks take place for the game’s prestige and ranking system. While Call of Duty: Ghosts featured only ten prestiges, Advanced Warfare will move the series back to the 15 prestige mark."

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Forbidden_Darkness1472d ago

I'm sure they're including variants in that number which is BS in itself.

ritsuka6661472d ago

The guns probally will be the same shit.

killacal131472d ago

Bf4 for the win!! if anyone wants to play eith me in bf4 for the ps4 send me a friend request to pitbullsureno

Brix901472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

There's 10 different versions of each gun ranging from common to really rare the math 35 guns 10 versions of each... 350!!!

JamesBondage1471d ago

not even versions, just 10 different skins for each gun haha

Brix901471d ago

Each version has different stats so there more than skins...

breakpad1472d ago

350 Fart guns matter which COD is it the guns are doing the same noise , same muzzle and have the same feel which by the way sucks ...all guns in COD are like airsoft guns ..i wonder why people still buying these crap series...boycott now

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BrandanT1472d ago

More guns apparently makes games better nowadays. *Sarcasm*

Alicornium1472d ago

Yeah more content totally sucks... /s

Forbidden_Darkness1472d ago

Not that there has ever been much balance in CoD, but that would make it completely unbalanced.

Alicornium1472d ago

15 prestiges? Great, now my friends can have even less of a life then they already do!

KonMan1472d ago

Just to clear it up, it's not 350 guns. Every gun has several variants which add up to this 350 weapons referenced in the article.

Gamer7771472d ago

More realistically 35 guns with 10 different modifications each lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.