Adam Sessler on Destiny: "Good, But 'There's Not Much There'"

Adam Sessler shares his perspective on Destiy in an interview on NPR.

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ritsuka6661069d ago

Yea Adam...Probably the most forgettable game I've played in a long time. It was painfully average in almost every department.

AngelicIceDiamond1069d ago

Its not that bad. Bungie purposely held back Destiny in the sake of opening it up to everyone.

Think about it these are the reasons. The marketing sold the game the game didn't sell itself.

Its made by Activision who publishes COD.

The developers are former Halo makers.

That alone is the reason people really bought into it. The game didn't have to do much just have "something" to initially draw players in.

I like the game but Bungie and Acti pulled the rug over our eyes.

NewMonday1069d ago

Sessler gave Titanfall 5/5 and it has less content, 2 hour story, dumb AI, bad graphics

Mr Pumblechook1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

I thought this clown quit the industry. Last time I heard from him he was complaining how Sony were destroying his life because they didn't give him his free launch PS4 and games much earlier then the public! And they say gaming journalist aren't overpriveleged.

Septic1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

"Sessler gave Titanfall 5/5 and it has less content, 2 hour story, dumb AI, bad graphics"

Although I agree that the score is too high, simplifying Titanfall like that does it an injustice.

"less content"- agreed- not only less content but little content in its own right- it needed more game modes etc

"story" the story was pretty much non-existent; it was a MP only affair

"dumb ai" People still dont get this. The A.I was not the problem- they are 'minions'. The problem with the bots is that it was hard to distinguish pilots from bots sometimes- Respawn should have made pilots look a lot more distinctive. I have no issues with bots carrying over into the next game (if there is another one) but they need to be distinctive from the pilots.

"bad gfx" yeah but its built on an aging source engine. Still, its no excuse.

BUT what Titanfall really did well is concentrate on gameplay over gfx. It is still a solid shooter and the pacing was brilliant; fast paced, wall running with very tight combat mechanics with mechs that weren't just a glorified kill streak. Some proper thought went out into how to progress competitive shooters and for that I admire them. Titanfall does however, feel like a foundation upon which a greater game or franchise can be built.

GundalfDeGrej1069d ago

@Mr Pumblechook

He wasn't complaining because he didn't get his own PS4 to play around with. He complained because Sony only allowed journalists to look at their games in a controlled environment. He was worried that journalists wouldn't be able to give a proper assessment while having devs breathe down their neck. When playing something in a controlled environment there's also a chance that journalists will only get to see what the devs want them to see.

People read the headline "Sessler's pissed he didn't get a PS4" and they assume he's the bad guy because Sony is the good guy right?

medman1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

They didn't pull the wool over my eyes...I had it preordered..cancelled it about 3 weeks before launch. I didn't play the beta but the more I saw the more I disliked what I saw. The game looks great, but I'm a single player gamer primarily and the story looked a complete joke. I also didn't care for the voice work of Dinklage, nor the limited number of areas on offer to gamers. One area per planet/moon?? Really?? Destiny would have been much better served limiting itself to ps4/xbone and possibly pc...but by now I would hope gamers would realize if a current gen release is also releasing on 360/ps3, look out. It's going to be gimped somehow, someway...that is just reality.

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LightDiego1069d ago

Whatever this guy says, you are pathetic Sessler, you and your reviews.

The_Infected1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

As if he's the only one says the game is bad right? Most reviews towards Destiny are not great at all.

NewAgeisHere1069d ago

That's because the game is an epic fail....which is unfortunate, but true.

llxKonanxll1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

Adam's reviews are generally on point. Yeah he gave Titanfall a 5/5, Infamous SS a 3/5.. and his GOTY for 2013 was Gone Home. But he's right about Destiny.

WillGuitarGuy1069d ago

I don't think people will ever forget his God of War: Ascension review either.

user65409481068d ago

Wtf? I like Adam Sessler's reviews because they are detailed and intelligent (even if I see things differently from him at times), but to choose Gone Home over TLOU for game of the year is ridiculous. May he knew everyone else was gonna do the same by voting for TLOU and he wanted to be different (?).

llxKonanxll1068d ago


Only issue i had was his little rant about the "Bros before Hoes" trophy and his so-called worst experience with brutality in video games (Kratos curb stomping the fury's face in). 3/5 for Ascension is appropriate.

CaptainPunch1069d ago

And you're just some dude commentating on a gaming website, while he actually got to work in the industry. You obviously cared enough to comment, looks like you're the one that's pathetic and not Adam.

morganfell1069d ago

No he did not work in the industry. He never did. He wrote about the industry.

Those that want to be journalists, but are not, tell themselves "I am part of this". No, just no. They are not in THE industry. They write about the industry. They evaluate, quite poorly, the industry. They critique, without standards, the industry's products. But lacking true skill they are left to stand outside the industry and throw rocks at it. They are left to give unskilled opinions about the industry. They are not in the gaming profession or industry.

CaptainPunch1068d ago

It's the same as being a film critic, you're still working in the film industry. He might talk about the industry, but he was able to work closely with developers, publishers, and in the gaming industry in general than most people can say. I would say he's more qualified to give an opinion than most people commenting here.

Funny how I got attacked with a bunch of disagrees because N4G has a vendetta on Sessler, stay classy guys.

morganfell1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

^^^No you are not. You are still working in the journalism induistry, albeit poorly, not the film industry. You are not an actor, director, producer, cameraman, or even best boy. When you are a critic you are a leech. You are a snot rag with an opinion that is worth absolutely nothing. Its good to watch this slow awakening of companies as they realise interfacing directly with the public frees them of having to curry favor to the bloodsucking press. And the more entitlesd the press acts the more they work themselves out of a job.

CaptainPunch1068d ago

"They evaluate, quite poorly, the industry. They critique, without standards, the industry's products." "They are left to give unskilled opinions about the industry. They are not in the gaming profession or industry." Funny how you feel so strongly about this yet you visit N4G which is filled with absolute crap and has no integrity in the type of content that gets submitted and approved here. But hey you keep doing your thing, it's obvious I can't make up your mind. Difference of opinions my friend.

morganfell1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

It isn't funny at all. I have to wade through the crap to find the news. That is the current state of affairs.The fact that you agree only makes it more evident the so called gaming press is nothing more than a collection of pussbags. N4G is well aware of this issue yet refuses to perfomr even a single action that serves the gaming demographic.

And a disageree? A little petty.

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Tedakin1069d ago

Most critics, and players, agree with Sessler this time.

NewMonday1069d ago

the positive reviews outnumber the average ones so how "most" exactly?

user65409481068d ago

@NewMonday: A slew of positive Reviews do not make for a good reviewer. That is why I like gamespot. They are brutally honest with their reviews and don't care what other gamers think--they just tell it like it is from their own perspective.

Shadonic1069d ago

Why everyone hate Adam Sessler, grew up watching him on Xplay :( . I love Destiny but i'm not going to hate the dude because our opinions don't align on a product.

GundalfDeGrej1068d ago

From what I've seen he's pretty respected everywhere but here. I think it's because people here only know him by looking at various sensationalist headlines. Most of which are taken out of context in order to create a sh*tstorm.

I've followed his videos for quite a while as well and to me it feels really strange to see so much hate for him here. Sure, some of his opinions differs from most but that's one of the things I like about him. It's nice to see things from a different perspective.

morganfell1068d ago

Why does everyone hate him? Here is just ONE example:


GundalfDeGrej1067d ago

Late response but whatever.

Like I said, context is important. Don't tell me there's not a difference between standing on a scene trying to get a crowd riled up and then on a different occasion actually discussing the topic in a more mature manner.

DefenderOfDoom21068d ago


Conzul1068d ago

I miss his reviews, but not his SOMETHING.

Sessler's Something!!!
In which I will very intelligently speak about something that is complete BS.

Yeah no thanks.
And review - wise he is usually right except for the "final score" he assigns. Also ranting about Bros b4 hoes was unforgivable.

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PS4isKing_821069d ago

Didn't this guy leave the game industry earlier this year or late last year?

DeadRabbits1069d ago

No, I think he has been in hiding & growing a beard in the wilds of Canada!

Like all media Hoors he will be back for more!

DimensionalSound1069d ago

Technically he's working closer to the game industry. He stepped down from doing reviews, but does do commentary on new games like in the interview.

HaveSumNuts1069d ago

This guy gave TitanFall a 5 out of 5, he kept on acting it was the second coming or something while he was advertising peppermint ass wipes. He should keep his mouth shut.

Einhert1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

He is like most other big publications a complete rat and a sellout! but sessler is a special kind of hack. No wonder he fled the review scene after the flak curtain from that shamefur dispray sellout review.

no surprise that Rev3 games channel had Titanfall adverts on it 24/7, Destiny is a better game than Titanfail IMO as well, At least Destiny would last more than a week, Titanfall lasted me a few days, hate myself for ever giving EA money for that garbage.

I feel like the only publication I can trust these days is Giantbomb because jeff and his team have proper integrity.