Sony's CEO Kaz Hirai Analyzes PS4's Success and the Depth of the Experience Offered Only by Consoles

Sony's President and CEO Kazuo Hirai is definitely happy about the success of the PS4 so far, even if he feels that more can be done for the Japanese market and doesn't intend to rest on its laurels. He analyzed what brought to the historical announcement of 10 million consoles sold to customers in nine months.

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BitbyDeath1378d ago

"In short, being able to broadcast at any time and boast “I was able to perform that trick.”"

I wish we were able to do this when Warhawk was out, that game would have sooooo many amazing videos out there.

Bathyj1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Ditto Mariokart 64. I was a god on that game.

PS, I miss Kaz, we never hear from him anymore. :(

GenericNameHere1378d ago

He still shows up. Just not in any Playstation-related events anymore :(

DeadRabbits1377d ago

And on it the Eight Generation Kaz Giveth the PS4!

An it was Good!


dcbronco1377d ago

Actually kinda funny that time. Not your typically douchy commenting.

miyamoto1378d ago

I will just leave this interview of Kaz Sama Hirai

@40:00 on CES January, 2013about how he denied the readiness of the PS4 that next month when everyone was caught with their pants down specially Microsoft.

Kaz is a gaming god!

CocoWolfie1378d ago

i honestly think so too, just having something new and being able to broadcast and share pictures was something that really pushed it :)

llxKonanxll1378d ago

To think they were that close to move away from the console market..
I'm glad Ps4 has found it's early success. It reminds me of the Ps2 era in alot of ways. I like Kaz a good deal and i hope we would see more of him. Skol Playstation.

stragomccloud1378d ago

Doesn't something only count as "historic" if it actually beat a record? It's definitely good compared to the Xbone in the Wii U, but it's still considerably lagging behind the Wii of last gen, and the PS2 2 gens ago. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

llxKonanxll1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Oh so you have 5 bubbles? Lets not get ahead of yourself.. -1

TongkatAli1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

The Wii was joke though, a dust collector, a fluke, going after the casuals that play Angry Birds, worst controller in the history of gaming, add on galore, weak online etc etc.

I don't remember the Playstation brand ever bowing and praying to the casuals the way Nintendo has. Miyamoto is calling them pathetic now because they broke up with his ass, puhuhuhuhu.

stragomccloud1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

This isn't about what's a "joke" or not though. When you use the term "historic" it needs to actually be historic. that said, are you ignoring the part where I mentioned the PS2? Man, console fanboys take things so personally. I wasn't even criticizing any consoles here. Only word choice.

That said, that "joke" still managed to put the other consoles to shame, while PS3 lost Sony billions. So, take that how you will. Say what you might, it still sold crazy high numbers of hardware and software.

Also, Sony tried to bow to the casuals with move, but they failed miserably. Don't try to spin it and say they didn't want a piece of the pie. Because they did. Only Microsoft managed to bring in significant numbers of people in the casual crowd.

BitbyDeath1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

It is beating records and is roughly 2 million units ahead of the Wii in terms of sales at this point in time.

Wii released on Nov 19 2006
PS4 released on Nov 15 2013
(Roughly the same time)

In August it was announced PS4 reached 10 million units.

It took Wii a month longer to reach 9 million units (September 2007).

As you can see that is roughly a 2 million unit gap give or take.

stragomccloud1378d ago

By the September 30th following its launch, the Wii sold 13.17 units worldwide, by the December 31 2007, they had sold 20.13 million units.

By this time in the PS2's life cycle though, Sony had sold 19.57 units. So PS2 is the historic record holder, with the Wii in second(distant second)

BitbyDeath1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Do you have physical links backing up your claims? Not sure if you read the links I had posted but it clearly contradicts what you are saying.

EDIT: Just did a google and they were shipped numbers.

"What's more, as of September 30 this year, the number of Wii units shipped worldwide is 13.17 million"

The link I provided above is likely reporting on sold-thru.

GenericNameHere1378d ago

Go look on NeoGAF, and search for Aquamarine's post history. The PS4 is currently the fastest selling home console in history yet, and still going strong, besting the PS2 and Wii. It's different on the handhelds side of course (considering they are much cheaper and have a different demographic).

CrazedFiend1378d ago


You should check your facts before you comment.

stragomccloud1378d ago

I did check my facts before I commented. Read the numbers I posted.

Magicite1377d ago

if u subtract japan, then PS4 is doing better than wii/ps2.

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