What Makes Five Nights At Freddy's So Terrifying?

Clipping Error discusses what makes Five Nights At Freddy's so scary to play in light of the game's recent release on Android and iOS. There's also a small announcement in the article relating the next game the developer is working on.

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700p1376d ago

Its not terrifying. Just a tad creepy, still a bad game though.

Summons751376d ago

Absolutely nothing? The game isn't scary at all, interesting but I wasn't at all jumpy let alone scared.

Clunkyd1376d ago

Apparently 5 people are scared little girls.

Summons751376d ago

And too scared to give a reason why they disagree.

Agent_hitman1376d ago

This is not scary at all.. Its jump scare tactics is an epic fail imo..

PaleMoonDeath1376d ago

Looks like a 90's PS1 cinematic in motion, those were terrifying without the jumpscares, so.. I can see the creepy factor that's for sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.