Velocity 2X (PS4) Review - Could This Be PS4's Game of the Year?

OK, game of the year is a stretch but FuturLab's Velocity 2X features stylish visuals and addictive gameplay all packed into some puzzle-platforming action and it works. As far as top-down shoot-'em-up gameplay is concerned, this game is a winner.

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Gravity_DoGG1500d ago

Excellent game, but GOTY? I don't think so

garos821500d ago

great fun and tight gameplay but not GOTY worthy IMO.

Father__Merrin1500d ago

can't bring myself to carry on playing

theshredded1500d ago

This is my favorite game so far on the PS4,clocked over 15hrs and am under 500 in the leaderboards.

inf3cted11500d ago

Better than destiny rofl

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