SNK Trademarks “Ninja Master’s,” “Ninja Commando” and “Ninja Combat:” a Blast from the Neo-Geo Past

The Neo-Geo era can be considered a golden age for those that loved Japanese games and for SNK, and today we got a bit of a blast from the past from its successor SNK Playmore, as five interesting trademark filing have been published by the Japanese Patent and Trademark office.

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Abriael1378d ago

Whatever they are I'll be ok with it.

yewles11378d ago

Can we PLEASE get more fighters on Neo Geo Station now?

DreadGara1377d ago

Exactly bro, Neo-Geo Station games should have kept coming.
Im buying all their games for supporting the idea that they may bring us all their games, At least all the fighting games and top classics from the other games.
I'm kinda disappointed for not bringing KOF UM 2002 & 98 on PS3 yet...

Knushwood Butt1377d ago


Plus, release the remastered Neo Geo CD soundtracks for the games too. I'd even pay for these as DLC if the price was reasonable.

Unfortunately, fact is Neo Geo Station is just another one of their half-assed attempts to milk some cash off old games, and then abandon the idea.

blackblades1378d ago

I say remasters for psn/live, but it'll be awesome if they where remakes instead of remasters.

AdventurerDonLocke1378d ago

Please release Ninja Combat, please release Ninja Combat, please release Ninja Combat!

Juiceid1378d ago

Robot ninjas are awesome.

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