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Destiny is likely the most anticipated game to come out of Bungie Studios since Halo 3. No longer shackled by the exclusive chains of Microsoft, Bungie and Activision have made the point clear. Destiny is being released on Sony’s consoles, and they’re not being shy about it. Marketed as “not an MMO”, but a “shared-world shooter”, Bungie hopes to not only distance themselves from the brand that made them a household name in gaming, but to prove that they have what it takes to create a persistent, online experience that is meant to keep players coming back for more, day after day, week after week.

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HaydenJameSmith1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

For a game that is suppose to not be a MMO and distance themselves a from the halo brand there not doing a very good job... this game plays and looks a lot like halo and isn't a shared world shooter the same as an MMO :P

The Game is good but not nearly as good as the hype or the devs would have you believe...

I refer you to this:

Completely explorable they said...

Its main problems are how linear and empty the environments feel and how badly delivered and unoriginal/generic the story feels.

Iceman X1378d ago

You couldn't have said it better. It's by no means a bad game but with Warframe being free to play, for me it's not good enough for full price. I'll wait until they add more content.

Palitera1378d ago

No, Destiny is not THAT bad in any area, except for the infinite price for the full game.

Kevlar0091378d ago

Destiny is a sum of many parts that doesn't seem to add up. Bungie added 4 one's together and came out with 5, somewhere they forgot to add the other 1. I guess the 1 is actually DLC.

Torque_CS_Lewith1378d ago

Activision/Sony hyped this game as the second coming. It is funny how people rag on CoD and then turn around say Destiny's sales vindicate it/prove that it is great.
The hype was dizzying and now it has come tumbling.

Silly gameAr1378d ago

Yeah, it kind of reminds me of EA and MS with Titanfall. Don't believe anyone's hype but your own.

Einhert1378d ago

I would say be wary of even your own hype, many a game I have looked at looks amazing then it releases and I do not enjoy it anywhere near as much as I thought I would.

Shadow of Mordor looks like the sleeper hit of the year, it looks like it could pull an arkham with LOTR as it has a solid dev and publisher, seems like a good revenge tale and has great voice actors.

However it pays to be cautious and I am trying to remain so.

You can easily become a victim of your own expectations.

AceBlazer131378d ago

Only difference is Titanfall got 10s which seems pretty fishy to me, I highly doubt the 2 are that far apart quality wise. One gets a 6 he other gets 10s both were underwhelming compared to hype.

Palitera1378d ago


Do you think they prefer a critic or a commercial success?

The product more than achieved its goal.

Some people believe in a fairy tale where they would prefer critics praise and consumer satisfaction instead of pure and simple money. To hell of they won't have their DLC cow as high rated as it would be if it was delivered in a complete state (not waiting to be fixed by DLC). The moment it stops making them millions they ditch the project and overhype the next scam.

There you go. Business in the real world 101.

Torque_CS_Lewith1378d ago

Marketing says it costs more to try and gain new customers than it does maintaining those that are already loyal to your brand.
Bungie has had a great following due to producing quality games. This is partially why people got easily hyped for Destiny.
Now that it has released and is a disappointment, they are going to lose a considerable chunk of their following. Now they are going to have to spend even more money convincing new customers to buy from them.

Real world business 101 is about reaching company targets by best fulfilling customer needs. The most successful brands in the world do this; Apple, BMW, Coke, etc. Your scorch the earth and move on tactic does not work for sustaining a good business. Just look at Tony Hawk/Guitar Hero.
Good luck with that 10 year plan whilst using that mentality!
Destiny has not even scratched the surface as far as reaching its goals is concerned.

Palitera1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )


You do realize this is not the only tactic possible and ABSOLUTELY not the one they used in Destiny, right?

You can't really believe they didnt know the shortcomings of their game. Bungie. Activision. Those are guys that understand every step of their decisions.

"People won't believe in Bungie and Activision anymore!"
Then IGN says: "The first expansion for Destiny fixes all I dislike about the game" and it all starts again.

Once more: they made record breaking sales with their game. This first step is super successful. For the next one, you can be sure they'll put the marketing money on the right place. They don't need costumer satisfaction if they'll sell this much even without it. In fact, their idea is to sell THROUGH the unsatisfaction with the repetitiveness.

FFS, they even made stupid people defend them on their decision to delay reviews as much as possible...

Finally, the game is not what they promised, but it's not even nearly as bad as naive disiluded gamers are trying to make it sound. It will scourch the market and aggressively milk the gamers (it's already doing it through the lackluster vanilla game). Then after a looong time it will not be profitable anymore. Then they'll shut down the servers. It's not hard to understand.

Through COD $15 "expansions" we teached them how to make "cheap" profitable business.

PS: talking about COD, didnt they make lots of ex-costumers say "Finally AW is substantially changing the game"? Yeah... These are the people you think they won't deceive again in three months.

darkstar181378d ago

Havent touched my ps4 to play Destiny ever since the smash bros demo came out..i mean i enjoy the game but i think its about a 7-8. The people defending this game crying "wait till more modes come out" need to stop lol like really. The game is repetitive as fuck and isnt much fun unless youre playing with friends. The fact that im enjoying a smash bros DEMO just as much if not more then Destiny is what makes me feel this game was very average at best.

jagermaster6191378d ago

Playing this game makes me want to go poop! Does anyone see the irony here?