Driveclub Director Talks Preload Availability and PS+ Drawback; Takes Only 60 Seconds to Install

Paul Rustchynsky shares details on Driveclub's install size, preload availability, and the downside to getting the game through PS+.

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Gravity_DoGG1378d ago

Good to see a DRIVECLUB article without the word Exclusive before it.

Gravity_DoGG1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )


how can you people seriously agree with Haru? nothing against you Haru.

But can't you guys seriously see what I mean? Exclusive is the word that is in every PS4 article on this site and on dualshockers. WE ALL KNOW that these games are playstation only the first 30+ times we sad the articles with EXCLUSIVE written in EVERY DAMN HEADLINE !

Edit: it may be important to add that I'm not bashing DRIVECLUB at all & that I am a playstation fan. Actually I'm really looking forward to try out the ps plus edition.

when we see article about xbox games on N4g there is NOT the words Exclusive in the headlines? What's up with that?

Off topic: Damn I never wrote so much on an article and the past articles before. But it's good to start a place ;-;

WeAreLegion1378d ago

DualShockers does that for every exclusive on every platform. It is obviously for hits, but they are impartial.

DOMination-1378d ago

How can a website called dualshockers ever be impartial

Akuma2K1378d ago

60 sec is fast hell for an install, at least we know we won't have to wait that long to start driving right away.

Gravity_DoGG1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

WeAreLegion: i know they do it for the hits. but they really shouldn't. its getting too much imo. Not much we see "Xbox Exclusive" headlines here on N4G...

Maybe its becouse people who write/copy paste these articles know that most people on this site won't read Xbox news..