Yoshinori Ono Teases on His Unannounced PS4 Game, Apologizes for Lack of Deep Down Demo at TGS &More

A few days ago Capcom’s Head of Consumer Games Development Division 2 Yoshinori Ono teased something on Twitter that could be related to his upcoming game. While he tried to cover his tracks, it's already pretty much known that it’s a PS4 game, and that it’s possibly set in China, but there aren't any more details.

Today a fan actually asked him about it on Twitter, and Ono-san was tongue in cheek in teasing about it, also mentioning his TGS plans, apologizing for the lack of Deep Down playable demo and more.

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Majin-vegeta1407d ago

Just a few more days.*Rocks back&forth

MasterCornholio1407d ago

Can't wait to see more games announced for the PS4.


XtraTrstrL1407d ago

There's no point in Ono's teases, it's not even teases. He gives no types of hints at all. He's just a big troll.

breakpad1407d ago

if it is online focused again i dont care ...i want strong single player from Capcom

DarkOcelet1407d ago

Lets hope Capcom makes a strong impression this gen . And by looking at Deep Down , they seem to have some great people who can make beautiful graphics and usually their games have a great gameplay with excellent replay value . If only they can leave away the Dlc practices they have and stop giving the games to be developed in the west and be fully developed in Japan then they can go back to their old self and no more disc locked content .

richierich1407d ago

I wish he would just tell us if Deep Down will be released in the west

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The story is too old to be commented.