PS4 Exclusive Driveclub’s Quickest Load Time Is 5 Seconds; New Info About Trophies and More

A couple days ago Game Director Paul Rustchynsky explained that Driveclub’s load times for tracks are an average of 10 seconds with a stock hard disk drive, and today he provided more details on what he meant by that and more.

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ps4fanboy1550d ago

5 secs , dam , there goes the days of making a cup of tea waiting for level to load... Lol.

Hell back in spectrum days you could go shopping and the game would still be loading!

5 -15 seconds gives me time to shake my arms out I suppose! Nice one evolution! Can't wait for this game!

nirwanda1550d ago

Back in the days of the spectrum you had to watch the bloody thing load up as you had to stop the tape deck yourself after the level loaded up or crashed.

nirwanda1550d ago

I bought titanfall the other day for my cousins birthday and where he lives the internet is pretty poor and it took about an hour to install with all the updates and both me and my unkle commented on how things have come full circle and to play a game was like waiting for a spectrum.

Akuma2K1550d ago

Wow, 5 secs is the shortest load time ? That is cool which means continuous gameplay keeping the fun going between tracks, gotta have all your snacks, eats and drinks all situated with you before you

XtraTrstrL1550d ago

I hope the game looks this smooth in action, other vids have always been nice, but the latest vid they showed had insanely bad jaggy aliasing. I hope that was just the vid or something crazy going on there, because it was inexcusably bad, as if there was no AA going on at all. I'd hate to see such a beautiful game get ruined by horrible jaggies. I'll wait for the next vid to come out though, cuz I can't believe that it'll end up looking like that.

GarrusVakarian1550d ago

Jesus Christ...the hyperbole in your comment is overwhelming.

"insanely bad"

"inexcusably bad"

"as if there was no AA going on at all."

Really? Come on, man...

Just go to gamersyde and download the direct-feed video's that they released a few months ago that was running on a PS4, played by Rushy (a dev). There are some issues with powerlines and other thin objects (such as fence wire) having aliasing, but apart from that the image quality is great. They have three (or was it four?) different types of AA running simultaneously in this game.

I'm curious to know which video's you watched that were so bad. They must have been terrible quality. Try these:

typittt691550d ago

He must have seen some other game, the rain video they showed at gamescom was one of the most impressive thing i've ever seen as far as making things look realistic. Unbelievable

XtraTrstrL1550d ago

This is the vid I'm talking about from Gamescom recently. If you're trying to act like the aliasing isn't extremely noticeable and bad here - I don't know what to say to you.

typittt691550d ago

I agree on the power lines the aliasing is pretty bad but otherwise it's pretty damn solid. Either way i'm just getting the ps plus version, forza horizon 2 is my racer this fall. No contest

Orbilator1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Day one here for drive club, forza has always been second place to gt for me but dc might push it to third.
But I suppose, each to there own.

I'm not dissing forza just give you my preference is all.

JohnWayne_1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Youtube video quality is always shit compared to direct feed, hell youtube video quality is mostly just shit anyways. I never use a youtube video for judging the graphic quality of a game.

typittt691550d ago

Check it on Gamersyde, its really nice quality

JimmyDM901550d ago

Maybe Evolution can share their magic loading formula with MLB the Show because 14 was so sloooooow haha.

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