Rumor: Paid DLC Content May Be Locked Inside Your Naruto Storm Revolution Discs

Youtube user SergioM3 was able to dig through the files and he realized that all of the paid DLC is locked onto the disc. Sergio was able to find all of the paid content and record it for everyone to see.

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Saito1552d ago

Tired of DLC locked into discs

kagon011550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Its obvious same goes with P4U2 & GGXrd. The characters where already finished before the game was released in Japan. It doesn't matter if its locked in the disc or not, the game was made to extort idiot fanboys. Just like I ignored BBCP I won't be buying those games either. I'm looking foward only to AH3LM & UNIEL why? They're complete out of the box no dlc BS that affects gameplay...