Why I'm Loving Destiny So Far

Riz writes about why he's been thoroughly enjoying Destiny despite the mixed critical response over the past few days.

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averagejoe261379d ago

Game is great... Crazy the hate it's getting... If this wasn't bungie or halos successor... It would be called differently... But I get it... That's the gaming community for ya

pompombrum1379d ago

Just seems like mostly haters at the moment because most of us are too busy hooked on the game to comment on it.

Ultr1379d ago

True :) its a really great game

masterfox1379d ago

right now I'm on the job if weren't I would be playing Destiny, great game so far and it looks great.

pompombrum1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

^^ My excuse is the Xbox live login servers were down when I made the comment otherwise I too would have been playing. Not bothered looking into all the hate really but I just feel sorry for those who can't enjoy the game the same way I do.

thorstein1379d ago

I think there is a lot of fake hate too. But that is a whole other thing. I think the hate flourishes because those that love Destiny are too busy playing it than to come on the internet and defend it.

Looked at my history leading up to today and it was was cosntant. I was on here 23 hours ago posted a couple comments then came back now because my wife says I need a break from Destiny. Before that it was 3 and 5 days ago.

I think I might be coming down with the Destiny Flu.

TM3331379d ago

Thank you! I haven't been on this site in days haha!

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equal_youth1379d ago

i would say activation hyped it over the top and received what they deserved for not delivering on promises. Looks like a few big publishers got inspired by Peter Molyneux the past years.

But i agree with you on the fun part. the mechanics are smooth and a lot of fun to mess around with but the world and story feels IMO empty and hollow.

Jughead34161379d ago

This is a super fun game. This is mostly what I've heard from those who've actually played it.

GrandpaSnake1379d ago

i personally think it delivered within its own constraints of modern day gaming. mechanics are on point, its not just another run n gun shooter. the coop and pvp aspects of the game add to the immersive and beautifull worlds. story is pretty sci fi not just another standard military type story(although the weapons could have been a bit more sci fi)content is much much more than people should be complaining about and for decades gameplay has been stagnant for many years. like wth do you expect instead of going from point a to point b? and its not like it is super linear they allow exploration and gift you for it. their is lvl'ng up and you can exceed the lvl cap by different means besides exp.Then theirs an actual hub to kick it and relax,mingle etc etc
i straight up am so confused by the community! The game offers so much more than whats out their it is not even funny. cod and battlefield are run of the mill stories with extremely linear campaigns and most other shooters as well.

hype aside it is not exactly a open world game! and they are judging it like it is. Most of these gamers are just conditioned what they really want is GTA open world game with pve and pvp, when compared to that then it falls just a bit short. it doesnt even matter though i dont know who else could even come close as bungie with destiny. i sure as hell know for the next halo will not be open world and will have the same multi player it has had for decades including modes.

midnight_231379d ago

A lot of us are confused for the same reasons.. It's like people's expectations were just too high and now they aren't allowing themselves to enjoy a great game!

amnalehu1379d ago

Your assessment is spot on. The funny thing Bungie never sad it was an open-world game. The said it is a shared-world action game. The problem is people keep trying to compare it to something and there really is nothing to compare it to.

sd111379d ago

When I played the beta I thought the game might come out at a 7-8 score. But having played the game for the past week I am really enjoying it and have no qualms giving it a 9. The low scores are strange to me as there are not many better games on either the PS4 or X-1. Also scores of 6 would actually put this game in a lower category than games like sniper elite 3. Not too sure about that.

warczar1379d ago

This whole situation has really destroyed what little trust I had in games journalism on the Internet. I don't know what kind of biased agenda these websites have but I do know they aren't for the gamers. It almost seems like they want the entire industry to fail. I want to ask some of these reviewers what deep, plot loaded, story driven FPS they will be playing tonight on there current gen systems?

ITPython1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

I've been having a blast so far, and it amazes me how easily you can burn through 4-5 hours in seemingly no time at all. I think I can say the same for all the buddies on my friends list too, as my list is always packed with people playing Destiny, which is a first for my friends list this gen. Usually people are spread out over different games and it's pretty rare to see 2 or 3 people playing the same game, even when other hyped games released (like Watch Dogs). But my list every day since launch has the mass majority of them playing Destiny, even into the wee hours of the morning.

In general, the people who bought the game really enjoy it and get hooked pretty fast. And I think most the hate for this game can be broken up into three categories.

Category #1 - Butthurt and bitter xbox fanboys. We all saw this prior to the game releasing, people ticked off at Bungie for going multiplat and Sony getting preferential treatment with timed DLC, beta access and advertising. These haters tried to spread as much FUD as they possibly could just because they felt they were entitled to all of Bungies work.

Category #2 - Butthurt and bitter reviewers. Let's face it, the reviewers want clicks. And releasing reviews before a game releases, which is at the height of the games hype, generates the most traffic. The fact that many people pre-ordered the game or were getting it day 1, means a lot of the traffic from these people would have spent reading pre-release reviews is completely gone. Cause why read a review after you already purchased and are playing the game? As a result, the reviewers didn't get to cash in on the pre-release review hype. So what do they do? They do the next best thing to generate as much traffic as possible, write a bad review which is controversial.

Category #3 - Players who don't understand/like a MMORPG. The reality is, not everybody likes to grind, farm and hunt for loot/upgrades etc. And I believe a lot of people who may not like Destiny are simply the ones that don't like this genera, and foolishly believed it was just another quasi-RPG pick-up-and-dominate FPS game (like COD). These people probably should have been asked if they like games like Diablo 3, because if they said no then they would most likely have not liked Destiny either. And while Destiny is nowhere near as deep as a game like Diablo 3, it is FAR deeper into the MMO/RPG realm than your run-of-the-mill COD or Battlefield game.

Bottom line is, I think most people are having a blast with the game and look forward to what will come in the future. But as usual the minority (ie the haters and bad reviews) get the most spotlight. And this gives the illusion that the hate is the majority.

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1379d ago
DC7771379d ago

Everything you say is right on the money to me. Thanks for writing it up.

_NotoriousJaee1379d ago

Hi everyone. Have a great Sunday! No baby mama drama! ;)

AutoCad1379d ago

Game is overhyped and borderline mediocre for a bungie type game..But to each its own

Stapleface1379d ago

What's a Bungie type game? Is that a new genre? Do you mean it's not a complete carbon copy of Halo so it's over hyped or what? That lost me.

AutoCad1379d ago

no when i mean bungie type game,i mean a deep story with deep characters..
Destiny is soulless and i still dont know what exactly the story is about..

overall its just not up to par with what i have experienced with a Bungie game.

jmac531379d ago

@autocad Please, Halo didn't have the deepest story or characters. Do I need to remind you of the ending to Halo 2.

thorstein1379d ago

You're right. So, since Halo isn't like Myth: the Fallen Lords it should only be rated a 3.

Or. Maybe each game should be judged solely on its own merits.

And yes Myth: The Fallen Lords is a Bungie game.

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