Disgaea 3 to receive monthly expansions

PSU didn't think it was possible to expand upon a universe that already delivers countless hours of gameplay; however, Nippon Ichi has found a way by setting up a monthly expansion pack for Disgaea 3, through 2008 in Japan. There has been no clarification as to if this will make its way over to the North American or European regions as well, but much like the rest of you RPG-starved gamers, we're hoping so.

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Luca Blight3832d ago

and a bubble to everyone who likes Disgaea (or just NIS games in general) and posts on this topic!

Wildarmsjecht3832d ago

After playing Afternoon of Darkness, I became hooked on this game. Me and a friend would spend hours leveling up our characters just to see who could win in the wifi battle. Does this game also have online battling with friends or just people in general?

I wonder what the monthly expansions will be..maybe more characters from other Disgaea titles. Can't wait anyway.

Luca Blight3832d ago

I'm not sure about the wi-fi or multiplayer options in D3. Unfortunatly D1 and D2 for the PS2 did not have multiplayer (although the PSP version did as you stated before). Maybe someone with the Japanese version can fill us in?

I'm hoping the monthly expansions have a lot of variety. A couple things I'd like to see:
1) new sidequests
2) new recruitable unique characters/bosses
3) new weapons/armors/items
4) new character classes

Wildarmsjecht3832d ago

True, the ps2 versions had no multiplayer, and I'm not sure whether or not the japanese version of D3 has it. But, considering that GT5:P was able to allow big changes via a patch, maybe by the time this hits stateside, they'll send one out for those in Japan as well as us. Monthly expansions might entail some features like that.

I'm also looking forward to any and all of what you listed. Trying to find that best weapon and getting it, only to find theres an even better one a few months down the line will keep me going. Thats how I get hooked into MMOs, so the principal is essentially the same.

Luca Blight3832d ago

They patch D3 to include an online/offline multiplayer mode if it doesn't already come with the game. It would definetely be awesome especially with the amount of insane leveling/customizing of weapons you can do in NIS games. I never tried Disgaea (PSP) multiplayer but I did really enjoy the feature on Final Fantasy Tactics (PSP).

The other reason I would love a multiplayer function on D3 is that it's harder to cheese/cheat in strategy RPGs than it is in other genres because the variables are more controllable.