ICE Team Dev: PS4 Is No Longer Top of the Line Hardware But That Does Not Relate To Games Quality

Cort Stratton is a programmer at Naughty Dog and is also a member of Sony's ICE team. Helooks after PS4's GPU driver / graphics API and as such he knows the ins and outs of the hardware.

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Big_Game_Hunters1068d ago

As a PC gamer i have to ask, was it ever? and as a Nintendo fan i agree, you don't need top hardware to have the best games. Look at Mario Galaxy, 1 and 2 are the highest rated exclusives of last GEN... all on 72MB of ram.

I just wish everyone would stop focusing on graphics and start focusing on gameplay.

Future_20151068d ago

I have heard a lot of "beast" comments on the PS4, it has a tablet CPU

Big_Game_Hunters1068d ago

Yeah but i mean... oh well.those are Sony fanboys, can't do anything about it. The games look fine, The order looks great visually, but then my second point comes up.

The_Infected1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )


What a ridiculous comment. I know you're a PC fanboy but try harder next time.

XBLSkull1068d ago

Not even in the concept or design phase was the PS4 top of the line hardware lol, you make that sacrifice when you choose to put out a console in a 4-500 price range lol. Funny that at one point this ICE member thought it was top of the line.

colonel1791068d ago

Since when is a console better than a PC when it releases. The PS3 was different, but I don't think it was still more powerful than PCs of the time.


"you make that sacrifice when you choose to put out a console in a 4-500 price range"

Can you blame them? Look what happened with the PS3. Look at what's happening with the Xbox One. It won't matter if the console is the most powerful machine in existence. People won't pay for it.

gootimes1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

Of course they will talk up the PS4 hardware, they are part of Sony. But at least they can admit it has faults, without throwing secret sauce talk around and stuff.


"The games look fine" Uncharted looks the be the greatest looking game visually I have ever seen. That has less to do with hardware, and more to do with ND being magicians.

And about your second point "I just wish everyone would stop focusing on graphics and start focusing on gameplay"

It's actually the PC enthusiasts that started the graphics obsession, always needing the top of the line hardware to show off everything in ultra, spectacular 4k, uber graphics. I got caught up too, buying a 2,000 PC about 5 years back, now the piece of junk isn't worth the plastic it is made out of.

You talk like PS4 fans are so bad for comparing their console to the X1, they are targeted to the same consumers, of course they will be compared hardware wise.

ABizzel11068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

The only thing top of the line about the PS4 in comparison to PC at the time was the amount of graphics memory. Other than that it was a mid-range GPU, with dual low-end notebook CPUs. It's not a bad console, but with $100 more to budget it could have been an even greater piece of hardware with a good GPU upgrade (based on a downgraded R9 280 instead of a downgraded R9 270), and 4GB of DDR3 to run the OS, and all that GRAM for games.


Stop trolling, the PS4 and XBO use the notebook versions of Jaguar, not the tablet version, and their CPUs are dual A6-5200 or Athlon 5150 / 5350.

A6 vs 5350

A6 vs 4350 (AMD FX low end)

A6 vs 8350 (AMD FX high end, excluding the 9000)

A6 vs i5 4670k (Intel go to gaming CPU)

A6 vs 17 4770k (Intel pretty much top end consumer CPU)

So definitely nowhere near a top end CPU from AMD or Intel (clock speeds have a lot to do with that as well), but with it being 8 cores, it should be on par with a 4350 at least, and much better in multi-tasking (which games are starting to be built upon).

dcbronco1068d ago

I'm not sure how anyone could disagree with current consoles not being top of the line. Ah yes. Fanboys. The GPUs were out of date at launch and the CPUs are mobile chips that have been replaced by a more efficient model. Console gamers need to get over any ideas about competing with PCs graphically. Mantle ended any hope of that ever being the case again. The best we can hope for is better custom parts and infrastructure to create a better overall experience. In the next two years the new Alienware Steam machine will make current gen console games look last gen. But we won't need to upgrade every other year.

NewMonday1068d ago

Consoles are fixed design and that matters in development, PC needs "brute force" to get results, this means the PS4 can match higher powerd PC's, the Witcher 3 is proof.

Chrischi19881068d ago

Mantle took away a big part of your so called optimization. And there are only a few graphics card manufacturers. They are closer than what most console fanatics would ever admit.

The whole problem here is, that consoles basically took a lot from PCs, to be the next gen consoles and all act like they are better then PCs, even though everything that is new and better, came from PCs. Onlineplay, very good graphics, streaming and whatsoever. This is why this whole talk is ridiculous and because PS4 fans bash all other consoles for exactly these reasons, but if PC gamers tell them to be quite, because they are not the top dog in that department, suddenly it is about the quality of games, but if Nintendo fans say that, it doesnt count, because PS4 has better graphics... so stupid. Chose one, stay with that.

imt5581068d ago

Well, Xbone is not outdated.

Now i'm going in a bar drink some beer and laugh on this.

Damn, most funnies blog on the net.:)

Vegamyster1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )


"Consoles are fixed design and that matters in development, PC needs "brute force" to get results"

This isn't a top of the line PC but still outperforms both consoles by a fair margin.

The GTX 750 Ti which can be found for less than $130 can compete with the PS4 just fine.

"PS4 can match higher powerd PC's, the Witcher 3 is proof."

We haven't even seen what the PS4 version looks like, the Xone version shown at E3 was 900p and struggled to keep 30 fps in combat so chances are the PS4 version will be 1080p either with a locked 30 fps or with dips too. A higher end PC will be doing better both graphically and framerate wise


That GIF is small and not an accurate representation.

Admittedly it still looks great but not like the GIF, also Naughty Dog confirmed that trailer was In-engine but that doesn't mean the gameplay will look like that.

Eonjay1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

As soon as tech is released it is no longer top of the line. Thats why its pointless to stay on top of every new thing because you wouldn't have any money for food lol.

The PS4 is still the most powerful console and will be able to play games 5 years from now when most PC rigs will be trash, or have hundreds or thousands invested in them.

Oh and Microsoft puts DX12 in Windows 9 exclusively, we riot.

nix1068d ago

here we go again... /:

same discussion. every time.

fr0sty1068d ago

XBLSkull, funny that ICE programmer knows more about computer hardware than you ever will, considering he's the one actually making these games for the hardware (for one of the best developers in the world, no less) and is the one whose day to day job is to figure out ways to get more out of that hardware. If he wants to say something is the best or is not, he's qualified to do so. You on the other hand, just troll forums. When your name pops up in the credits for the next Uncharted game, then I'll give you my ear.

Loktai1068d ago

People need to remember heat, noise and so on when trying to compare and say you can just magically upgrade for more money. Of course you can add hardware for more money but last time Sony tried to make a beast it suffered at the market because it was expensive as hell, it was also not only pricey but pricier than comparable competition which was the real issue even if you got better value due to the bluray drive but who knew bluray would win the format war in the beginning? People could guess but who KNEW?

You cant build a desktop as thin and small and low-noise low-power as a PS4 for the price of the PS4, the "tablet CPU"... why are you calling it a tablet CPU when its more in line with a laptop in actuality? Its also impossible to buy a tablet with the kind of config a PS4 comes in, and if you do please include a Bluray drive.

If you want a high end PC and you want it small and quiet and so on you need to invest in seriously high end non-stock cooling, a good HTPC case and its still going to consume more power and possibly be louder than a PS4 especially under load, of course it will kick the PS4s butt in performnace but at a higher cost and you wont have any sony exclusives, or XBOX exclusives unless they get ported later (clearly more likely on the XBOX given Ryse).

I love PC and was a HUGE PC gamer, I have what WAS a monster gaming PC at one time (A dual quad-core workstation(dual Xeon [email protected]) with 16gb of memory and a 2gb Geforce 480 SOC(about 580 level). I still had just as much fun overall with my PS3 during the same timeframe.

NewMonday1068d ago


you miss the point completely , even if a high end $1000+ PC can push higher numbers the actual performance of the PS4 will match it in image quality because of optimization.

in the case of the Witcher3 a PC needs to be over 3 times as powerful as the PS4 to start getting better performance than the console.

no point in hardware numbers if the actual games software doesn't scale the same.

Vegamyster1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )


"in the case of the Witcher3 a PC needs to be over 3 times as powerful as the PS4 to start getting better performance than the console."

You do realize a PC that has 3X more power then a PS4 would come with a GTX 780 TI/Titan which is a GPU capable of doing 1440p 50+ fps on Battlfield 4 on Ultra with 4x MSAA?


What you're talking about is not possible with a low wattage AMD APU and again we haven't even seen what the game looks like on the PS4 or how well it performs on a PC for that matter.

"you miss the point completely , even if a high end $1000+ PC can push higher numbers the actual performance of the PS4 will match it in image quality because of optimization."

I'm the one who posted videos with performance comparisons telling you don't need a high end PC to compete with these consoles, I'm getting disagreed with despite providing IN-GAME benchmarks so can you please tell me how I'm wrong.

AliTheSnake11067d ago

Every piece of technology you buy, gets outdated within few months.

BootyBandit1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

This is a no brainer as far as power goes but what about cost {hardware and energy bills - I have a 1200 watt PSU in my PC] and ease of use? I have a high end PC and I absolutely love my racing games on ultra settings triple 1080p displays. But I can't tell you how many hours I have to spend when I run into conflicts.

That is why I enjoy both and there are some weeks I just want no part of PC gaming because of issues I run into sometimes just burn me out and I say F it and jump on my PS4 or X1.

Most of my friends that were once PC only have jumped into console gaming for that very reason. They want to get in and get out without hassles. But I love racing games too much and the amazing deals on Steam to turn my back on PC gaming altogether. That is why I am fortunate enough to have the best of all worlds.

I learned my lessons over the years and now my PC gaming rig is for gaming only. I don't surf or use email on it. It is strictly for gaming and gaming only to cut down on running into problems.

Also I will always have consoles because of their exclusive. Personally I enjoy their exclusives more than the PC. If not for Steam I would probably be mainstream console gaming. But right now I'm going to turn some laps in Assetto on the PC and than play some Destiny on the PS4 later.

ShinMaster1067d ago

Technically, your PC is outdated the moment you finished building it and new parts hit the shelf.

LAST GEN consoles with 8 year old hardware managed to run games that were also demanding on PC with less than 512mb of RAM.

AndrewLB1067d ago

To correct some people... the AMD Jaguar low-power Micro-architecture found in PS4 and Xbone was designed primarily for notebooks, mini-pc's, netbooks, and high end tablets. Even though it was released in early-mid 2013, it's base architecture "Bobcat" is actually from 2011, making it more of an evolutionary step than anything.

Both Consoles use customized versions with twice the number of CPU cores as you'll find in any other application, and both contain GPU's which are more powerful than any APU currently offered to OEM's or system builders. The exclusivity of these enhanced APU's are because of contractual agreements with AMD for an unknown number of years.

Even today, a year after these consoles launched, their GPU's are the fastest found in any APU available. While that is great for power saving, for the same amount of money either console could have had a more powerful GPU had they gone with the more traditional "integrated GPU" type setup. Such a setup would have given them a MUCH larger number of GPU's to choose from, including those found on much more powerful discrete graphics cards.

I'd also like to add that the only reason PC gamers even commented on the GPU's in these consoles is because they kept reading gaming journalists, bloggers, and fanboys making the claim that "_____ console is a Beast" or "_____ console on par with high end gaming PC", and other such nonsense. I know there are console gamers out there who have a firm understanding of the power of these architectures, but they largely stayed silent. Had I seen them reply to those claims with an honest assessment of the console's power because such comments were making everyone look foolish, i probably would have never even commented.

And I'm not talking trash. I actually think both consoles are producing outstanding graphics with the hardware they have. My criticism from the start has always been that I believe Microsoft and Sony were BOTH stupid for not using a graphics processor that could comfortably produce modern graphics at 1080p/60 since that has been a standard for many years now.

This is the first generation of consoles where I haven't owned at least one of them in addition to my gaming/workstation PC, and this is 100% due to both companies decision to use hardware incapable of running that graphics standard. Had they met that threshold, i would have bought a PS4 right after launch just like i did with PS3, 360, PS2, PS1, Dreamcast, N64, TurboGrafx-CD, TurboDuo, SNES, NES, Genesis, Atari 2600, sega master system, and Calicovision.

donthate1067d ago

Well the consoles certainly are under powered, but I didn't buy it for the power. I bought it for the ease of use and platform. I don't care about the power.

I chose an Xbox 360 and PS3, before the current generation released, so clearly it wasn't for the powah.

MikeG71067d ago

Even if so... still faster than your brain :)

extermin8or1067d ago

@future 2015: saying something is a beast in compared to rival consoles/previous generation and saying it is top end hardware is not the same thing. Also for the price it's pretty good and I think plenty of devs have proved they can get results out of non top of the range hardware just fine. Generally top of the range hadware in it's first iteration is incredibly inefficient anyway. It takes a couple of iterations for that to improve at which point it's no long top of the range and is used in consoles... Point is it's not just about the hardware and the consoles are doing fine. Hell ps3 games are still being released and with the correct dev behind them they still look good and play fine.

SilentNegotiator1067d ago

How long are you elitists going to make that completely uninformed claim?

Baccra171067d ago

I thought it was a cellphone cpu.

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Ocsta1068d ago

@ XBLSkull

And YOUR precious set top box IS top of the line? It freaking blows donkeys you fanboy! Stop trolling every article with the word "PS4" in it! Why don't you just dissapear along with Truefan and Morepowerofgreen??

TongkatAli1068d ago

Pot calling the kettle black, you're a Nintendo fanboy and you're preaching Mario Galaxy were the best games last gen, puhuhuhu, too fing funny.

Those reviews were payed for after playing Mario Galaxy, more overhyped and less fun to play then Destiny.

Big_Game_Hunters1068d ago

i'm not saying those games were the best last gen, i don't believe they were the best games of last gen, that doesn't change the numbers though, i was only using the Galaxy games to prove a point that hardware =/= quality.

If you think the galaxy games are over-hyped that's fine, but most people don't, not just reviewers.

ScottyHoss1068d ago

Except destiny is actually fun to play

Clumpy1067d ago

I know it's hard to accept that Super Mario Galaxy is a better game then Destiny, but please dont be so butthurt about it. Thank you.