Revenge of the License: AD&D Heroes of the Lance

Michael Crisman writes, "Admit it, you knew this was coming. Maybe not today, maybe not next week, but you knew, at some point, I was going to dig into the hog waller. If that’s what you’ve been waiting for, retro gaming fans, then today’s your lucky day. Rejoice. Clap your hands. Give the ol’ banjo a tune-up. Because today I dipped my hands into the muck, and I came up holding the royal, diamond-encrusted, jellyfish-immortal turd of all turds in the Nintendo Entertainment System’s library: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance. Do you have any idea how much I hate myself just for writing that last sentence?"

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Xristo1377d ago

Dragonlance has always been my favorite realm in the D&D universe. It's long overdue for another game on Krynn!