The Art of Naughty Dog release date and preorder info

The release date and other preorder info are now available for The Art of Naughty Dog.

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-Foxtrot1376d ago

This is why NaughtyDog should have an online store by now.

WeAreLegion1376d ago

I think PlayStation needs an online store, in general. Nintendo's merchandise is fantastic. You can usually find a great deal of Xbox merchandise in the wild, as well. PlayStation merch isn't as big as I would like it to be.

prodg521376d ago

I agree. I would buy a Naughty Dog t-shirt. They were handing out "This is for the Players" blankets at some PS4 launch events. I would buy one of those too.

NikX1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Yes that would be great. I would buy some The Last of Us, Uncharted, Infamous and God of War Merchandise if they did have an online store

chuck8261375d ago

Swill this be in stores?