Five things that still annoy me about Final Fantasy VIII

HD: "While people are going crazy over Destiny, I’ve been replaying Final Fantasy VIII, via a PSN download. The PSN port has all the failings of the original (which I still own, I just don’t want to be digging out my PS2 to give it a whirl). I have played this game most of the way through more than ten times and it is one of my favourite videogames of all time. However, I do feel that the original has some flaws that should never have been there in the first place, and have only been partially addressed in the recent PC/Steam release."

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kalkano1405d ago

Still one of the greatest games ever made!

Concertoine1404d ago

yeah if you ask me this is better than 7 or any FF since.

Kappa Mikey1404d ago

i kinda liked 9 better than both. In my opinion 9>8>7

Concertoine1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )


I kind of flip between which one ive played more recently.

But for me 8 was the first really immersive game i played, so it will always hold a special place for me.

Scatpants1404d ago

I would order them 7>9>8 I just found the characters less likeable in 8 than the other 2. I do however feel these three and part 6 are the best FF games ever. I wish they would go back to a formula like these rather than trying to reinvent the wheel every time and failing miserably at it.
Just give me an old school turn based RPG with charming characters and lots of cool places to adventure to and I'll be happy. How hard is that? From playing most of Square's more recent games I would assume it's impossible.

Concertoine1404d ago


I would agree with that actually, i just really like the atmosphere and gameplay of 8.

Play Bravely Default on 3DS yet? It's a lot like classic FF, i recommend it. The story is painfully typical but the gameplay and music are to die for.

bouzebbal1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

i agree! starts off really fast with the training mission with Seifer and Zell! i will never forget my first hour playing this game in japanese!!!!

The only negative thing with this game is that magic is linked to the stats. You end up playing the game with almost no magic use

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Lionalliance1404d ago

Good game? yeah, greatest game ever made? Far from it.

DivoJones1404d ago

False. I remember this being my least favorite of the FF games between 7-10. I'd say 7 & 10 tie, then 9, then 8. FF8 seemed dull and lifeless, and Squall couldn't have been less interesting as lead protagonist.. I get a better personality read from Master Chief and he's a GD cyborg.

kalkano1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

"I remember this being my least favorite of the FF games between 7-10"

Like saying, "I have 4 bars of pure gold, but this one has a tiny scratch on it."

Personally, I think 9 is the worst of those 4, but I also consider THAT to be one of the greatest games ever made.

jambola1404d ago

"False" because i didn't like it"

breakpad1404d ago

Very Good and very close to FF 7 (which no matter how much some people deny it out there it s the best ) i put it third after FFXII which had the most content from every FF and most serious work on it (FFVII surpasses them all cause it s like having all of them combined)

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TongkatAli1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

I get defensive with this game, so many articles trash its storyline, Rinoa is the best.

Trophy patch would be awesome.

Articuno761404d ago

How about the weird battle system where you expend all your effort stealing the enemies' magic, items, trousers/underpants only to run away (lest you anger the game balance gods by accidentally levelling up)?

I don't think I've played an RPG that discourages you from actually fighting quite the way FF8 does. You're either running or looting.

Dasteru1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

The problem is alot of people still haven't figured that part out yet. They grind like crazy early, thinking they will get stronger and then just assume that it is the hardest of all FF games. Only like 1/10 people who have beaten the game know that you are much better off by staying at base level. Even the article writer doesn't seem to know much about the system beyond the fact that enemies scale.

"having to quickly bolster the levels of a character that should have been kick-ass was a pain."

Nerdmaster1404d ago

You're basically confirming Articuno76's claim that the game discourages you from fighting. It's not a very fun concept.

Dasteru1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

That was the idea. I agreed with him. It actually can be fun in its own way, it is just very different. Alot of early focus on leveling GFs with Seifer, then later on with Edea, and loads of drawing and setting up characters. It is certainly a unique play style. Learning the details of the system and how to play it is half the fun.

hkgamer1404d ago

i think the only places you needed to draw magic were dollet part at seeD test, diablo and other rare magic that comes along.

you could also fk up the balance of the whole game at the beginning when you are at dollet. all you had to do was kill squall and zell, use seifer to gain ap and draw magic. convert lvl1 magic to lvl 2 (thunder to thundara etc.) rinse and repeat until you have a good amount of skils built up on the 3 gf's. carry on game, seifer will leave so get the 4th gf and gat as much ap as possible by beating spider robot until its down forever. you will now be overpowered and can wait until you have control of edea and use the same tactics to gain ap for other GF's. this way your permanent party members are still min level.


i think thats the beauty of ff8. theres so many ways to play it. use gfs 100% of the time. draw magic like theres no tomorrow, card every enemy and convert to magic, play card games and then convert.

the biggest complaint came from drawing magic, but i think that was due to people not understand the succesion rates of draw. if you had higher magic stats then its easier and quicker to draw magic until you reach 100.

jambola1404d ago

I don't think it discourages you from fighting, never stopped me anyway.
Just don't grind too much and you're fine,

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