Metal Gear Solid 5: Kojima Apologies For The Short Teaser, Asks Players To Keep Guessing Till TGS

Also shares a new screenshot which unfortunately does not reveal much.

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vishmarx1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

he apologizes for short teaser when a trailer is around the corner.
we grovel for an ff xv screenshot and square pretends it doesnt even exist

humility vs cockiness
to think they come from the same gaming region

Potnoodle9991377d ago

lmao Ooooo burn :D
Comment of the week! Heck lets say comment of the year because then theres at least a 1% chance that someone at square will see it and realise how arrogant they are.
Well said though.
P.S FFXV is never coming out and it hurts my soul lol

Paprika1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

No apology needed Mr Kojima. You are a genius, if more devs hyped their games like you, maybe the industry would be a better place

Bungie and others says they have the best game ever.
Mgs fans say that insread, Kojima stays sincere. Who wins? Key phrase "fans say" let the players decide not the devs what's going to be epic. To a degree anyway

XBLSkull1377d ago

I like the game play in MGS, but I'm sorry, Kojima couldn't write a cohesive story to save his life. 0/10 rating on all of them.

Kurylo3d1377d ago

Dont hurt yourself thinking too much. His plots are to complex for you. Go back to call of duty where the story is ... thats the bad guy.. go shoot him.

TomahawkX1377d ago

i dunno if serious, MGS1 and MGS3 both have simple plots with straight forward storytelling. You must a total dumbass to not understand those games... or you're bad at trolling

equal_youth1377d ago

Wow seems like you have a very special taste.

Magicite1377d ago

what else can be expected from average burger eating and cola drinking american?

guyman1377d ago

The hypocrisy in your comment is absolutely shocking! yes, i know for a fact you love titanfall, which has the biggest joke of a story. You replied with this after someone made a decent comment in "what happened to titanfall?"

"You salty, bro"


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equal_youth1377d ago

pls troll harder kojima it aint over yet ^^

user65409481377d ago

Why do u say that? Because of the ability to camouflage? Also, is Decoy unable to emulate a female voice? Is that why Quiet is so "quiet"?

Summons751377d ago

Quiet has a voice actress so I dunno about that but her character is going to be interesting.

bigboss19901377d ago

Its a hint in that video.. She escapes captivity really easy like an octopus then she uses something like a jet propulsion like and octopus would and yes good point like you say maybe why she is so quiet ????? LOL

Gatsu1377d ago

Np Kojima the God, we will survive few days more ^^...

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The story is too old to be commented.