Google working on a PSP - photo

VG247's got a shot of Google search working on the new PSP Firmware.

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Hercules3831d ago

i mean its bascially the same thing as the web broswer, and you get a query history also in the web broswer...i guess that had nothing better to do:

3.8 = inter radio
3.9 = skype
4.0 = google

whats next? the option check emails without the broswer...add something that doesnt use wifi

Nodoze3831d ago

Enough is enough. These stupid additions to the PSP do nothing but crowd the XMB with features that most are never going to use.

I would much rather development efforts were put towards support for additional codecs (DiVX anyone). Sony came out and asked why so many people are running alternative firmware, well I will be the first to point to these silly firmware additions that they are making.

Isn't the PSP being pitched as a MEDIA device? Why doesnt it support DiVX? I sincerely hope that Sony is saving some big announcements for E3. If not, I might just be another alternate firmware casualty!

mirroredderorrim3831d ago

They should offer the PSP games as a downloadable catalog.

A locked region-one-user-per-file id could be assigned to each file, to help curve piracy.

Memory cards are going to be the way to go. I know I'm loving my 16gig pro duo right now... my PSP rivals any media center in terms of pure fun.