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TR: The Destiny backlash has already begun. Some have played a small portion of the game and come away unimpressed, describing it as a mediocre shooter with MMO pretensions. Others say it’s fun but over-hyped and hollow, lacking the humour of the Borderlands games and the narrative punch that made Halo great. And as with any big blockbuster these days, you’ll always find a clutch of gamers lurking in the corner, shrugging their shoulders and dishing out the verdict: ‘meh’. Has Destiny lived up to the hype?

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user65409481550d ago

I like how condescending the first paragraph of the review starts: it assumes that those who dislike the game either didn't play it for long, or are part of some category of persons who just love to hate on popular games.

Maybe...just maybe...people really don't like the game.

Scatpants1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

I think it's highly probable that most of the people talking trash about it haven't played through it and many of them don't even own it.

kratoz12091550d ago

I have played it and finished its story mode,
Its a fun game but the story missions and story telling was pathetic

user65409481550d ago

Please share with us the evidence from which you draw your conclusions about "most" people who never played it. Do the countless reviews giving it 6.5 and the thousands of user reviews on metacritic and Amazon all come from people who have nothing better to do but to write scathing reviews about a game they didn't buy?

Yeah, ok.

averagejoe261550d ago

@Paul Jones

You clearly don't understand the video gaming community

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AgentSmithPS41550d ago

It's too bad the humans wouldn't accept the perfect world we created for them, now entire crops will be lost because of people fighting over whose opinion is worth more. Not everyone likes the same things you do and not everyone has the same standards...

Volkama1549d ago

After 9 years, do you know what I realise?
<eats some steak>
Ignorance is bliss
<cheesy harp tune>

I want back in.

blackstrr4111550d ago

Please enlighten me. How many times did you play borderlands 2 before agreeing it's a great game. First 15mins for me. How can people come here and tell me I need to play games over and over again before I can finally enjoy it. I played borderlands 2 once and found really awesome yellow weapons without farming for. Even the bullet sponge bosses are excellently crafted in no way did I feel like I'm being cheated. And I know borderlands 2 is better on the second play through. Even the last boss didn't feel like a cheat and i solod the game. Fyi gunplay in borderlands 2 is unrivaled. And that sweet headshot sound... Hehehe critical. Is orgasmic. So stop telling people to play a game over and over again before youl enjoy it.

UnwanteDreamz1550d ago

Borderlands 2was shit compared to Destiny my opinion.

blackstrr4111550d ago

I don't I really don't. Ideas I want a game of solid gameplay and very well scripted I still have my borderlands 2

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Eddie201011550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

This is a good and truthful review of a great game.

Don't be a part of the negative click that has popped up over this game. If you are, you are missing out on a great game with lots of good times to be had while playing it.

Einhert1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

"The Destiny backlash has already begun. Some have played a small portion of the game and come away unimpressed, describing it as a mediocre shooter with MMO pretensions"

I love how this is condescending to people who don't like the game and it downplays all the things wrong with it.

And the insinuation that just because people have played a short amount of it and written it off means they don't know what score the game deserves is a farce.

If the game failed to be engaging up to a certain point or was slow or a grind then it has failed to deliver a gameplay experience engaging enough for that person at the start middle or end then it has failed in its responsibility to the player.

The same people who slander MMOs for repetitive grinding when I mention Guild Wars 2 or WoW are now turning around and proclaiming they love grinding in Destiny.

Even the name of this site is pretentious.

RedSky1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

If only people didn't buy into previews or pre-commit themselves to liking a game based on pre-orders or developer fandom then they wouldn't have to come out and defend it each time a negative review comes out.

You enjoyed it? Great. Continue enjoying it. You don't need to come into every review and say why they got it wrong. That usually you would be high fiving reviewers you agree with speaks volumes.

UnwanteDreamz1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

If everyone who enjoyed this game came here to defend it the site would be swamped. They are busy playing the game genius. I've played all weekend and there is no shortage of people who think its great.

Grave1549d ago

Nice review. I think this format should be the new industry standard.