Tekken 7 Location Tests Announced By Namco

Earlier today Namco announced that they will be running location tests of the newest entry into the Tekken franchise. The Tekken 7 location tests will be held at the Namco Sugamo arcade in Tokyo and the Namco Nipponbashi arcade in Osaka on October 3rd, 4th and 5th. The announcement was made during the Sugamo Cup feed on Japanese video website NicoNico.

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CocoWolfie1529d ago

after watching some smash bro's i kinda got into the fighting feel. i remember how i enjoyed ttt2 but i wasnt very good so i picked up the tekken 6 on the vita, its surprisingly good and im more excited about 7.. i think it's gonna be pretty cool :) just my two-cents

Ares84HU1529d ago

Can't wait for this.

Only thing that bothers me is the more and more evident influence of Japanese pop culture, which is....well, very not manly to say the least.

ELpork1528d ago

Bryan Fury will still be in it, and he's a robot zombie who has a finishing animation where he beats peoples heads in... How manly do you want this thing to be?

DCfan1528d ago

Pretty sure you're talking about south korean pop culture.

SugarSoSweet1527d ago

What do you mean by "Japanese pop culture" in the Tekken games?

NarooN1529d ago

Wow, can't wait to see some of my favorite pros hit this game up. Hope Qudans manages to get some matches in. Wonder what improvements/changes they've made to the gameplay...

VsAssassin1528d ago

I'm excited about some new mechanic they will implement in this game. I didn't mind bound, I just hope more interactivity in every stage, like wall specific moves perhaps?