Xbox 720 in 2011? Count me in

Tim Hanlon from The Gamer Gene writes: "Lono from Sarcastic Gamer is not keen on the idea of a new Xbox 720 being released in 2011. I am."

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Alexander Roy3834d ago

Has game journalism really gotten to such a low level that we need a counterargument for everything someone on the internet writes? This is ridiculous.

thegamergene3834d ago

It's called a discussion. That's what the internet is.

goldenzealot3834d ago

the article that said "count me out" annoyed me as well as lots of other 360 owners.

i think that article was just flame bait for ps3 fanboys in the open zone.

But overall: its your decision you dont have to buy the next xbox if you dont want to

Alexander Roy3834d ago

I agree. Both articles are just as bad in my opinion. The more people feel attacked by these "news" and give it the attention it doesn't deserve, the bigger the whole thing gets until a new flamewar starts and that is what I don't want to see, because it's stupid. If you don't want to buy something, then just don't, easy as that - but don't come back and attack others because they bought it.
Some people give their best to discuss things on a sophisticated level, but the majority turns gaming into a useless fight without any brains. It's "articles" like these that add fuel to the dieing fire and make fanboys/fangirls something we accept as common.

Jinxstar3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I am a 360 owner and I was not offended. I won't be buying one next gen myself...

deeznuts3834d ago

thegamergene, The internet is discussion? i use discussion to download porn? interesting ...

titntin3834d ago

No mate - a discussion is when someone chooses to discuss an article in the comments section, or on a discussion site.

Your kind of 'rebuttal article' is a prime example of shoddy argumentative net journalism.

..and the only person who need to look anything up is you!
The PS3 has 512meg of ram, thats an absolute fact. As with most shoddy journalists, you simply take a fanboy comment based on how the memory is divided and accessed, and then spread you complete misunderstanding as if it were fact. Its utterly pathetic.

Not that I won't buy into the next xbox - I'm a tech whore and I have everything. In a way its a shame they didn't make the 360 with enough foresight to last a bit longer, but given some of the great game experiences we've had from it, I guess we shouldn't complain.

My only complaint would be if they immediately drop all support for 360. What they did with xnox was an utter disgrace and many people haven't bought into MS because of this awful support.

Syronicus3834d ago

I would have to say that titntin nailed it on the head above me. This is just another fanboy bashing an article that was perhaps written by another fanboy but in no way was necessary. Comments sections of these types of sites is a perfect place for you to react and to write another silly article about it is just not needed. If you get offended this easily over an internet article about some silly gaming console... Well, I question your judgement at any case in the world of journalism.

plenty a tool3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

i love having new consoles and technology.

tintin: can i ask why it's such a crime to discontinue support for your old hardware, when the ultimate aim in releasing new stuff is getting the masses to buy this one? i keep seeing this argument where people attack microsoft for dropping support.

i keep saying this

when i buy a new console, i want to know that the platform holder is throwing 100% of their resources behind it! not 70% 80% or 90%. i dont want them still using studios to create games for their older platform when i've just a few hundred quid on their new equipment!

truly, i cant see how poeple think it's great that sony still make games for the ps2, when those studios could be making games for the ps3! and increasing the exclusive content. perhaps if sony stopped supporting the ps2, things like the xmb, voice chat and a unified on-line service mite have arrived a whole lot quicker.

using the argument that dropping support equals a bad company just seems a little dumb, and backward thinking imo.

poopface13833d ago

Even though I didnt read the other one(or this one) I could tell it was written by a fanboy. saying that 2011 is too early for a new xbox is stupid for a few reasons.

1)its moronic: Didnt ps2/3 follow up the most successful console in history 6 years later. seemed like a good strategy when sony did it.

2) its biased against microsoft: most likely by 2011 nintendo will have a new system(or mabe before cause nintendo wants to sell this new console as "something new + a wii"). That will only be 5 years.

I can understand someone who is kinda hoping microsoft will drop out would think they wouldnt support the 360 after the new one comes out. As long as they can continue to make ps3 games they can make 360 games, and vice-versa. Microsoft may try to make all new games but thats a good thing. This new xbox should beable to play 360 games so there could even be more people to buy a 360 game.

That also means this new system could be a 360 that actually works. Mine works too, but who knows if it will last till 2011. 2011 seems like a good guess foar a new xbox.

Personally Id rather see objective article about when the next systems may come out, then a subjective one saying why they dont want it, or whatever their stupid opinion on the console they hate is.

iHEARTboobs3833d ago

that it doesn't get to the point where a company comes out with a system every couple years. Give me a monster now and 6-7+ years down the line give me another monster, not a monster.5 or something like that which only was a minor improvement. It just sucks for young gamers the most because they're the one's that rely on their parents to buy them these machines.

n to the b3833d ago

360 fans should just let the sony boys post their inflammatory article without comment or counter because that would be fanboyism to respond...

uummmmmm, no I don't think so that would be letting the bad guys get away with freebies...

omni_atlas3833d ago

In 2011 the Playstation 3 will be selling for $100. In 2011 the Xbox 720 will probably launch at a 500 or more price point.

What would you rather buy then? A PS3 with a HUGE gaming library, or an expensive Xbox 720 with no catalog of software (e.g. like how the PS3 first launched).

Its like the Playstation 2, all over again. When will MS ever learn? I welcome the competition though, its made us have better products!

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ChrisGTR13834d ago

new consoles are a good thing people. when the new xbox 720 comes out , well be able to play games better than crysis on it. who dosent want that? cheapasses i guess, but then again they dont need to buy them.

Gun_Senshi3834d ago

You're the cheaparse for being a fanboy of a cheapman's PC.

Buy a real PC not a wannabe PC whom's "exclusives" are way better on PC.

BulletToothtony3834d ago

45% more than multiplatform games... with the exception of CoD4 of course.

and i'm sure that if MS does a heck of a job with the next Xbox and more than anything is reliable and shows amazing games i think a lot of ps3 owners will buy it.

i know i would.. as a gamer is all about games.. not hating the competition.

The whole article is not even worth to talk about.. the author says that the ps3 has 256 ram and that the the next 2gb Ram Xbox will only cost $299.. lol that's just fanboy talk right there

thegamergene3834d ago

@BulletToothTony - The PS3 does have 256MB RAM - look it up. Just because it has 256MB for graphics does not make it 512MB. I never said the 720 would cost $299 - all I said was that the 360 launched at $299/$399.

Syronicus3834d ago

Come on, if you are going to write about the PS3, at least know more about it.

Taking a look at another site that knows a bit more about journalism, we can see that adding 256 to 256, the PS3 truly has 512...

Again, if you want your articles to sound intelligent, just research the stuff you write about. Then you won't make mistakes like this.

ChrisGTR13834d ago

man. pc gaming is dead why again would i want to spend over 1 grand to play old games? honestly the only good pc games are rts games. pc gaming is not at all what it used to be back in age of empires 2 days and UT2, warcraft 3,cs, and swat3 one of my favorite classic pc games.

bednet3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Man PC gaming is far from Dead...yes it's more expensive than consoles, but you get much, much better visuals, you can get 60fps (or more) and 1080P(equivalent) on all(except Crysis) games. Most of those games were bought at a lower price than their console counterparts. I use a XBox 360 contoller for some games, Keyboard and mouse combo for PFS and RTS games and stearing whell for racing games.

We get most of the console games including lots of MS exclusives we can play back catalogs, and most games look better and play better once on PC (Mass Effect, GTAs, GRID, Oblivion, etc...)

Did I mention Mods...

Here's my collection (in part):
Race Driver GRID
Mass Effect
Orange Box
Gears of War
Halo 2
GTA (3, VC, SA)
The Withcher
Civilizations 4
Guitar Hero 3
Sins of a Solar Empire
Full collection of NES, SNES and N64 games using emulators.
and many more...

N4g_null3834d ago

"he author says that the ps3 has 256 ram and that the the next 2gb Ram Xbox will only cost $299.. lol that's just fanboy talk right there"

Why 8 gigs already cost $250-300. Ummm 2gigs cost how much now? About $50 maybe? ATI' and nvidia's future GPU are trying to have 6 cores in them. I don't know if they can make it affordable meaning not $1000 for a console I say bring it. The last time Consoles gave PC gaming a bloody nose was 2d graphics and effects. I would like to see that again with 3d maybe.

I expect the next HD machines to come with 4-8 gigs standard of ram. I'm serious... Why not? The prices will be even lower in 3 years.

Also people forget the next xbox may actually be backward compatible since MS is cool with IBM. The old xbox was abandon because intel wanted to stick them with the price along with nvidia even though the parts had drop in their production cost. The 3rd parties maybe the ones that support the old xbox more anyway. Want will be interesting is what concept will they use next time. The Wii proved that you can have a core box that is capable yet the HD proved that you have lots of people who want more. What if it's a modular system like a console standard? Good enough to play old xbox games and upgradable in peaces so that you can play the more realistic games? When I say upgradable not like a 3 month refresh more like what we have now a Wii on one end and a HD console on the other.

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power of Green 3834d ago

"Has game journalism really gotten to such a low level that we need a counterargument for everything someone on the internet writes? This is ridiculous."

^^More like do we need negitive crying posted as news in the first place who wants to read somebody hating or crying posted as news in the first place?. lol

Fishy Fingers3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Dude, it's a blog post by some no-name guy. It is filled with speculation and incorrect information.

If you enjoy reading this rubbish good for you, personally I prefer to read factual information.

You must of completed to "contributor test" also, remember, the one that clearly states NO BLOGS unless by some high profile developer (or similar). So what, you just lied to get approval status?

power of Green 3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Do you know how many hundreds of articles the media post about every thing about all consoles? should we start posting that sh*t as news?. I'm sure whatever you said you would feel different if a wave of garbage posts came in about PS3 lol.

Lets Hunt.

Fishy Fingers3834d ago

Whaaa? Did you even read my comment? I'm saying rubbish like this SHOULDNT be posted on N4G.

PS... I probably own more branded 360 stuff than you. Not everyone here is a cooperate logo, some of us are just gamers. Leave your fanboy rants to the others, but I'm not interested in it.

Alexander Roy3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Why didn't you reply directly to my comment? Oh, you can't? Now go and think about why.
Also, like Fishy Fingers already stated, N4G has a No Blog-policy.

Oh, and:
"^^More like do we need negitive crying posted as news in the first place who wants to read somebody hating or crying posted as news in the first place?."

You. You are one of the top trolls here that has nothing better to do than just wait for negative news about the PS3. Go play Halo 3 or Ninja Gaiden 2 - you know, all those which you said were better than everything on the PS3 - or something and stop being a hypocritic troll. For someone who has so many "AAA"s to play, you sure have a lot time to spend talking crap about other consoles.

g3nkie3834d ago

lol, thats what I was wondering. Maybe the fact that he can't..

Sez 3834d ago

you talk about POG trolling waiting for negative news about the ps3. take a look at any positive post about the 360 or games being released on the 360.then had the nerve to call someone a hypocrite. you sony droids are the biggest trolls on this site. any news i see for the 360 you have at least 20 to more sony trolls in the post. sometime more than 360 owners. so do us a favor go play your MGS4. must have got tired of all the cut scene. all 20 hours of it.

Britjadg3834d ago

speak for urself vega. some of us are gamers first.

i have nothing but love for the upcoming gears 2, halo wars, and Red Alert (which development has now been stopped on ps3).

Alexander Roy3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Oh why thank you good sir, looks like I've got a fan/stalker.
Anyway, about the attempt to badmouth MGS4: It took me 16 hours without skipping anything on my first playthrough. Now, if you attended math classes as often as you should have, you would see that there can't be 20 hours worth of cutscenes. It must be sad to have an attention span so short that you can't go 30 minutes without killing something colorful. I enjoyed ever single second of the cutscenes and the about 90 minutes behemoth of an epilogue was better than most movies I saw from Hollywood.
If you weren't such a fanboy/fangirl, you could have added something about MGO, which I like btw. So even if I got tired of MGS4, I'd still have the online part to keep me busy. But again, thanks for being concerned about my gaming prefernces, I appreciate it, honey.
If you would take the time to read what I write in my comments and not just assume from the fact that I own a PS3, you would see that I talk about the negatives on every console. Did I like NG2? No, but neither did I enjoy Sigma. Did I buy HAZE? No, because I think it's crap. Did Sony have good games after the launch? No, it took them way too long to get out the big guns. Do mandatory installs suck? Kinda, but I rather install than have pop-up. Are Sony fools because they don't get their exclusives (especially JRPGs at the moment)? Yes, they are. Now I could go on about the cons of the Wii and the XBox360, but I won't because you need your dose of alien killing and teabaggin'. Now have fun with your games and stop wasting your time trying to defend trolling, it's bad enough.

power of Green 3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Don't bother as if there's negative news posted about PS3 on this site and if there is 5 counter posts against the 360 appear.

The difference is natural news flow vs forced news from PS3 fanboys to get even.

If that fanboy can find more than 5 or 6 PS3 only posts that I have Posted in with-in the last month I'll be surprized.

I'm sure his perceived trolling is much different from actually full blown smear campaigns PS3 fanboys participate in.

They see me in joint or even once in the blue moon PS3 only thead which I comment in thats only a few out of hundreds and claims this.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3834d ago

They are all abused, forums and blogs get posted, multiple accounts and bubble cheats everywhere, personal attacks and fanboy comments in the gamer zone.

Sez 3834d ago

fan/stalker!! think too highly of yourself for that one my friend. i was only commenting on you sony droids calling someone a troll when in countless threads there are more sonyfanboys then there are 360 owners. and i own MGS4 thats why i said what i is more movie than game. don't get me wrong. it's a great movie. but as far as gameplay is concern it's could have been more. do i care for MGO? no. will it get me to stop playing COH4,R6,halo,ect?no thats why i didn't mention it. do i care if you think i am a fanboy/fangirl? no. do i get stupid and claim a site is bias/paid off by compitition just because a game on my favorite console don't get great reviews?no. but what i don't like is when i come into a 360 thread i see more sonyfanboy complaining about the 360 more than i see 360 owner. yet i go into a ps3 thread and i don't see half as many.

@Britjadg. i am a gamer. and just because i don't feel MGS4 is the greatest thing EVER. doesn't mean i not a gamer first.

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Bigrhyno3834d ago

If they can make this one reliable, count me in.

Britjadg3834d ago

next gen is open for me, have had three incarnations of the playstation, but mgs has finished and both square/rockstar seem to be doing more and more multiplat stuff. GTA, FF and MGS were the games i grew up with so ps3 was almost a necessity.

think it'll come down to hardware, media capability and innovation. shot myself in the foot a little with the purchase of blu-ray as i'm not sure how much it'll feature in future consoles that arn't sony based, but guess ps3 will always do that and buy 2012 be some really cheap blu-ray players on the market anyway.

n to the b3833d ago

u get bubbles just for the Tobias pic, Bigrhyno. I just started wasting more $ on XBL now that they have seasons 1-3 of Arrested Development, finishing last episode of season 1 tonight!

timmyrulz3834d ago

No its not a discussion, it fanboy properganda. As for the new console in 2011, i will defiantley be interested, anything that raises the standards of gaming interests me.

g3nkie3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )