Destiny is Bungie's Worst Reviewed Game Ever

Destiny launched last week with immeasurable hype. The mystery surrounding Bungie’s latest genre-mashing title, combined with the sheer force of its marketing, proved to win over gamers all around the world, with millions purchasing it at launch – including critics, after Bungie stated they’d have to review it after the fact. In the week since, average reviews have cropped up from mainstream gaming websites, revealing that – no matter what you think of Destiny - it is apparently the worst game Bungie has ever made.

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ape0071555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

i really don't get it, yeah it's not the next halo combat evolved but the gameplay is so delicious, the combat is focused for a big game, the AI is great, the environments are beautiful and well designed

the game is 8-9 imo

aconnellan1555d ago

I'm loving it so far, I think the main problem is the hype it received. A lot of reviews are looking at it in terms of what it doesn't or could do - or even what they expected it to do - rather than what it does do.

It has its flaws, but everything it does at the moment, it does pretty darn well. And Bungie are bringing more content over time, so it's going to get even bigger

vishmarx1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

its a 8/10 game just lke watchdogs

Nobody ever saw anything special about it. its the devs who hyped it beyond reason.
the thing is, nobody inherently hates Watchdogs or Destiny.
but when a devs spends a better part of 2 years spending millions hyping the game and shoving it on our faces in every possible way like its the second coming of christ
then the game cant' be just 'okay'.
are you blaming people for their disappointments?
i mean limited maps,repetitive mission design and less than interesting variety in guns is a thing.
the powers take forever to recharge , hell even regular fps allow you stack grenades. now its a matter of sitting and waiting for stuff to recharge until your next assault begins, the powers dies out quickly and you kill the remaining 90-80% of the horde with your guns.
these are pretty big flaws even for an ordinary fps, let alone one such as this
and the worst part is the game still has HUGE potential and that stuff is being forcefully held off for that 10 year program bs. no further proof is needed other than the fact that an expansion launches in 2 months.
if only they used the millions spent in marketing to give us more content instead the game could have had far more longevity. sure it got them whatever day 1 sales they have but they lost any future the game had

"that game was amazing because of how well it was marketed"-no one ever
honestly the ONLY recent console game that has any chance of a 10yr run is ff14. not making it f2p and rebuilding a failed game from ground up is definitely not like the recent square we have come to know.

OrangePowerz1555d ago


Destiny actually had not that much of coverage until the last E3 with many people complaining that they didn't show much.

If you have the right equipment grenades recharge in no time and the super powers are designed to be used wisely and not every 20 seconds. Besides if you plan on how to use them youvcan recharge them quicker because your team members drop orbs when they kill someone with a super power that can be picked up to recharge yours faster. You just have to plan on how and when ypu use them.

VileAndVicious1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

@ aconnellan
Agreed. Ive had the game since launch and I'm at the moment Lv 25. There are a number of things I dont like about the game:

1) The story is pretty meh, even though Ive beaten I still really dont know what the hell is going on. But...meh.

2) The weapon selection uses sooooo many conventional weapons. Youd think for a game that takes place in the future at the pentacle of human technology youd have high tech alien weaponry. Not a just basic assortment of assault riffles and the like.

3)Finally I really dont like the fact that you can do story missions and strikes with only 3 of your friends. Three is such an odd number I'd much rather have liked four player content. I hate having to leave out so many of my friends with just three men/woman fire teams.

Those gripes aside i really enjoy the game. Gun-play is satisfying classes are fun (though some feel a little unbalanced when it comes to Pvp....looking at you hunters). When it comes down to it hype is what hurt this game much like watchdogs, though I would argue that destiny is the much much better game.

So far to me at least Destiny needs a bit of improvement (which I anticipate is locked behind that magical pay wall), but its a solid game. I'd personally give it an 8 overall.

mcarsehat1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )


I've seen more 6/10s, Watch_Dogs was better received, that got almost 9 in some places.

It took them a year to show any gameplay at all, they just talked about the story, a story it didn't end up having. The problem is with this generation is that games are trying their hardest to be different. A game like Destiny is out of date now, if it was released on 360 and ps3, it would be a 9, this gen not so much.

The game is small, there are only 20odd levels so grinding even ends for some players, each world is smaller than what was originally anticipated and even the developer said you can go places you just can't go.

Believe me, i can play a game over and over and over, linear 3rd person shooters are my favourite type of games. I must have played Uncharted and Max Payne 3 about 1000 times each but even i have to say, i got bored half way through the Beta missions, it's just too generic.

For making a game for a genre that is stale and hard to innovate, what did Bungie expect?

GarrusVakarian1555d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

This game is a classic example of when too much hype is a bad thing. And the fact it's from someone as huge and as loved as Bungie didn't help at all, it just increased the hype to beyond realistic levels.

XBLSkull1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

When you go from developing on 1 platform and instead increase it to 4, your games quality is going to suffer. You can blame the drop in quality on choosing to go multiplatforms, and on last generation install base. If this was a current gen Xbox exclusive, we would have seen a much better Destiny.

Wouldnt have have sales numbers (Which is all they care about) but they would have made a better game

gaffyh1554d ago

I wonder how well it would have reviewed if it had the name "Halo" in front of it...

Yes there are issues with it, but there are also a lot of good things. Hopefully the next game improves because of the criticisms.

nX1554d ago

I love this game, really, but I think that a lot of the criticism is justified and that Bungie should address it internally. They hyped the game to infinity as if they've developed the holy grail but in fact they got a solid base game with lots of potential and lots of bad design choices alike. Now they have to show us their commitment to this huge project and improve on all the aspects that could've been better.

Prime1571554d ago


Not much coverage? They started taking preorders almost 2 years in advance... last summer. I was working at GameStop then, and preorders came with a poster.

I, personally, love the game. The zeros on metacritic by some users are ridiculous. One zero review even said, "the controls are amazing" which makes little sense.

People are over reacting because of their own stupidity.

TheBanditKing1554d ago

@XBL Skull

If Bungie didnt go multiplatform we would not even be playing Destiny. Look how many studios they have closed, pigeon holed into making just certain games or types of games. No developer has ever thrived under them and no dev except Bungie has ever survived after breaking away from them. They only work well with third parties because they have limited creative control, but once they buy them its a death sentence.

Closed Studios/Broken Studios:
Beep Industries
Bizarre Creations
Real Time Worlds
Oddworld Inhabitants
Blitz Games
Indie Built
Stormfront Studios
Adrenium Games

and those are just the ones I remember

mike_honcho1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

bubble up for well said.. I agree with you completely.. there was so much hype generated by magazines, websites, forums, blogs, stores, consumers, etc. that it couldn't possibly live up to the hype. but put it into the category of an MMO shooter and imo it's untouchable.. easily 9-9.5/10 imo..

furthermore let's not forget that the content were playing through right now surely can't be everything.. there's almost certainly going to be new weapons, planets, vehicles, sub classes, level cap increase, missions(I'd like to see racing and space combat), and maybe even new classes and races added in the form of dlc..

@XBLSkull.. same could be said if it was as ps4 exclusive right?.. except obviously it would have looked and performed better on the ps4 rather than xb1 because it's a well known fact ps4 is more powerful.. and also the sales would have dominated on ps4 exclusive vs xb1 exclusive.. clearly because of the 2:1 install base..

warczar1554d ago


Wow, you dont know how wrong you are, people like you who are judging the game based off the beta are morons. Your talking about stuff you have no idea about, your little comment about "less than interesting variety in guns" makes it a dead giveaway. I bet you didn't know that a vender showed up 2 days ago who sells "exotic" weapons that are a tier above legendary? Probably not. It's really sad that people will miss out on this game because of a bunch of butthurt whinyassed journalists who are now doing more harm to the game industry than good.

NukaCola1554d ago

I am NOT saying this game is amazing nor is it terrible because I have only played a very small amount however I find that reviews this generation are more disgusting more hypocritical and harsh beyond in this generation get torn apart harder than I've ever seen in my life. watch dogs titanfall infamous they all are good games that were completely ripped apart by terrible terrible I've learned that even though reviews are just an opinion they can no longer be a deciding factor for anyone to pick a game.

HanzoHattori1554d ago

Destiny is much better than Watch Dogs.

coolvibu931554d ago


You're overdramatizing here. More than half the studios you listed were never closed by MS, were only part of a third party deal and closed down years later after both MS and the studio had parted ways. Besides, most are studios we have never heard of and had done mediocre projects.

e.g mistwalker and beep still exists, indie built closed by 2k, bizarre closed by activision, artoon closed by aq interactive.

fr0sty1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Destiny graphics comparison:

"Wouldnt have have sales numbers (Which is all they care about) but they would have made a better game "

By that logic, it should have been PS4 exclusive so they could have both.

guitarded771554d ago

F#@K the reviews, F#@K the haters. This game is awesome. I sense much butt hurt on both sides of the fence. But the game is still awesome.

wsoutlaw871554d ago

hype should never affect game reviews. The game is the same either way and most that play it like it.

Magnes1554d ago

I love it too funny to see all these low scores for this game. Everyone I know who has it loves it and the majority of commenters online that I see love it as well. I have it for X1 and ps4 so I can play it with all my friends.

avengers19781554d ago

It's funny that some of the metacritc reviews have it at a zero on one platform and a perfect 10 on the other, and there from the same person. That's why I don't put much stock in review scores.

Destiny is a lot of fun, and there's so much stuff to do. I'm really enjoying playing the game... Especially when playing with friends, but going lone wolf works too.

sinjonezp1554d ago

I give it a 7:

Boss battles+

Repetitive missions-
Weapon selections limited-
Weak story-
Gunplay does get stale after a while-
Limited development -
Enemies regeneration gets old-
Weak side missions-

Its fun and cool but it does have a MMO feel but it lacks the punch like dotas and ff14. Its GOOD, just not. Great.

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Spinal1555d ago

Don't care about reviews. The game is fantastic I'm having loads of fun playing it.

xPSYCHOPATH410x1555d ago

Hahahahahahaha He said loads.........

Shadonic1554d ago

all my friends too busy with their other friends to help me with heroic strikes :( even made a friend trying to do em and now he can't either now cause he met my friends and he's helping them now.

equal_youth1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

it is a lot of fun but clearly more of a 7-8 for me. the repetitive gameplay is IMO just to strong. if it had just a few more things to do besides go from a - b and shoot like there is nothing else in this universe than maybe i would rate it above 8. the mechanics of course are great and it plays like a love child between halo and cod and this is just awesome for the crucial. But for the MMORPG part.. i am definitely let down :(

NexGen1555d ago

I would be let down if I expected an MMO also. It isn't one, never was one, and never pretended to be one.

DanteVFenris6661554d ago

Let's use a better word then repetitive. Cod has been repetitive sense 4 yet people still play that trash. The majour problem of destiny is they hyped it to be something it wasn't. 1 it wasn't a massive open world 2. It didn't have good quest design, 3: it didn't have a story you could care about, 4: it was scifi but didn't have scifi weapons. 5 we saw no mans sky: destiny is scifi going from planet to planet yet they couldn't make space an aspect of gameplay, heck even there 4 planets are lacking as hell. But an indie studio of 4, hello games made a much larger universe, with much funner gameplay mechanics with crossing between worlds.

averagejoe261554d ago


Please, give us a more in depth review of your time spent playing no man's sky

SnakeCQC1555d ago

I've seen worse games reviewed far better imho

BootyBandit1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Not only that Erudito87 but why I don't care about reviews at all is they're hypocrites. Why do they slag one game off for a the story any severely downgrade the overall rating because of it? They give most other games a pass on even if they are in the same exact genre.

Destiny was hammered for it's story. Why wasn't BF4, COD or even TitanFall? Destiny runs like silk online for me and the gameplay is extremely enjoyable. BF4 and GTA V had issues that carried on for months online yet both of those games were rated high 8s into the 9s.

I'm sorry but I'm not going to hold back and I don't care if anyone has issues with what I'm about to say. It seems to me the media went in with a preconceived agenda and they made sure to carry it out once they were allowed to release their scores. This game is not a 6 or 7. Anything below an 8 SCREAMS agenda / axe to grind.

Okay to those that will disagree.
BF4 had so many issues online and SP was the same old crap.
COD:Ghost - IMO the worst in the series thus far. Too many reasons to list.
TitanFall - Campaign mode was more like just a tutorial on how to play the game. What story did that game have? Plus the game lack content all around. Modes, weapons, customizations, etc.

Now explain to me how ALL of those games are rated higher across the board and how Destiny is a lesser game than any of them or less polished. It's not. You might think the game lacks in some areas but it runs great online and is overall a very polished game. In that it might not be what you want it to be but no one can deny this game is better than a 6. If so I would love to hear your reasons why comparing it to other games in the same genre.

VileAndVicious1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

@ BootyBandit

I believe Destiny is a solid 8. But IMO it feels as though some reviewers felt a little jaded about how Activision/Bungie handled the review copies of the game.

A part of me wonders if a portion of the reviews were given out as a sort of retaliation, almost as if to say "Dont forget you still need us and dont think you can be successful without us."

I feel this way because I have a hard time understanding why a game like watchdogs received much better reviews overall, when it largely has many of the same issues. And its not just watchdogs either that have gotten this "free pass".

PS: Lol Dont even get me started on BF4

user3672721554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

It is currently at 75 in metacritic so it is an avg game like what many believe it is. It is not as bad as Haze or as good as borderland but sits somewhere in the middle.

BootyBandit1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

11 disagrees and only 1 direct response but he agrees with me for the most part. Come on guys pony up and let's hear how Destiny isn't every bit as good as COD, BF4 and TitanFall when hitting that disagree button. What's that? You can't. Yeah I figured as much.

The Media is jaded and is only hurting this industry. Gamers see that. Fanboys are too ignorant to care.

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breakpad1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

it is because Activision with her COD-multiplayer concept involved and the game is shit...i dont see any difference in the feel of battle from any COD ..the guns are farting no muzzle flash, no effects,not the best graphics (the game was hold back for Xbone and previous gen), iron sights all the time , story for laughs, concept art whatever and all this paying PSN or live to play ..i never buy Activision products by the way

trywizardo1555d ago

i didn't play it yet , so my comment is based on the internet
the gameplay is awesome because its the same as halo , the story sucks , the enemies sucks , the world is not that open like they said and PvP sucks
i wasn't surprised when it got bad reviews but i think it better than 6/10 ....

DanteVFenris6661554d ago

Worlds not that open as they said was my biggest let down. Hopefully grilla games new rpg is scifi like destiny done right. Not really any good space games until no mans sky. But you hit it even if you didn't play it. My same complaints. Though I do think the pvp is great. The switch from story to pvp is well done for an fps in my opinion. And when you are in pvp it is fun. Only the losers that die all the time would say otherwise. Better then cod anyway pvp wise. Though I do think cod is trash

wsoutlaw871554d ago

pvp and gameplay is very good. Yes you just go places and shoot things but the mechanics are good so its fun. There are some different enemies and strikes are fun with 2 friends. I dont even think about the story when playing the game. In some games the story just doesnt matter. Also I am always doing some mission so im not just wandering around so the worlds are fairly big to me. I would like it if there was a little bit more to explore and more loot to find though. I also agree that it would be cool if there were more "alien" weapons that did different things but that might affect pvp balance. I am actually looking forward to the first expansion.

averagejoe261554d ago


This is the second time I've seen you talk about no man's sky as if you've played it for months.

You're already saying no man's sky is a better game than destiny ... Which clearly makes no sense as one game is not even out yet.

It's people like you who come online and spew garbage with no weight to anything you're saying.

Flamingweazel1554d ago

It's shallow, repetitive, has horrendous story telling, it is the same gameplay loop over and over with no variation. It is mindless, if you like it fine, but do not pretend it meets most peoppels standards.= It is not even a good stanbdard shooter.

DeadlyOreo1554d ago

Everyone I know on my friends list is really enjoying it. Goes to show how much people care about reviews. The game is great, very satisfying multiplayer.

wsoutlaw871554d ago

it is much than cod, battlefield, or titanfall.

mkis0071554d ago

You just described Halo to me.

mhunterjr1554d ago

It's because it was billed as the '10 year franchise' , 'the one Microsoft let get away' , 'sony's coup', and inexplicably, ' the first real reason to go next gen'.

Now, a week later, people are already bored with it. Bungie is known for making games that people continue to play for years after release. It's shocking that people aren't feeling the urge to even give this a month.

I'm sure it's not a bad game. But clearly it didn't even come close to any of bungie's previous works, in terms of longevity.

Drithe1554d ago

This is one of the greatest FPSers ever made. People are buying it like crazy because everyone is having fun. The only people whining are these sites that are mad they did not get a copy of the game first.

Call of Duty players are fearful of the king being replaced! Battlefield players are jealous because their game just sucks. The Last of Us players, what few of them you can find online to play with, are mad that someone made a much better game than what they got.

But you can bet every damn one of them will have this game before it is over with. Best First Person Shooter I have played in years.

ASTAROTH1554d ago

Are you serious or just sarcastic?

DanteVFenris6661554d ago

Why's last of us even in this? Anyway last of us does have a good multiplayer and players aren't hard to find

Burnin1554d ago

Man you wouldn´t last 2 minutes in a real MP shooter such as battlefield. You guys are impressed by shiny new things but in reality you are just playing a re-skinned HALO with the now so popular MMO/RPG money making gimmick.

No destruction at all, static enviroments, hordes of AI enemies... man this new gen of gamers have no idea of what makes a good MP game


-Foxtrot1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Lets be honest it's no where near a 9

6-8 I say

I mean the repetitive missions seem like they have put no thought into it and just think "Well long as they are playing with friends who cares"...well we do. There's only so many times you can deploy Ghost, fight some monsters wave after wave untill he's finally finished.

Shadonic1554d ago

whoa whoa whoa your forgetting that this is a shooter genres been around for years and what Bungie excels in is making amazing shooters in the gameplay department and Destiny does it almost perfectly.

I agree though the repetition can get annoying if your in it for the story or something but when you scale up Difficulty and add in the huge appeal of rare loot and items to better upgrade your guardian to be better than the others it sort of becomes like a hybrid between the longing for crazy loot in Borderlands and the excitement of obtaining a rare card for your deck in a card game or something. The repetition all disappears once you have a difficult goal to surpass that's blocking your way from something you want. I cant even find friends to do heroic strikes with because their to busy doing them with other friends because of this reason. At least this is my view point on the game so far, I know the story is straight crap but the lore of the universe is rich was amazed at all the connections the games symbols had to wolfs and what not.

CoryHG1554d ago

6-8 is confusing. i'd say it's somewhere between a 1-10, either the best game ever, or a lump of coal. Personally i give it a 12.

Bigpappy1554d ago

I don't get why people act like the review scores are some how more important than the game. I could give 2 f's about what some reviewer's opinion is. I played the beta and that supersedes everyone else's opinion. I you played the beta and enjoyed it, you would enjoy the game. If you didn't enjoy beta, stay clear and move to another game. Why would someone else's opinion carry more weight with me than my own? Makes no sense.

CrowbaitBob1554d ago

I'm having a blast with the game. It's extremely well polished. I honestly have very little to complain about.

I feel like too many reviewers are comparing the game to what they imagined in their heads rather than simply taking it for what it is.

The truth is, there are very few shooters out there that are anywhere near as polished as Destiny. From a pure gameplay perspective, Destiny delivers.

The story feels like a prologue to me, so I understand people wanting more. I'm looking forward to the expansions for more on the story.

N81554d ago

If destiny was the new halo it would have had perfect scores everywhere.

ramiuk11554d ago

there are a few things i would of done

but im enjoying it and already more stuff is being unlocked,u get a good group of people and its awesome imo,you get a couple of morons and its a nightmare to do the lvl.

now i would give it an 8 as it is,launch was about a 6.5 but its filling up more and more.
i just hope they add more on a weekly basis or monthly because they still have the chance to change fps genre imo because crucible is great fun also

Kribwalker1554d ago

It's because it is the worst bungie game I've ever played. It's not a terrible game, but they have made way better games before

DanteVFenris6661554d ago

Those are just nostalgia glasses. Halo besides level editor was pretty mediocre. Not the first couple but once fps become the norm it didn't do anything to announce itself as unique. Rather it did the same thing for every sequel. There's been 5-6 fps halo games with nothing original the later it's gone on. Destiny is way better then halo but that's not saying much compared to how halo aged

gano1554d ago

no halo was just
i would rate them the same, no better or less.
average gamez, nothing special at all.

Patrick_pk441554d ago

It's repetitive and boring. A terrible story, and another typical FPS. 5/10 for me.

gapecanpie1554d ago

After 40 mins into the beta I thought meh and deleted right after didnt e en give it a second chance... The game is bland!!!!

Magicite1554d ago

its a very good game, but it was overhyped like 2nd coming of Christ. People expected 11/10 game, but in all fairness its a 8/10 game, besides theres gonna be plenty of additional content over time and it wont be forgotten like Titanfall.

Sevir1554d ago

This game is fantastic... And this among one of the games I've ignored reviews because my personal enjoyment and my expectations were met and exceeded. The community I have formed has transformed this game into something bigger than even I imagined. Destiny is awesome, I love the strikes, the challenges and the way they open events and modes to the players as you progress, it's expertly done and most players are enjoying the game. The metacritic fans only attack it because of the Sony exclusive stuff...

The story may not be it's strongest asset but that's not it's focus... The social aspect, the looting, grinding and discovery of the world's secrets are the meat of the game and for me. It more than holds up it's end of the bargain... I haven't read one review because I've been enjoying the game in the way that I haven't with any other game in a while.

VileAndVicious1554d ago

The only other game I just completely ignored reviews over was MAG back in the day.

Loved that game lol.

DoubleYourDose1554d ago

Thanks for masking me throw up in mouth by describing the gameplay the way you did.

Blasphemy1554d ago

A lot of people were ragging on us cause we bought the game from mostly hype alone. We had a reason to! Bungie didn't have a bad game before this one. And with the budget they had this was sure to be another triple A title. Sucks we got shafted.

xtremeimport1554d ago

I haven't heard anyone complain about this game yet all I read on the internet is reviewers bashing it?

I play the game and am loving it, along with almost every other person on my friends list. So, not sure what these people are smoking.

I also think its a game thats gonna be hard to judge after a few hours of play. It's going to evolve over its life span and probably just get better. idk. to each their own, but I'm enjoying it!

DoctorFry1554d ago

The AI is definitely not great; it's quite rudimentary and repetetive. Enemies typically stride left or right while keeping back. They're reluctant to approach the player.