New FFXIII & Versus XIII Scans

Three new scans of Final Fantasy Versus XIII and one scan of Final Fantasy Versus XIII from today's Famitsu issue have surfaced online.

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Angelitos3835d ago

This 2 games will kill any 360 RPG games combined

Britjadg3835d ago

jesus, give it a rest. not everything needs to be about attacking the competition.

the game looks sweet, graphics and the level of detail SE have produced look undeniably awesome. i just hope it plays well.

Robearboy3835d ago

And you know that by looking at a few screen shots? You should never count your chickens my friend, sometimes they come back and bite you in the ass.
Screen shots look nice, has there been any in game shots for these games, i wouldnt mind having a look

fox023835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

anyway the game's looking really good, and off course it's going to be a PS3 "must-have". I hope it'll have summons (Ifrit, Bahamut and the others; not the FFXII crap)

Dream Machine3835d ago

Shiva, Ifrit, Siren and Carbuncle have already been confirmed for FFXIII!

nemey3835d ago

this the KING & QUEEN of RPG...

juandren3835d ago

@ 1

LOL, I'm sorry, this 2 games? I'm just kidding there buddy. But on topic, these games look amazzzzing. The detail in the hair of the story image... WOW

SUP3R3835d ago

There have been in-game shots of FFXIII

The first screen is in-game.
The second is CGI.
The third screen is in-game.

Square is trying to make the graphics between in-game and CGI as seamless as possible. Also to note, those are very early screens with minimal polishing and so on.

Panthers3835d ago

I hope the summons are worth a crap. They were useless in FFXII. I liked the game, but the summons were never used. No reason too. They died too fast and they did minimal damage.

Britjadg3834d ago

couple of them were alright, chaos was a legend.

you were better off doing the "overdrives" though. did far more damage.

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Mc Fadge3835d ago

All systems go! Hurry, hurry, HURRY!

TheHater3835d ago

I agree. Someone please translate this already. Please

coolfool3835d ago

Apart from that initial trailer that had the alleged HUD at the bottom of the screen, have we seen anything in game? this all still looks like FMV's and drawings.....either that or I am just missing something obvious.

Fighter3835d ago

oh great, more f-ing screens. They look the same to me as before. E3 will have some good info, I hope.

Lord_Ash3835d ago

I think Square-Enix has nothing to worry about any more, I mean if Metal Gear Solid 4 sold more than 400K in 4 days in Japan (and more than 1.3 M on the 1st day worldwide) then imagine how well FF13 will do in Japan alone not to mention there will hopefully be a larger user base there by then.

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The story is too old to be commented.