GTA 5 PC Delay Was For Development & Optimization - Rockstar Confirms

Rockstar recently delayed the PC release of GTA 5 even more, from November to Early 2015. Many people are angry with this as they are desperate to enjoy this breath taking title from Rockstar Games.

Rockstar has posted a statement saying that the delay for GTA 5 on PC is for the good. They are optimizing the game for PC so it runs good. Unlike the GTA IV, which was badly optimized for PC.

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skydragoonity1553d ago

I can only imagine how good this game will look on a high end pc

gillri1553d ago

Like the PS4 version? maybe with a better resolution if your PC can support it

WeAreLegion1553d ago

I would imagine that's the case. I'm getting it for both, but both will be running at 1920x1080. I'll lock the PC version at 120 FPS, if at all possible, however. I doubt the PC version will look much better than the PS4 version before mods.

RumbleFish1553d ago

I lost interest since GTA IV. I liked the game and had it on PS3 and on PC and loved BoGT, but the way R* treats PC gamers made me sour.

Spinal1553d ago

I'm getting it on my ps4 cause I know it will be more fun there with all my friends. I got a beast of a PC so I will eventually also get it there when it's on a steam sale an mods have been created. Waiting on that Superman mod lol.

GTA is just better suited for consoles and I'm glad it's increased to 30 players online. Finished the story was the most fun I've had in a Singleplayer campaign in ages. I only got to like rank 34 online cause I wanted heists and knew the next gen version would come.

starchild1553d ago

No, there will be other advantages too, just like every other multiplatform game I have played on PC. AC4, Bound By Flame, Battlefield 4 and Thief, for example, all had advantages beyond just a higher resolution.

Some of the things we often see are better shadow quality, better textures or better texture filtering, better ambient occlusion, less aggressive LOD, less pop-in, more advanced effects or higher precision effects, much better anti-aliasing, higher native display resolutions, and higher framerates.

Chrischi19881553d ago

Sony and MS probably paid big time to make GTA a console game. It is a shame what Rockstar Games does here... The do the same like many studios do with the Wii U, release a game late, act like they had to do so much more work (even though PC is THE x86 plattform) and then act like it didnt sell well enough. I mean, do they really expect everyone who has a PC is just waiting until it finally arrives? By that time the whole magic of the game is gone. It is already gone for me. I got every GTA, but will skip this one, because I already played it enough on other plattforms. It kinda destroys the whole interest in a game, if it comes late. A game is fun, if it is truly new to everyone. Who likes to play games, where your friend can tell you everything there is? Bad business practice, really.

DevilOgreFish1553d ago

Remembering a few of the comments from other threads about if or whether the lead platform was PC. Rockstar said as far as the consoles were concerned "There is no lead platform"

since the early footage of GTAV, we actually did see the PC version years back. if anyone can remember the infamous early screenshots compared to the last gen long time ago.


Last gen Consoles

With that said, though even if PC was lead they still have to add proper support for a range of PCs. An issue that was present in GTAIV. fortunately for PC, APIs are improving and will only get better when DirectX 12 finally lands.

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aquamala1553d ago

@gillri PC gamers would be disappointed if it just looks like the PS4 version, that's called a console port

Deividas1553d ago

Yea...lets hope you optimized this game a little better than GTA IV, that ran like crap on the PC

TedCruzsTaint1553d ago

This is what I believed to be the case, anyway. It's obvious they were going to focus on the next-gen versions of the game. Leaving a smaller team dedicated to the PC version.
When I heard the later release date, I was more relieved than anything.
We don't want another GTA IV on our hands and, honestly, neither do Rockstart, I think. They may not focus on PC, but they know there's still a large market there. A market that doesn't easily forget being screwed over.
After the fantastic Max Payne 3 port, however, I do have a bit of faith in them.

GundalfDeGrej1553d ago

That's great to hear. I don't usually buy the same game twice but if the game has mod support and runs great then I'll definitely reconsider!

Intentions1553d ago

Still pondering if I should get it on PC, considering I have (and others) have finished the console version.

They better make use of the extra time to optimise it, GTA 4 want exactly that great on PC.

Also, wonder when heists would come out/if It will be avaliable for ps4/x1/PC day one lol.

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