The Best Android RPGs of 2014 (Q 3): Hardcore Droid

Hardcore Droid - Pay to win games have swallowed such a large share of the mobile gaming market that at this juncture about 80% of mobile games suck—the mobile gaming market, to be honest, is a vast mountain of dung. Still, there is within that heap numerous and sometimes hidden gems—titles built by smart, ultra-hardcore microdevs, as well as games with formidable names and reputations, born from franchises like Final Fantasy, Deus Ex and Baldur’s Gate—yes sir, the latter one at least is represented on this list. Games that are so superior to the rip-off, shovelware that dominates mobile gaming that it’s not even worth the effort to bother comparing. But free, or the illusion of it, is a powerful motivator and with each passing year this intoxicating illusion causes the digital nothingness that is pay to win to grow more powerful.

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