Grand Theft Auto V: Pre-Order Now And Get $1,000,000 In-Game Bonus Google Ads Out Now

"It's always interesting to know what developers are doing to promote their games before a big launch, so we were surprised when this google ad image appeared on the side of our website."

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janetmarrett111553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Yay! Looks like Sony PlayStation may have the exclusive promo rights to GTA V like they had with Destiny, even though its coming out on Xbox One and PC.

This means PS4 will have some exclusive content i am sure of it.

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SojournUK1553d ago

I preordered the ps4 version on amazon uk yesterday, this deal was live already. Got it on my 360 and still play it, can't wait to try the new version on my ps4. Hope they've fixed the MP...

Also the new trailer was captured on the ps4, I wonder how much sony paid R* for that!

JamesBondage1552d ago

by fixed you mean add the goshdarn heists

Shad0wRunner1553d ago

Correction - Let me clarify:

That's $1 Million GTA dollars SHARED between online and offline, story mode.

So it's really $500,000 for offline...and $500,000 for online.

And for those who have been playing online for a while, knows that half a chump change in the grand scheme of things. Especially considering how expensive the vehicles are to buy, plus car parts/upgrades.

Most people will have that spent in their first 10 minutes online. LOL

Blacktric1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Not to mention that's also the exact amount the most expensive apartment costs. Although you can start doing the San Andreas Flight School misssions as soon as you hit rank 6 and be done with them under 1 hour and bag another 230k on top of that 500k. Which means you can buy the Zentorno (currently the fastest car in the game (lap time wise, not top speed or acceleration)) when you are around rank 10-12, assuming you don't do anything except the flight school missions after you hit rank 6.

And remember; PS3/360 GTA Online players also got 500k back around January as an apology from Rockstar, due to the rocky launch.

edwardhuff6631552d ago

Haha I was going to say that, but if you are starting out its a pretty sweet trust fund to begin with.

danniellelewis1552d ago

So one million is a lot? I am yet to play it and thought a million was a great start up package.
I will be getting the game regardless just didn't think a million was chump change in the game.

Shad0wRunner1552d ago

No...1 million is not a lot.

The adder (Bugatti Veyron) is 1 Million alone, without upgrades. The high end apartments are $500 thousand. The Zentorno (Lamborghini Sesto Elemento) is $725 thousand. The Rhino tank is $1.5 Million.

And so on...

All the "good stuff" in GTA Online is expensive and $500,000 even if it's free...just doesnt come close to most of the bling and swag in the game.

But like Edwardhuff663 said; if youre just starting out for the first time...500 grand is better than nothin.

medman1552d ago

I plan to spend my million on hookers and blow.

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RosweeSon1553d ago

That's it blame the website for your consoles shortcomings it's bound to be the website that is to blame what with them having the final say on the console design? Uh no, don't think he's saying it wont run but more than it'll run a lot better and smoother on a ps4 1080p no doubt, xbox one was struggling to get ports running at 1080p (tomb raider definitive edition) if that can't get the full use of the system ie 1080p and be top end then he's more than right that the xbox version will be inferior to the ps4 version sure it may not be majorly different but I can assure you this Game is made for PS4 and it'll be running super smooth. Nothing biased at all I even still own a 360 I'm just not so in love with one company that I can't see when there trying to pull a fast one charging more money for a console that just isn't up to scratch compared to competition hence why it's been dropped in price kinect might as well have been dropped as it will now it's been removed from the consoles and give it 6 months with the current levels of sales and xbox one will be getting a new price point around the £299 shame is Sony will prob just go yeah why not £299 and then Microsoft are still where they are now 2nd place if they are lucky, 3rd if you ask me once smash bros hits wii I amongst others, people were queuing for the handheld version. Xbox just needs to step their game up hate them not the people who are just offering their advice and trying to point people in the right directions ;)

Software_Lover1552d ago


Does it take this much purchase justification to talk about GTAV?

ginalee5541552d ago

Its a clever PR pull to gain support for the year old title. 1,000,000 isn't as much as you'd think. I would blow through that in no time.

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