AQP City: GTA V meets Unreal Engine 4 - New Trailer Shows Spectacular Gameplay

Chevarria Arts show us the full gameplay trailer of AQP City. The developer writes: "AQP City is an open world game powered by Unreal engine 4 which combines the features of several video games such as Red dead redemption, NFS and GTA V"

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nicksetzer11073d ago

?? The product rockstar is releasing for PC and next gen blows this away. This isn't a great showcase ... usually the game should look better than the alternative. Then again, Rockstar is undeniably amazing.

NovusTerminus1073d ago

If you read the page, this is one guy that has made all this so far, so it is quite amazing considering he states he has a weak computer, and no budget doing this.

MajorGecko1073d ago

someone needs to hire this dude or he needs to release this as an Indie on vita or something and earn some serious $$$

porkChop1073d ago

It could do really well on the Vita because there's currently not a single sandbox game available for the system.

NarooN1070d ago

Not sure why everyone disagreed with you, as you're correct?? I don't recall there being a single open-world sandbox game on the Vita that isn't a bunch of levels tethered together via loading screens.

FsterThnFTL1073d ago

Not bad for a 1 man team and no budget at all.

mdluffy1073d ago

Looks like a portable/mobile gta game, but nothing amazing.

WeAreLegion1073d ago

Awesome! Looks like fun. He definitely needs to work on the animations and make the graphics more consistent across the board, but great work for just one dude.

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The story is too old to be commented.