Looks Like Advanced Warfare Will have 50 Ranks and 15 Prestige Levels

According to Sledgehammer Games co-founder Michael Condrey, it appears that the studio has settled on the number of ranks and Prestige levels that will be achievable in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer.

On Twitter, Schofield tweeted this image of what we think is the 7th Prestige symbol. He also wrote, “50/15,” which sounds a lot like the number of ranks/prestige levels that will be in the game.

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TheNew11552d ago

I just hope it has more longevity than Ghost.

XtraTrstrL1552d ago

I just hope it performs better than Ghosts(PS4). I feel it has to, considering next-gen was the base this time around. Ghosts ran inexcusably horrible on PS4 though. I'm still not sure I'm getting this though, because I usually don't buy the overpriced map packs. And anyone that doesn't buy the map packs knows what that means, after about the 2nd one releases, you can't find Kill Confirmed or basically any match types other than TDM after 11pm-Midnight usually.

They need to follow old PC shooters, Killzone and Garden Warfare's lead, and make competitive mp map packs free - so as not to break up the community. They won't though, they've got too many people willing to buy, even though they have tons of other $$DLC$$ avenues already with the franchise. So they'll go right back to screwing people that don't buy, by making it nearly impossible to get into matches as more packs release.