The Last of Us Remastered review I GameLuster

Simon Smith from GameLuster takes a look at The Last of Us Remastered.

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Enemy1555d ago

Every time I see a review for this game it's a 10. Simply one of the best games ever made. Can't believe Naughty Dog initially had so little faith in it.

SimonSmith1555d ago

This is the only game I have ever given a 10 to because in all good conscience I could not score it any lower, it was that good. Sadly though this will most likely be my only ever 10.

Army_of_Darkness1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

First time playing this on the PS4 since I didn't get it on my ps3 and Wow! Really amazing game so far and I'm about 3/4 through! so well balanced in every way, not to mention the 1080p/ 60fps just makes this game a butter smooth, joyful, eye-candy journey to what a post- apocalyptic zombie game should be like :-D
And yes I said Zombie game cause the infected are pretty much zombies in every way they act. especially the runners! 10/10
I can't remember the last game I ever gave a 10.

Rhythmattic1554d ago

This games so good, I've left my PS3 version in limbo.

Having played through it once, Ive decided to wait until the PS's4 game price drop , and the pass on my PS3 version to a friend that hasn't played it. F' trades... Rather a mate enjoys it.

Its so good .

Rhythmattic1554d ago

whoever disagreed aint played it, or , they aren't my friends.


Takwin1554d ago

I never had a PS3 so I am so glad they remastered it for PS4.

It is my new favorite game of all time.

Can't wait to see what Naughty Dog does next!

SimonSmith1554d ago

Me neither and this was one game I wanted to play I was glad to get this game on Playstation 4.

taijutsu3631554d ago

This game definitely deserves that 10/10 campaign is amazing! Has great storytelling, unique gameplay, voice casting and what I especially like about the game is that it has a multiplayer, BUT the single-player does not suffer at all! Which is hard to balance sometimes!

lefty1554d ago

Ahhh yes I remember the first game to get a perfect 10. I believe it was Zelda ocarina of time, a game which was ahead of its time and defined a generation. Even persons not liking adventure games tried it and had no choice but to marvel on its perfection. Now review companies lost its credibility, and give 9's and 10's all over the place. Fanboys destroy meta critic as people continue to give games zero because its not on a certain platform. Another perfect 10 and I have to ask why... But anyone who does especially for this game is crucified. The only question this game raises to me is, is this really the direction we want games to go? An interactive movie? A game where the only challange is where u kill the enemy and not how to kill the enemy?

badz1491554d ago

"A game where the only challange is where u kill the enemy and not how to kill the enemy?"

so, you haven't played it then.

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