Destiny PS4 Game Tips Guide

PS4Home: "Having trouble staying alive or progressing through Bungie’s latest epic Sci-fi MMO masterpiece?"

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Gravity_DoGG1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I wouldn't call it a masterpiece with the reviews it's got. A lot of 6 and 7. and the half of this site don't like it.

With 500.000.000 DOLLAR$ spend on the franchise you would had though that it would be a good game. BUT, it's empty, generic, open w- NOT open world. It's a really big let down!

Crusible is unbalanced.

bosses take 10-20 minutes with insta head shots.

weapons looks the same and there isn't as much wariarity as there should be in a game that cost this much.

Prepare to pay for alot of expansions

Glad I sold my copy. Back to The Last of Us!

kratoz12091554d ago

Bosses are just sponges not enough locations and extremely disappointing story.
Seriously I stil have no idea on how or why the traveller protects the earth or your companion the ghost. Seriously how did he revive me?

kneon1554d ago

Having trouble staying alive? Really?

If you're having trouble staying alive in Destiny then maybe shooters aren't for you. This may be the easiest shooter I've ever played. I'm level 19 and have died maybe 10 times, once was when I accidentally backed over a cliff and other 5 or 6 were when I deliberately took on a much too powerful enemy to see how long it would take to kill it.

Gravity_DoGG1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

You backed over a cliff. that's open world right there. lol

if you don't die at least once a day, then maybe try and crank up the difficulty, and at the same time it'll give you better stuff. At least it should.

lashes2ashes1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

What difficulty are you talking about. Unless I missed something there is no difficulty settings. Never mind I see what you mean, the settings for missions. As far as I can tell it adds more enemy's and that's it.

Gravity_DoGG1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

lashes2ashes: I'm sure it will reward you better. I even think it says it when you change between them. there is also a little logo. am I right? ^^

kneon1554d ago

When given the option I always play the higher difficulty. But as I play everything solo I guess I rank up faster so the higher difficulty is still below my level. Had I played with a team then my rank will would be lower, but then everything would be even easier.