Will GTA V Flop On PS4 and Xbox One?

By now you must know that GTA V is headed for a November 18th release on next-gen consoles but how will it sell?

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fonger081552d ago

GTA and flop do not belong in the same sentence. This game will definitely sell a decent amount for some us of starved PS4 and Xbox1 owners.

iTechHeads1552d ago

There's a lot on the plate for November. No one needs to starve.

fonger081552d ago

Of course not, but I guess define "flop?" Will it sell even half as well as it did last November, no, but outside of COD and Halo, GTA carries a lot of "mainstream" weight for a lot of dads and moms buying Christmas gifts. They'll have no idea that's a remaster but recognize the GTA title, much like a Mario are COD game, and know that their kid(s) probably will want it. I can almost guarantee GTA will be the 2nd or 3rd highest selling game of November.

mikeslemonade1551d ago

It can't flop if there's relatively no hype. GTA5 is a top 10 game of last gen and I have no intentions of playing the remaster.

Mr Pumblechook1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Even though it is one of my favourite franchises I deliberately avoided GTA V when it was released last year because I strongly suspected there would be a next-gen version. I waited and I was right!

The new-gen trailer looks phenomenal and the fact that the footage was taken directly from the PlayStation 4 edition reassures me about the quality and the graphical leap from last-gen.

The Last of Us Remastered demonstrated that a HD remake that is more than just an up-res, and done right will sell. Of course GTA V wont match last-gen sales figures because the install base of PS4 and of course XBO is smaller, but it will still probably be one of the best selling new-gen games of November.

Takwin1551d ago

I just checked and it is not April 1st.

This will not flop.

XBLSkull1551d ago

Guaranteed it will sell more than the Last of Us Remastered, probably not the Master Chief Collection though. Definitely won't be a flop.

pedrof931551d ago

It will sell more on Ps4 alone, than Mcc on Xbox.

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spacedelete1551d ago

when you think about it is GTAV really a remaster ? if thats the case is COD Advanced Warfare a remaster as its on last gen as well.

just look at Minecraft that game is on every console imaginable and its still selling well on next gen. i doubt they would release it in a busy month especially with a game like COD if they thought it would flop. if you think GTAV is going to flop on next gen then your just stupid. if it was ever going to flop it was back before 2 months before next gen releases and it still managed to sell 34 million. GTA V next gen will sell well until the next GTA game is released.

iTechHeads1551d ago

GTA V has been out for a year on last gen.
Advanced Warfare is a simultaneous release on all platforms.

Not comparable IMO.

My_Outer_Heaven1551d ago

I sold my PS3 and games before GTAV came out so I've been holding out for a next gen version.

porkChop1552d ago

GTA is always one of the highest selling games on whatever platform it releases on. GTA will never, ever flop. One of the biggest and most successful franchises in gaming history.

Jaqen_Hghar1551d ago

people said the same about Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk and Medal of Honor way back. Titans can always fall if you get a man's drift. Though Rockstar is good about spacing out releases to keep people from getting franchise fatigue.

badz1491551d ago

"Rockstar is good about spacing out releases to keep people from getting franchise fatigue."

there, you have your answer!

Eonjay1552d ago

I held off on playing this because I figure it would be next gen. This game will sell millions. Under what circumstances would millions of sells be considered a flop?

Starbucks_Fan1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )


Significant improvements plus $1 million in in game money included will make this one of the biggest sellers of 14.

MRMagoo1231552d ago

Its a great game and I for one am excited to play through it all again in my ps4, I really dont think it has a chance of flopping.

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