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TheOuterHaven writes:

I wanted to wait until I was at least level 20 before I started writing this review, however after several 4+ hour game play sessions and sitting at level 16 now ( should be at 20 by this weekend) I felt that now as good as anytime to start my review. Keep in mind that these are my thoughts on the game and they will (Might?) differ from your own view. So with that out of the way, is Destiny the masterpiece that Bungie claims it to be?

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psvitamanfan1552d ago

Fair review, nice read too!

NewMonday1552d ago

so Killzone Shadow Fall is better based on some of these scores? ludicrous!

psvitamanfan1552d ago

KZSF was a fair game and didn't get nearly as much hype and marketing thrown at it like Destiny did.

In my opinion, both are decent games on their own merits.

johndoe112111552d ago

I love shadowfall, especially the multiplayer and the intercept dlc but there is no way in hell KZ is a better game than destiny.

Jughead34161552d ago

Killzone is a good game to me. Especially a launch game. But it's not better than Destiny.

joab7771551d ago

It's a runaway ship. How dare anyone review as an mmo and not a single player game. Too bad they didn't do the same for every other mmo out there.

Absolutely insane.

GTgamer1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Lmao if it disappointed then it dissapointed especially with all the overhyping and when you play its just the same old same old, when by the end of this year you'll forget about destiny so don't bring up other games because kzsf wasn't overhyped it was a launch title that served its purpose if it had the time and money that destiny had it probably would if been something remarkable so just stop. And yall attacking reviews if they ain't like it then they didn't like it simple as that I think personally didn't like destiny the controls are great but I expected some vast world that encourages exploration not some small planets that you jump in and out of that really killed the game for me shoot I can't even remember a character from the story unlike borderlands where it took months for me to forget them and I still remember some. Ahwell I still got the witcher 3 to sracth my vast explorable world itch.

Flamingweazel1551d ago

How?? Destiny is a mess of pooly designed ideas, it is a no a good game, ignore the hype and it doesn;t even meet the standard to eb a solid good game, its full of bad design.

gamer78041551d ago

the touchpad controls on shadow fall drove me absolutely nuts, destiny i was just bored after barely an hour.

-Foxtrot1551d ago

Well lets be honest Killzone SF didn't really hype it's self up promising a shit load of things only failing to deliver. For a Killzone game you knew what you were getting, I found it better then COD and Battlefield that year and it got lower reviews then them. COD was the same old shit and Battlefield 4 was broken so it was ridiculous how that happened.

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Jughead34161552d ago

Wow. Much of the content doesn't become available until you're level 20. And the reviewer couldn't play it through before reviewing the game? Doesn't seem like a fair review to me. That's like watching 60% of a movie and trying to write a review on the whole thing.

joab7771551d ago

Every one of them do thia. This is why I KNEW it was horrible for Bungie not to brand this as an mmo, which it is.

My friends and I all love ot b/c we knew exactly what to expect and except for a few things that will come, it's just what we wanted.

Sadly, most ppl can't get over the fact that it isn't a linear experience w/ a bunch of cutscenea.

ChronoJoe1551d ago

Shame the author doesn't know the difference between it's and its.

For example, " It’s still fantastic in it’s own right and , er… rightfully so. As for the sound it’s pretty good."

user65409481551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Who cares Captain Grammar? What's that to do with the merit of his review?

ChronoJoe1551d ago

It's more than that, it's a matter of presentation. It adds more credence to a review to present it in a professional manner. Even Microsot Word would tell me that his use of it's was incorrect in that case, if he can't be bothered to spell check his writing, why should I be bothered to read it?

Presenting a review in a way that's professional suggests the reviewer took pride / care in his work, which quite possibly extends to their review process too.

Bottom-line, it actually says a lot about the review than perhaps first meets the eye.

Torque_CS_Lewith1551d ago

Lol, dude you are relentless. You have done your job, come on home son.

getrektedmate1552d ago

All these MOST anticipated games this year are shit. Titanfall, watch dogs and now this? In other words overhype.

MeteorPanda1552d ago

..watchdogs was shit? what?it did everything they said it did. l only wish there was more missing people, lol.

Titanfall was pretty shit but thats what people get for giving into the hype about a only multiplayer game. Evolve is going to be shit too

joab7771551d ago

This isn't Watch Dogs or Titanfall...but it does emphasize the point that unless a game has a sp, no matter how bad, short, or cookie cutter it is, it will be reviewed at no higher than an 8.

gamerfan09091551d ago

Titanfall and Watchdogs are shit? Both of those games got universal praise. LOL silly sony fanboy.

Gravity_DoGG1551d ago

I see lot of universal praise for destiny also and it's s*it too. silly xbot

KONAAs1551d ago

titan fall is boring, thats why they are droping allot of suport on the pc version, yets its funer than destiny, god destiny was a bitch to try to play it for 8 hrs

OrangePowerz1551d ago

Watch Dogs wasn't shit, it wasn't as great as people expected but still a good game. Titanfall wasn't my cup of tea. Destiny is a blast.

HappyWithOneBubble1551d ago

A lot of these games are rushed out to meet next gen demand. The gamers want more triple A games faster and that's impossible. That's why we seeing remasters and more indies. So many games delayed make me think that next gen could've waited one more year.

ChronoJoe1551d ago

Maybe they're not shit? maybe you're just anchoring your judgements off of unreasonably high expectations after taking in the hype.

In many ways you could argue these games shot themselves in the foot, as they built too much attention which consumers use to envisage a perfect game, which of course, no game can live up to. But, by no means are they bad games.

If Destiny, Watchdogs, Titanfall etc weren't very well publisized, and hyped up, I'd put money on them being labelled 'sleeper hits', instead of overhyped.

KONAAs1551d ago

u are wrong there madame. Killzone 2 was a perfect MP game, great story hard to play online perfect, untill they ruined it with KZ 3 and KZSF.

ChronoJoe1551d ago

I think I lost your train of thought, care to elaborate?

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iNFAMOUZ11552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

another lame review
the only things that annoys me is all the little kids
who think their all tough and whatnot and dont even
look at you or nothing, they just pass by, or stand in
front of everyone like they own the place or something, please
some of us have been in bungies world since their first games, marathon

FarEastOrient1551d ago

The website just had their submissions start 10 days ago.

NxeonPwn1552d ago

I don't care what anyone says, I love Destiny!

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