EGM Review: Destiny

EGM: at this moment, it’s hard to escape the sense that Destiny is a disappointment, a waste of several interesting ideas and an enormous amount of potential. Given how long they’ve been talking about their future plans for the franchise, it’s clear Bungie and Activision were banking big on this project. Like Halo before it, they no doubt wanted Destiny to be the game, the sort of phenomenon that spreads into the mainstream and redefines what the average person thinks of the industry. Instead, well, it’s just a game. Funny how that works.

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dirkdady1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

The fact this game was largely successful without the support of media publications and their reviews signal a new age where developers can interact directly with their customers through betas to sell them on their game.

Of course gaming "journalists" will want to make an example of destiny after all if reviews are not needed then their livelihood could be at stake. Gaming news outlets are on the decline with recent massive layoffs at both gametrailers and gamepot.
No more shady press with some agenda.

gamer78041555d ago

Kinda backwards. It proves marketing and hype can push an average game to far outsell the good or great games. I am thankful for the beta though, it served as a cautionary warning and so I waited on destiny, And now i won't feel bad about waiting more, especially with forza h2, bayonetta 2 and disney marvel infinity coming out.

IVanSpinal1555d ago

the game is still generic, no matter what you say my friend

GoPanthers9991555d ago

Warframe is 10x better and free to play.

cell9891555d ago

They're similar but so different not a fair comparison

Dmagic1554d ago

that game is garbage ive played destiny more than any game this gen people just love things to hate its nothing wrong with destiny and the people not enjoying it have no friends to play with the pvp is great best this gen so far i cant see how anyone can give this less than a 8.

marioJP871555d ago

Overhyped piece of split.

Bigkurz851555d ago

The criticisms are legit. But that's not stopping me from really loving this game .

I'm having a hard time understanding why destiny is getting panned while diablo 3 is loved. I just beat diablo 3 basically by spinning my barbarian in circles with his weapon for hours on end

qwerty6761555d ago

idk, i played d3 on pc when it first came out, was extremely hyped for that game.

it let me down in every aspect. the story, endgame, auctions house, just completely ruined the game for me.

granted they've changed it since then but i will not be going back.

Any diablo sequel will not be getting my money they dont deserve it.

Muzikguy1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I can tell you I don't love diablo3. They let me down also with everything in the game. I don't care what they do to fix it, it's not the game I was expecting and it's a total slap in the face to diablo2 fans IMO

@Quicktim3 I agree

cyclindk1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Diablo is repetitive as all holy hell too, i stopped playing very quickly.

As far as shooters go, i would say the last of us offers the most variety in terms of how each engagement goes. I have an amazing recording of one event that just leaves me in awe of how good that game is.

Single player, i flanked enemies got one and beat on em, his ally got me in a choke hold and they proceed to beat me, my ally chick comes and shoots one which frees me and i in turn grab, choke and revolver execute him and it was all so smooth and seamless:

StrawberryDiesel4201555d ago

Completely agree with you on Diablo, I really don't get the hype for that game. For me, it felt like a game that would be on PSN or LIVE, not a full fledged retail release. The entire top down view and the generic gameplay of just slashing and shooting repeatedly is just mind numbingly boring in my opinion. I would bet my left nut that Destiny is more entertaining than Diablo.

DOMination-1554d ago

Diablo has always been about the repetition of killing things, levelling up then getting sweet loot. Its fair enough that some will not like that but most are aware of how it plays because its a 15 year old franchise.

Destiny appears to follow a similar model. I have only watched gamespots now playing so haven't played myself mind. Maybe people are disappointed because they weren't expecting that? To me I would describe it as a poor mans borderlands lacking soul and personality as well as depth.

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Scatpants1555d ago

It's much better than a 6.5 even with its faults. I'd score it around 7.5 or 8

bigbearsack1555d ago

I played the alpha and feel the game deserves a good rating. Overhype? thats just personal opinion. I haven't bought the game yet because sometime next year they will release the ultimate package of sorts.

ABizzel11555d ago


If you try to play it solo it's a 7.5 or 8 IMO.

If you play with friends it's an 8 or 8.5 IMO.

cell9891555d ago

With friends for me is more like a solid 9 for sheer gameplay bliss. At that point I don't care much about the story. If I'm playing alone, yeah story is everything

Sashamaz1554d ago

So low score due to your loneliness and higher score on the off chance that you might have friends?

Monstar1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

recycled halo combat, shitty story, shitty characters and designs, bland worlds, repetitive boring missions...the game is naturally tolerable with co-op in mind like with most co-op games cause its with your friends. 6/10 is a fair score...fact!

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