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Super Smash Bros. 3DS is right around the corner and Gamer Headlines was lucky enough to receive an early demo code to try out this upcoming fighting game. Read our extensive preview of the game right here.

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Serrafina1551d ago

I liked how the writer provided concrete details when he mentioned Mega Man as the author goes on to explain what happens when players spam or simply press the "A" button and other button combinations.

jonboi241551d ago

Is it me or is Link and Pikachu weaker. I feel like Pikachu's thunderbolt has less knock back. For Link it feels like al his move have less knock back. I had issues knocking the PC out even though they are pass 100% damage.

ShadowHarp1551d ago

Link is really good imo, just keep testing him out and you'll surely get better

TekoIie1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

I feel as though Link has receive some minor improvements. He'll likely remain in the lower tiers but he definitely plays better in SSB4.

Pikachu is a mixed bag. His Down special (thunder) is very weak when compared to Brawl to the point where its not even half as effective as it used to be. But his aerials are still as good as ever, and his Bair feels like its a bit more powerful.

However I think it's harder in general to KO players in this Smash. The stages feels slightly wider this time round.