You Can't Spell Sonic Without Icon

Sonic The Hedgehog is an anomaly, plain and simple. This speedy spiky headed insectivore is a living, breathing example of pure oddity. He defies convention and even worse, common sense. His powers as a global media property are truly frightening. If the world were filled with copycat characters mimicking Sonic’s rise to power, we’d be living in a place a hell of a lot scarier than Mobius! Forget Robotnik, Sonic may in fact be the greater real world threat.

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badz1491551d ago

after I read the title, I was like


Abash1552d ago

Sonic is a fantastic series that has just been getting mishandled with little effort put into the recent major installments. If we had a main Sonic game with Sonic, Tails, Shadow, and Knuckles playable with their own well designed levels then the series would be on track to being very popular again. Sonic has great gameplay with a cast of interesting characters that have fun and unique abilities, but the latest Sonic games aren't even close to realizing the potential the series has.

TriadGamer1552d ago

Oh I couldn't agree more! Unfortunately Sega just don't seem to know what they are doing, they have commercial gold dust fronting their company and yet they regularly fail to make any progress with the character in regards to his 3D outings.

SegaGamer1551d ago

I agree and i disagree. I seem to be one of those rare fans that love the newer games.

PezManMike1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

You also can't spell Sonic without "coins."
But the series features rings, not coins.

I have no idea where I'm going with this.

Nevertheless, good article!

dcj05241551d ago

Eh, only sonic 06 was bad, too rushed. Shadow was just misguided but still fun, 2 player had its moments. So those are the 2 big ones that everyone talks about but the rest are solid 7s/8s with a few 9s mixed in there. I Don't trust Sonic Boom on Wii U but the 3DS looks like another solid 8. People overblow things. One bad game and it's the end of the world.

thezeldadoth1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

I love sonic, and I love jak and daxter type platformers, so I think I'll love sonic boom

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