Glitches and All, Madden NFL 15 Still Delivers

Brent Lee of TheKoalition writes:
The hype for the National Football League season was heightened recently following the release of the latest entry in the Madden video game series: Madden NFL 15.

EA Sports’ newest game was released on August 26th and features everything you’d expect from the football series – stunning graphics, realistic gameplay and hugely detailed analytics of each team.

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Romudeth1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

What EA needs to do is release one Madden game per gen and then just release a roster update DLC each year. These games are always the same anyway.

NovusTerminus1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I think they could do good for every 3 years releasing a new game. That way they could get the tech benefits over time of a single generation, and not being cross-gen.

rbailey1530d ago

This is a rather interesting comment. I think alot of sports games could do this rather than release a new game every year with only updated rosters. I will say though, if the developers actually make an effort to make significant changes every year then it's totally fine.

Software_Lover1530d ago

I remember saying that years ago. Just do a roster update for 15-20 bucks.

Software_Lover1530d ago

It just seems like the same old game to me. I popped Madden 11 in my 360, then popped Madden 15 in the XBone and other than a few graphical modifications, nothing felt different.

I wish they would stop f'n changing the pre-snap buttons every year. It gets confusing having to re-learn how to move your defensive linemen and cornerbacks every year. Just leave it alone.

Sathur1529d ago

I buy MY madden games every couple of years and put it on easy settings. I don't know the rules but enjoy playing Madden video games. They are fantastic. I haven't the first idea who the best players are, so the Ultimate Team mode is useless to me. But I still think the game is brilliant.

Canipa1529d ago

I feel like I need this game for tiny Kirksey. I literally know nothing about American Football.

Sathur1529d ago

I don't know the rules of American Football either. I don't watch it on TV often because its far too long a game. Give me football any day (45 mins each half. No stop start gameplay). Yet saying that I buy and enjoy MADDEN NFL every couple of years. Madden 15 is fantastic.
I don't know which "defensive plays" to play next or "offensive plays". I almost always use the recommended play and put the game on the easiest settings.
But I love the game. It is so much fun to play.
I struggle to find the setting each year to put my own team in the game. KISSIMEE QUICKS....talking of which where is the edit mode for this very thing in Madden 2015?
what is a pre-play? why do the players shout numbers at each other? why don't I have the option to punt at goal any time I want? for example from 70 yards away on first down. I can score from there on easy settings..honest.
why don't I have more time to read play options...Whats a play? can I not just run instead of pass...etc etc..etc..
Despite not knowing anything about the rules of the game, I can tell you that Madden games run better and faster than FIFA games. graphics are better also. Why cant they do a Football game like a Madden game?
The Madden 15 advert this year was brilliant....ahhh. that's better.