This Video Explains The Most Disappointing Thing About Destiny

Destiny is now available across the retail market and digitally. So far the press reactions towards the game has been some sort of a mixed bag but regardless, the game has gone on to do $500 million in business already.

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Yo Mama1552d ago

Didn't watch. It's not perfect but, Destiny is fun as hell.

Neixus1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Why did you come here to comment that? Your comment is completely unrelated to the article or video, at all.

The video is pretty funny, as alot of developers have said that about their games.

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WeAreLegion1551d ago

They disagreed with you. How is that immature?


I totally agree with you, the game is really fun, and playing with friends make it even better. Can't wait for the raids on tuesday!



I'm not defending Destiny out of no where, but i see alot of hate surrounding this game that just keeps me wondering, and yes i know it's not the best game ever made but the game is amazing, solid and most of all it's absolutely fun, it has its flaws and downs but it still fun to play especially with friends, i mean isn't that the point of video games?, to have fun and enjoy it with friends.

And yes maybe the game was hyped up by the media and the developers, but this is something we consumers should pay attention to, i mean what do you expect them to do in order to reach for bigger audience and to sell more copies for a new ip, we consumers should maintain our hype until the game release and see for ourselves if the game is worth buying or not through videos and other buyers and then you decide if the game is for you or not. As for Destiny, my expectations was low until i tried the beta and then i decided to get it because it is fun and that is all i need.

WeskerChildReborned1551d ago

Agreed. I don't see much wrong with it except that it's a pretty simple shooter but it's still fun so I have no problem with that.

ger23961551d ago

The only problem seems that it's not an Xbox exclusive. I wonder how it would have been reviewed if it was?

4Sh0w1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Yeah, right because Xbox exclusives past gen or this gen are all rated 10/10...pfft, you sound even more ridiculous when the reality is coming off last gen ps3 had more higher rated exclusives. I'm a X1 fan and I think Ryse was reviewed very harshly as it still one my fave games this gen but I've also been pretty vocal that Destiny is being scrutinized to death due to unfair expectations place upon it to be some revolutionary next gen game. It's not, but its a really good game.

You see the truth is some games regardless of exclusivity WILL be harshly judge based on our own opinion/bias and the general media expectations but fanboys will always cherry pick specific games to reinforce their hive-minded conspiracy theories because it helps them sleep better to assume any opinion different than there's has to be part of some evil plot to tarnish their brand of choice rather than rational idea that, some or alot of reviewers didn't like the game...Again I do think reviewers are being a bit overly critical but not for some stupid conspiracy reasons, they just had far too great expectations which frankly I never saw 1 trailer, 1 gameplay vid, or 1 technical spec breakdown where I thought WOW Destiny is a game changer so other than PR talk and the fanboy hype media the SENSIBLE MEDIA/reviewers should have just expected it to be somewhere between at least a solid game a good game likely or fingers crossed a great game at best, seems most reviews even the low ones acknowledge its mostly a good game, which I think rates a 7.5-8 out of 10; but hey that's just my opinion.

BluP1552d ago

Whelp, I just wasted 30 seconds of my life.

dumahim1551d ago

Probably another 5 minutes to compose that sentence to share with us.

Xsilver1552d ago

basically they oversold the game but you knew that from playing beta.

Tedakin1551d ago

I expected so much more than the beta offered is the thing. Turns out the beta is all there is.

supersonicjerry1551d ago

most people should know now if they didn't already that beta=demo pretty much. what you see in the beta is what the game is just polished

Grave1551d ago

While I love Destiny I'll have to agree with this video. When I got to the Moon and did Patrol mission my Ghost told me "now you can go anywhere you want." so I looked around and saw a vast landscape behind me. I started walking and 10 feet later "TURN BACK" appeared on my screen with a countdown timer which ended my life when it got to zero. It was kinda depressing.

kratoz12091551d ago

Agreed I hope bungie releases free planets as dlc and charge for new story content

christian hour1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Well there's bound to be limitations for paritys sake when you're developing for old and new generations. People seem to be picking apart any tiny thing they can it seems. Or peoples expectations were unrealistic to begin with.

Either way this video was funny as hell!

Gamerbeyond1551d ago

reminds me of halo, get to the edge, jump, die. very pretty scenery

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