GameSpy: The Incredible Hulk Review

GameSpy writes: "You've got to hand one thing to developer Edge of Reality: It has a better idea of how to craft a licensed Hulk game than Radical did five years ago. Radical's Hulk was nearly as forgettable as Ang Lee's attempt at re-imagining our radioactive hero. (Of course, Radical returned in 2005 with the stellar Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.) You'd be forgiven for assuming that Edge of Reality's new take on the surly green giant is a spiritual sequel to that cult favorite. Instead, The Incredible Hulk is based on the new movie. While it isn't an awful game, it's not a very good one, either.

It seems that Sega went to painstaking lengths to avoid the authenticity issues that plague some licensed popcorn-movie games. Incredible Hulk has the voices and (relative) likenesses of Edward Norton and Tim Roth, among others. It has CG cut-scenes that seem to be a fusion of imagery from the film and new characters and events created for the game. While it's nice to hear the voices of the cast, it's a bit disconcerting to see how warped and strange their faces look in-game. The strangely distorted CG renditions of the actors almost look like they're displayed in the wrong aspect ratio."

-Provides a wide-open sandbox environment for Hulk to run around and destroy
-Hulk model looks decent

-Repetitive gameplay with lots of bugs and clipping issues
-A bland and joyless sandbox to play in

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