EA wants more PS3's for Euro launch

With the PS3 officially available in modest numbers in both the US and Japan, Electronic Arts' vice president and general manager of Europe has told that he would like to see more units available when the console hits stores shelves in March next year.

Jens Uwe Intat believes that from Sony's perspective the launches have been a success, with the console selling out across North Amercia and Japan.

"We think they have obviously just put into the market a fairly small amount of machines and sold them all," said Intat. "And there also seems to be a decent media hype around the arrival of the PS3 so if I put myself into Sony's shoes I would think it went well," he said.

"For the launch of new hardware, you will never be able to have as many [units] out there as people would like. It's better this way around, than having new hardware sitting on shelves," he added.

When asked what EA would like Sony to do differently for the European launch, Intat replied: "We would obviously like to see more units. For sure, they will not have enough, but they can never have enough."

Intat also revealed that as a publisher EA has recently been taking hardware manufacturers' launch estimations with a pinch of salt, expecting final numbers to fall shy of the figures spouted by execs on the run-up to release.

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Grown Folks Talk4408d ago

why they would want that. don't you make enough money off of your continually crappy madden and nba live games? it's like my mom used to say at dinner time. "you'll get what i give you." you ea, of all companies, should worry more about making something good yourself. the nfl deal can't end soon enough. nfl 2k, and i' like to see 2k give boxing a try.

super bill4408d ago

i dont think europe will get the ps3in wouldnt surprise me if we wont get the ps3 until christmas 2007.

Oncnawan4408d ago

I wouldn't be skeptical of all launch estimates, just Sony's...

daboosa4408d ago (Edited 4408d ago )

if it aint out in march in the UK they will put it to may but no-one will go without 100% pre-orders will be forfilled and any one who can afford one will have one

Marriot VP4407d ago

yah and I want free tuition....

Don't you think sony's gonna deliver as many PS3's as they can, as soon as they can.

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