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There is not one singular thing that Destiny does exceptionally well. In fact, one might argue that Bungie’s attempts at making something groundbreaking fall short and undefined. But what makes Destiny survive these shortcomings is that it’s an amalgam of little things that come together in seamless unison to deliver an experience rivaled only by Borderlands.

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FsterThnFTL1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

2-3 points too many.

Webbyy1555d ago

this game is not a 9.5. no way

venom061555d ago

Just some random person with a blog throwing up a score... This one can be ignored for being nowhere near accurate..

psforward1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

As a solo experience I'd give it a 7 but with friends an 8.

I'm only on the moon missions so far though.

cleft51555d ago

I am really enjoying Destiny. It's a solid beginning and so long as a lot more free and paid content comes out for the game it will be fine. I suggest people wait a month and see what happens with Destiny before condemning it. The base game is really good, it just needs a lot more content.

BattleAxe1555d ago

Initially I said that I would give this game an 8.5/10, but I'm leaning more towards a solid 8/10. It's a great game that's missing some features.

FITgamer1555d ago

Honestly i think all these reviews are pre-mature. I don't see how you can give an accurate review of this game in less than week of playing.

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ShowGun9011555d ago


looks like all the people who didn't scratch destinys surface threw out their 5/10 reviews pretty quick, maybe we'll see some better ones from people who played it a little longer.

that being said, i think the low scores were just for clicks, and now that they're popular, we'll see high scores, just to get clicks... this is what "gaming journalism" has come to... ugh. do everybody a favor and dont click on any of them!

personally, i'd give it a 9/10, i think 9.5 might be a LITTLE high.

cleft51555d ago

I agree with you. I beat the base game in like 10 hours or so, yet the game is still opening up for me. I have put at least 30 hours into this game and will definitely put a lot more time into it. I canceled my ff14 sub for a month to give Destiny a shot and I am glad I did.

I don't know what people where expecting Destiny to be but I got what I wanted the game to be. I am level 25 and I am still looking forward to finding more content in the game. I have a long way to go before I unlock all of the game so I am happy with my purchase. People should never buy a game off of hype but because of informed information. It's nothing to wait a week and watch a streaming site that has footage of the game before making a purchase.

gamer78041555d ago

i was looking at early reviews as they came out, and those actually came out higher in the 8's than the ones who are just coming out fall in in the 6's.

if you want to take the mean, then its a 7.0 game.

spicelicka1555d ago

Exactly, if it was the exact same game with no mmo elements or all the things its trying to do, it would still be a 9 easily. People forget how amazing the gunplay is. Borderlands is great but the shooting comes nowhere close, it felt weak just shooting the gun borderland for some reason i can't figure out. This feels like I'm playing a AAA shooter in an RPG. Everything is amazingso far, my only concern would be lack of environments and cinamaric gameplay, but I'm only on the moon right now.

3-4-51555d ago

I'd personally give it a 9.0/10

I'm loving ALMOST everything about this game.

I finally ran into something I can officially say I don't care for at all.

And that is the late missions on Planet Mars.

* I'd been able to solo fine until then, but that was just too annoying.

That was the only time since release I'd been annoyed.

So I just went and played Crucible instead and everything was better.

This game really does offer more than your average FPS game.

With COD & Halo, for me I only played the Multiplayer, but I'm having more fun with this PvP than I'v had with almost every COD and halo game.

* ALL the small details are being overlooked and not talked about by most people.

ThatOneGuyThere1555d ago

the problem the naysayers are having is they're for some reason expecting an MMORPG. The game is in fact, an FPS PACKED with detail and features most shooters dont have.

aviator1891556d ago

rivaled only by borderlands?
IMO, destiny is nowhere near borderlands in terms of gameplay.

TGF_Zero1556d ago

I think both are fun, destiny has tighter controls tho

SilentNegotiator1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

That repetitive loot game with unbearable "humor" for preteens?

DarkOcelet1555d ago

Borderlands is great really but i guess its not your type of game and the claptrap is cute :) .

TongkatAli1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Borderlands looks slow and clunky, love the agility that Destiny has to its game. I rather be on a hype train then a hate wagon, puhuhu.

ape0071555d ago

borderlands is bigger but destiny has more quality, gameplay/combat/environmental quality

spicelicka1555d ago

The shooting in borderlands comes nowhere close to destiny, I would say the exact opposite of what you said. I really don't understand how people can't feel the difference shooting the gun, its so accurate and visceral in destiny I feel satisfied.

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Neixus1556d ago

Ugh, there are so many downsides to this game, that it won't carry it up to 9.5/10

TGF_Zero1555d ago

the most divisive game ever.

getrektedmate1555d ago

And it's the most boring game ever

Big_Game_Hunters1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

how? care to explain?

Ultr1555d ago

There are enough reviews with 6/10 go troll other opinion pieces

getrektedmate1555d ago

This game is shit deserves a 6/10

starchild1555d ago

Haha I love how everything in gaming nowanowadays is either sh*t or awesome. So ridiculous.

NewAgeisHere1555d ago

6-7 at best, let's be realistic.

ape0071555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

how?? the gameplay is delicious, the combat is focused for a big game, the AI is great, the environments are beautiful and well designed

the game is 8-9 imo

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