9 Dreamcast games that helped defined the console

HITC Tech says: "We reported earlier on in the week that the Sega Dreamcast is celebrating its 15th year since release in the North American on the 09/09/99 that we thought it would be fitting to have a round-up of nine games that made this short lived yet cult 128 bit games machine so much fun to play."

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yewles11555d ago

No Soul Calibur, MvC 1&2, SF3, GGX or even TRICKSTYLE??? See, you just can't name 9...

Kurisu1554d ago

That helped define* the console.

maniacmayhem1554d ago

The Dreamcast surely was one of the best consoles and had so many great games. It is a real shame how Sega screwed their own pooch and got ran out the hardware business.

I would have loved to see where Sega would have went if they wouldn't have made their poor decisions and bad marketing choices. I would love to see what their successor to the Dreamcast would have been.

Volkama1554d ago

Not only did it have some magical games, but the hardware was reliable too. Never had a problem with a Sega or Nintendo console (still have a Saturn, Dreamcast, n64 kicking around in working order).

Everything I've had from Sony and Microsoft has broken within the supported lifespan of the console, except the original xbox and the ps4 (don't have that yet, and don't expect it to last 5 years when I do).

I miss Sega. As a publisher they are not close to their former glory.

hkgamer1554d ago

im not entirely sure sega did anything wrong tbh.

i think ps2 was just that much better, had western support, dvd player, came out maybe a yr or so after dc but was clearly the stronger console.

dc was amazing, it was a shame that it didnt survive otherwise i would have completed the shenmue saga by now.

maniacmayhem1553d ago

Sega made a LOT of mistakes with the Saturn. It's very detailed online, basically they screwed over 3rd party devs by discontinuing the Saturn early in it's life cycle and then announcing the Dreamcast soon after.

A lot of 3rd parties abandoned Sega after that. Not only was Sony's ps2 DVD compatible which kicked Sega's a$% too, but Sega came off of a long line of failed add ons and peripherals for their genesis.

Just a long list of mistakes for a once mighty giant.

hkgamer1553d ago

i meant with the dc. they didnt really make many mistakes.

dvd was super expensive so they didnt include that, the controller may have been a mistake though, thhey should have followed playstation with dual analog, but at that time dual analog didnt really have a purpose.

ps4fanboy1554d ago

A machine that brought a arcade perfect version of house of the dead packaged with the gun... Awesome gaming days , mine was robbed in a house robbery... Bas'*:*RDS.

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