Destiny: New Content, Even Less Substance

Destiny has only just come out, but new September content has already been announced, in the form of a new competitive playlist, more sophisticated multiplayer options, and a raid known as the Vault of Glass. But, sadly, even all that can’t help a story as weak as this one.

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Neixus1551d ago

Whoah, damage control already?

Anyways, article is written very well. Weird how bungie made this game, when they did so good with stories in the past, then this comes.. :/

xxchicago33xx1551d ago

perhaps they never were good at story...wasn't halo already written when they made that game?

DeadRabbits1551d ago

Bungie are like if the Beatles let Ringo Starr write all their lyrics to the songs!

Clown_Syndr0me1551d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't Bungie only famous for Halo?
What else have they made? Just because they made one really good franchise doesn't mean all their work will be to the same standards. Maybe they got lucky.

Mega241551d ago

Marathon Trilogy(Great Lore), Oni(PC game, which later ported by Rockstar to ps2) Myth, and the Halo trilogy and reach (which to an extent was supposed to be a prequel to Marathon, but they lost the IP so, we may never know)


Bungie created halo way before Microsoft bought it for the xbox and PC, Halo was going to be a Mac exclusive.

ScorpiusX1551d ago

Oni, Marathon can't remember what else but these come to mind .

ramiuk11551d ago

marathon,1st 2 myst games?

joab7771551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

IT IS NOT A SINGLE PLAYER GAME. HOLY DAMN. I love how everyone b itches about battlefield and CoD campaigns and so many others that last 5 hrs and add nothing we havnt seen. Yet, when Bungie puts their focus on an entirely different experience, all anyone whines about are cutscenes etc.

Has anyone played an mmo before? Yes, I blame Bungie for not being clearer on it but it's exactly what I expected b/c I knew it wasn't Halo (and blasphemy, but Halo's story isn't all that either)

Maybe, they can just patch in a few epic cut scenes and we can move on to what it's important...the amazing gameplay and loot grinding. The 6v6 I played last night was great, the strike teams are amazing, and I can't wait for the raid. For launches, there is plenty of content especially considering that it will keep coming.

I guess Bungie should hav just given us a little 5 hr campaign we could run through so everyone would lay off. In mmo's u level cap in days and move on.

Dudebro901551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

An mmo that focuses on three person strike teams??

Destiny is not an mmo. Bungie themselves have said ita not an mmo.

The reason people are so upset over the story is because bungie themselves kept hyping it up themselves. They kept saying how the adventure would become your own along a story that would be crazy. And that's not at all what It is.

The lack of a variety in mission types and the absolutely barebones story makes Destiny feel hollow.

Jughead34161551d ago

DESTINY ISN'T AN MMO. IT'S NOT AN RPG!!!!!! IT'S A FPS. It borrows elements from other genres, But it's an online action FPS. In my opinion, I think all those who hate on this game don't even know what it is. There's a base story, but much of it is supposed to be uncovered from exploration. So if you don't get out there and explore, you won't know the whole story. They have hired people to work on this game 24/7 for the next 10 years constantly adding content, and making improvements. They've already released a schedule of events for the next half month, and also a strike playlist. This game is a blast to play. Will only get better.

aksmashh1551d ago

Bungie should of added a COD style single player for these girls

CaspuR1551d ago

Dude, seriously? Seriously, dude.....

Codewow1551d ago

Even if repetitive and cookie cutter, at least it was pleasing to the explosion-fanatics. I'm no longer a fan of the franchise since treyarch's world at war, but I did enjoy playing the campaigns just because the moments are epic to watch.

Mega241551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

The moment got too epic for me, after WaW I quit playing CoD games.

Omnisonne1551d ago

They better not ask money for it at this point though

hello121551d ago

To be honest i was never a halo fan. After trying Destiny its good, but not really a game i'd play for hours and hours.

Last gen Gears of War was the best shooter for me and i play them all day. Gears is just lot of fun online compared to this. I can't wait for it to come out.

Starwars battlefront and the Division look good too though.

Tedakin1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Destiny's biggest problem is it's just not fun. The PVP is boring. The missions are boring and repetitive. The only reason I'm still even turning it on is co-op with friends. If it was a single player only game it would be unbearable.

Who would have thought TITANFALL would have more plot than Destiny? I seriously think it does.

OrangePowerz1551d ago

It is not a singleplayer game. If it would be a singleplayer game it would be designed differently.

Tedakin1551d ago

Yet you can play the entire campaign alone as a single player game if you choose.

ramiuk11551d ago

im enjoying it though but as you say coop is whatgs keeping it going and there is no end game like they claim.
unless end game means repetitive grind.

eitherway it was not what i thought it would bebut im still enjoying it,
it has a decent length story but story is lacking and every level feels the same no matter what planet.

i will give them a month but with the style of play it needs weekly free missions and events and proximity chat option.

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